It is said that I am a lost cause and do not know when to give up but I wouldn’t know about lost cause anyway – what has happened is that 4 years of my time have been lost because the time frame in which I set out to trade my Bookshop more seriously was the time the daddies had decided I was ripe for the plucking after years of grooming and its just another thing to add to the destruction of my academic pursuit for reason of people chasing money around me, which is going to make me happy enough to handle their need for involvement corruption at my expense which consequences gets them petitioning Politicians about my attitude all day long. The main problem is still that of Politicians giving out sanction for people to attack my livelihood all day with a terrible habit, insults that never die down no matter how much they are ignored and an upbringing that belongs in the trash can, just like their followers; I believe my warnings about the destruction of my Books and Public image have become quite clear at this stage as well – that I will rip up their popular culture and Politics is what they believe I cannot do with this unnecessary provocation associated with their media fools getting people accustomed to getting involved with my hermitage using publicity, is that which they claim could never happen but we can see the likelihood is that their business of making a mess of peoples lives by being so stupid could easily end with me making a mess of theirs by being so clever, so once done, I will have a whole career ahead of me thereafter, making me a bad person. I believe it is quite clear they needed to keep their stupidities off my Books and shut down any statements that are not linked to the business of reviewing something they paid for – the same goes with respect to the Celebrities who think they are very important but are just really famous fools who cannot understand why an author would not want them to perform distant learning routines with his Books because they fail to see that their incomes are not really other peoples concern and that they are not as important as their stupidities have made them out to be. I am angry about the activities of the daddies but if they were to tell me that given enough support they would tackle the Celebrities, where we all had our own thing right down to Mini Cap operators, whereby they went in one direction and people went in the other, so that the business of insults and abuses for what happens to be a handful of gits that consider themselves entitled to make money off other peoples personal lives and public image might be very well understood. They are not important in anyway and the biggest financial barrier I currently face is this idea that Celebrities are important – it becomes increasingly obvious when I take a stand that suggests I want to detach them from absolutely every part of my concerns.

I am not in anyway a lost cause – four years of my time has wafted by at the behest of this insults and practical jokes and I am starting to think that these fools making that stupid poorly upbringing of an insulting statement about me being a little man with a big mouth from whom they take whatever they wanted, needs to be matched with a statement that say they were stupid risk takers. Otherwise its not so difficult for them to stop this particular type of fun they have come to enjoy so much while they know it makes me very uncomfortable – needs to keep away from my Books and stop making comments that are not associated with what they did in terms of copies they had paid for. they do claim the problem to be that I have lost control which I have not – what I have not done is drag the insults and money madness driving me to near death situations everyday over the last decade and a half into a corner where I can get them stuck with some incredibly bad investment but what I have done instead is get them spending the money they make trouble with to get rich quick on my public image which never happened but rewarded them with a lifestyle instead, they have not made half the money they would have made from this sort of behaviour about a decade before, in fact they have lost money as a whole and hate me for it too. In terms of outright control issues however, the main problem is still the media since this sort of activities have only detrimental consequences that can apply about twice a year but with media banging at me everyday, they do want to kick and squeeze and handle etc, so it is becoming a simple decision of stop the Media, stop the problem of people viewing my Book as some great selflessness on my part which can be used abusively, while their Politicians get them discussing and working out the problems they brought on themselves by their personal decisions, in terms of the very concept of my existence. I could never understand who invented the fuck-e-it thing they blab at me and believe their stupidities to be spending their culture and society evil thing on me every second for anyway but we know as a whole its middle class self advancement and those are the people complaining most of some swear words I had displayed on a website.