Half the time they claim I am either misunderstood or have no idea what I am doing, about which its difficult to make sense of the fact that since the Government has a Public image and a professional position to aid people in the building of Family finances and a social life, of which the former is what the men are usually better at and the latter what the women are usually better at, what it is exactly they believe adds up to the problem they have got with my leadership especially when the greatest source of complain on their part is due to the consequences associated with an inability to follow it, instead of tell me what to do. For their part, they said that they were getting involved with this Government business in order to ensure they got close to the Families that were building their finance bases and to the social lives those families have built in order to make people better off and the question now is whether that is actually what they are spending time on. On the other hand they claim my behaviour is driving business and customers away from the UK, which is utter rubbish; we all know what they want in the UK is the business acumen and not the cultural and social practices associated with doing business, especially the part where we are unable to operate as a Nation of fun lovers – so they want access to pick up and run off to the Emirates or the USA and then we have recently thus ended up with a disposition that means we either have to live like we hang around in this place working for other Countries or we got to do something about it. The Germans and Japanese are still the two most notorious in this matter, whilst their own social and cultural practices are untouchable, not only are British bits debatable on an International scene, these idiots have also obtained support from them to prepare parts of the world especially in Europe and the Middle East as places where they go to spend the acumen they gathered from the UK, so it does conjure up wonderment as per whether they want to stop it, if they are always looking as though they are hard done by. So I do get told they claim there is a reason they feel like targeting us all the time and yes there is – it’s the business of not looking up, tight and rigid, which means you were weak as such and although there is little evidence to suggest that, they will still be off working hard on what is really very nefarious activity – not that we are  blessed with a condition where they kept the big mouth shut as the output is that of the work they don’t do and the riches they need to decide what they want to work on by, looking like they are in search for somebody that will show them exactly what their stupidities are screwing around with.

They have said that I am a troll and I am not a troll in anyway, what happens is typical as we see of Fashion designers who want my asset equity every time their markets are not booming and the reasons I should not dare to act against anything they have done to ravage this Hermitage is that they have put a product into investment over it and over my public image, I only need wait for the market to come round, yet a six month period will see them prepare another product on the same premise every single month, so that at the time I expected them to stop, there will be a new one every month; this is not something done by the poor either, it was invented by people who are being paid enough money to make them rich by multinational companies that charged them with a duty to sell products. So we find it goes back to the same issue every time I clear out; first all hell breaks lose because I am, then it goes into complaining and petitioning politicians about my attitude, gets its hands on my asset equities using media insults and the local bullies it prefers to employ once it is done robbing normal peoples of jobs and then its back, bang on my Public image starting it again – will never seek medical help for its insanity because it thinks its stupidities are very successful and very important, it then goes without saying this question must be answered much like the matter of how they feel about me handling their culture and society which I have not yet completely destroyed as we speak, moving into my right hand, peddling faith, personal life and public image being one mater that really settles the fact they need keep off my case as we are not mates. The question to be answered being how hard it is for people who have enough money to live in five star hotels all year round, to understand that at a Hermitage, I am engaging with people and sorting out ways to pay my way through the Public image? The Celebrities are exactly the same – they are now divided into three types; one thinks I will get sued for being me, the other thinks I am a punching bag and they are having a time of their lives, the third think they will perform the task of either preventing me from robbing shoulders or building means to draw prestige from claims I controlled or employed them on account producers brokered equities with me to make films – so like their popularity idiots talk about the state of their culture while still making a mess of my Books and public image, they expect me to wait for them to effect withdrawal, such that we can now see that if they had to reorganise their show business in a way which ensured it had stopped bothering me, it will take between 3 to 5 years of their time – the three to five years they had to plan their show business in a way that does not affect or involve me at all, before they rather preferred to tackle me and get on my nerves.

So I have been told this is evidence that given the right conditions I would hurt people for money which is utter nonsense; this is about outright evil – working on me for a decade and a half to get a response associated with people tackled over a moral disposition, talking nonsense about being important on the basis of the number of times their distant violence idiots violate me in the communities because their stupidities were superior and extremism was a matter of what other people had failed to understand or do, the insulting lies on media helping to draw up assumption that nosing around this office and petitioning their equally silly Politicians over my so called attitude as insultingly as possible, I am responsible for their health, safety and well being. The manner and frequency by which their community idiots violate me every day over what I say and write and think, keeping an eye on me and petitioning Politicians over my response, talking nonsense about my attitude should not be the basis on which Celebrities developed their show business and when it is, the idea that my whole life should come to a stop because winding me up means they can no longer continue with what there are addicted to does not exist in a world of reality. They do love to brag that messing with them creates war and people like had failed to understand it which is utter nonsense; annoying people and hanging around somewhere making out I am responsible for their health and safety and wellbeing, while their community idiots violate me and blab about an impending violence that feeds into their world of business just business, targeting people to attack their victims violently after they got what they wanted, will only likely show up here to get physical, leaving me with little choice than to try and hurt its stupidities seriously as well. I am said to have a part of my concerns which tends to attract them but I don’t, they are obsessed with my Royal Order which The Queen saw as something that had to be developed and used to build public stability because of my ability to handle culture and society trouble makers, it helps them deal with those situations where people move into their right hand and make them feel female, so this makes them strong enough to make a complete mess of the civil service then get off to the Monarchy to fight my battles all the time, blabbing off mobility encumbering insults with their media presence all day long – so the Royal Order was the toy and the complaining does not indicate cracked up out of my league needs to stop talking nonsense and lay off it. As for the war, they do have a foggiest clue what they are talking about when the situation is such that people think they are unlikely to survive current political conditions but will be best pleased with killing them, the idea was that they hung around the local grass plains acting like yobs and hoodlums, the outcome is that they have guns and are very clever while that leaders of theirs is the cleverest of them all as it were. The claim I am unrelenting and supply them with information to work with is well understood but I do no such thing for my part; the idea they can make a mess of my whole life and concerns because they do not understand what I am talking about, had to be eliminated and it is the reason they get around fighting my battles all the time.

