The excessiveness of things from me they claim; absolute rubbish-the entire purpose of being excessive about anything I do is to make them mentally ill as well. I mean how do I go from writing books or a blog for example which is helpful to people only to have so much pressure from those who read the blog and benefit from it which is geared at getting me to do the problem over and over and over and over again because they want to extract my energy stifle my finances and be reborn as me in order to do it as well, which continues and occurs so intensely that I end up having none of the things I have created to show for where it came from physically and people become so scared of my products they want to gain from it without buying it after a period where these beneficial things I write scares them away from buying the products more often than not due to the level of pressure that I endure as a result of writing them on and with my own property, so they can begin to plan another set of rubbish involving how they will have it without buying the items themselves and when they reach that point cannot stop talking rubbish about their powers? What do they suppose I am doing? Making success and results impossible for those Music industries and advert and media industries of theirs as well so they can have the same problem and I can have power?

4 centuries ago I would have my own men and go around killing stupid community idiots and sacking villages that do these things to me, so since it is not the old days anymore what is the next best deal? Of course moving into the communities and making sure that if I don’t enjoy the benefits of things I create for people to enjoy as the source by which the came because of the price of wealth or fame and all that rubbish, they will never have any of those stupid powers they come up with because of the price of power too and it is the same with that stupid media and commercials industry and music industry of theirs.

I mean how do you get to the point where you are so evil you ruin peoples finances and make their lives impossible at government office in order to ensure if they are not going to spend the energy fighting gangs when you wind them up you will extract it and use it to be famous and rich? I mean I wouldn’t mind if they could fill me in as well so I can do it too by the way.

This is by no means the end of it in anyway whatsoever; we still have the last card to play which is the one where I do not hold back on anything which has to do with changes that God has brought about and they do not hold back on that their stupid evil. Until then they will go mad because of the excesses of me. Apparently I do the things I do for them because they are the most insolent scum in the world; hence questions about being excessive.

What can I say? In fantasy world when people make up excuses for insulting and abusing me with insults such as being older than me nothing tends to happen but in the real world it is not that way at all. It is desperate now, I need that space, I need an income and they are not deaf; I am referring to one where I go for an interview in somebody else's company and get played around with Hours and hours of Union corruptions until they locate the one with which to crack me open because they know they are using things I do to sell my books to sell other peoples products, which help them keep the best jobs in the land, by which they drive saloons they can insult me all over the place from which makes no sense to any plans for superiority.

I must ensure their women are not wrecking people's finances and using their stupidities to waste the time of Civil service staff which is better still if they work in Government departments, so it needs to be incredibly uncomfortable because I have had enough of them as well and the men need to get to the point where they bare their hearts to the Politicians which causes the Politicians Public criticism regularly because I have had enough of insults from those too.