The problem has always been a case of their disrespect for others, they have no regard for the leadership, they think people in government buildings should cover their bums while they made money, then the extremists will end up with their communities as wealthy goons because they were far from the responsible twats that cannot atop abusing people, that they made themselves out to be and are therefore armed with legitimate reasons not to show regard for the leadership all together – in my case, they knew racists wouldn’t like what I wrote in my Books very much, so they decided my whole life had to be consumed like an item I had to with all the idiocy in the world become responsible for their safety and wellbeing and the vandalism followed, where I am now selling Books by asking them to stay away from me and keep their mouths shut if they are complaining. So it is then said the big problem was that I hardly got into a fight for any reason while the whole thing is being developed by their ageists and run all day long – if I said the business community must understand their place because of it which is the temptation here, I would be working my own version of prejudice as though I was completely unaware of how challenging this matter is for the business communities and how hard they work on it every day. What happens really for instance is that they are landlords from hell and they will liaise with private security and make a proper mess of the public image and the health and especially the state provided security because they have these idiots as Children who are better looking and want to take over, besides which they were brave enough to get into a fight even at the Monarchy – these gits however are just party to it and they have to be party to everything bad, building communities that get imagination up my bum is an example of things to do with me about which there is no evidence they have but running them down and pushing them into difficult corners must be redressed and they petition the Politicians about my so called attitude but continue with these activities never the less; we then end up with scenarios where they get killed by their ageist goons and there is even better reason to chase my bum, which is what is actually going on – every time I think about coming up with a process of handling them like the scum they are, we find them slip off but continue still.

They say some at the Armed forces think I am doing a terrible job but its entirely normal, soldiers usually get into a fight to solve problems but considering the sort of things we have had to deal with in the last decade and the way they have stood by us showing restraint, since we cannot have armed forces tackling civilians, they do deserve a commendation. That said, its still the case each time I want to come up with a plan to handle these gits like proper scum, they slip off and continue the activities still. They have claimed their activities have a merit attached which is utter nonsense; what happens is that we must get into government buildings to cover their bums while they got rich and famous, then they become so responsible that the racists and extremists and now rich as well, so since they know where the really bad buys are now, they have reasons to say that they are bearing more responsibility and do not have to go along with leadership, just torture those who have a mandate to work it. It is becoming more serious, the practical jokes and comments that encumber my Book sales, it needs to keep off and shut up, lest my career joins in on the gimmicks as well.

They say I spend my time washing my laundry in the open at other peoples expense and its utter nonsense, what really happens is that there is yet more smell to come since what people spend their time doing is tell me what to do and how to exist whenever I had put out Books – its now impossible to reason with them, such that the only likely way to make them understand is to get somewhere between their employers and bank accounts where I can hang around telling them their pay is to be affected because I had a comment to make over their attitude and the comments they make. I mean, even if I did spend my time writing that business people are idiots for instance, there is an environment in which that can be resolved but first of all they would read what I had written and then iron it out with me at a Community but before that can happen, this place must be quiet enough to read Books. However the reality is that I don’t describe business people as stupid because I am deeply involved with the cultural and social practices involved with doing business, hence it would be the idiots I used to get by, so it is much easier for me to describe the trouble makers who have clearly got their own lives and prefer to make money by being so stupid at the expense of other peoples careers, as the idiots they rather like to think that other people are. It is then completely pointless to explain it like so because they have already attacked and destroyed the Book sales I had built up. Hence it has now become a matter that I need to get a grip of all together; their civil rights say I am the same as they are and have been reduced to talking like communist leaders – I am not the same as they are at all and their civil disobedience hanging around my Books to make a mess of it while issuing stupid comments associated with a problem they have with my leadership that goes on and on until they realise that leadership for them is a threat to my health and safety, then they gather a crowd and get involved whether I liked it or not as though I am completely naïve of what evil looks like, can only continue until I had completely destroyed their popular culture and celebrity culture and was not affected by its demise in anyway. As for talking like communist leaders, talking writer was bad business so when they had built up communities to make me talk in the course of practical jokes associated with saving their salaries for insults and repression while making comments about the way I ought to behave over my Books, which I must break rules about quietness to dispel and make worse my stress levels – so I have to talk in a way that is not profitable for them at all.

I am said to be convinced that I can do anything shooting off very bad behaviour at my state provided security and then expecting them to protect me but nothing works like that at all – if people were not so full of themselves, mixing up public services and the business world at length, they would have been able to see that too – they would not have been so busy spending time getting me to fight for a Bookshop while once I am done with the fat cats and industry trouble makers and then the bad taste women that have evolved to get into peoples lives without the risk of a relationship with media presence and Celebrity culture to fool around with, we find people gather up on Media to harm me for a history that will serve a provision process of making sure these three groups of gits can get what they want. What happens is that the Monarchy has responsibilities to businesses but it is a specific one, it does not get about making a mess of the civil service or allowing fat cats and industry trouble makers and bad mistresses to gain access to armed forces, the processes that we have now adopted and I spear headed is one that has developed due to service people returning from operations to hang around somewhere and kill themselves, due to the way they are targeted over the suggestion they have boundless confidence – in like manner, making silly decisions which outcome is a loss of life at National service can result in peoples relatives picking up the Industry bits to ensure your life is not worth living, depending on your attitude. Even now, speaking of it will be said to have put me in more trouble but it doesn’t, I have had enough of them, keeping away from my Books and keeping the big mouth shut should not be so difficult.