I have been told that peoples hatred for me is not waning at all and yes it isn’t, they have various reasons to hate me as such and one of them with that big mouth blabbing about what it hates all the time is their need to hang around in Public places with insults and abuses which express the fact Girls want to influence me into abandoning everything I work for, so women might feel comfortable with it, playing up stupid games of rich getting richer while poor gets poorer with their mates whom they clearly consider to be inferior – so we have found them seek out my Royal order to transform their stupid selves from cracked up out of my league idiots who are always looking for trouble, into people that are not so easily broken when the violence kicks off, like they usually are – that said, the insults are now at a point where they are about to secure a response on my part as well, since I really do think they ought to keep it with those who tolerate it for them most of the time, not spend my days in this world looking for a response.

This I would be told is not nearly enough to resolve the matter of how much I am hated but it isn’t, when we start to get into details, we will be talking about their insulting financial corruption being played up at my expense and how the above mentioned idiots are usually sent out to soften me up before they hack my income margins with Media insults and American fools assisting. The part where people deploy my Equities in the Defence Industry and each time I check back, I find my Assets being used as tools for Defence company expansion by scum who claim they have ended up with a spare National identity and can therefore sell it to maintain the real thing, except when I defend what belongs to me, there was a problem as a result. There are others still, such as South American socialist idiots with a need to practice imaginary violence on me all the time, having earned some revenge and forged an alliance with American Liberals to take counter revenge or something but the insults and abuses that characterise their love of their mothers and those stupidities they believe makes them real men being channelled at me has not dwindled, while most of what they complain about can be avoided if they kept their hands to themselves and stopped telling lies at my expense while investigating me for aspects of my career their stupidities may handle as leverage constantly. So it all plays into the gimmicks of the Africans and Europeans and Asians as well, blabbing about the right to get imagination up my bum because the USA rules the world, looking for a conclusion for the consequences of their stupidities that will answer questions on me getting either a reason for it or a closure, we know the destruction of the natural environment is developed on this and Celebrities are actively involved in the carnage while hijacking what we do to protect the world, expressing their stupidities on what they hate all the time – an old case where they really are a handful of absolute scum, who actually have nothing in this world to live for, so the initial one we hear them complain about involved that stupid imagination whacking Arch Prince over the head for fun, this time it’s the imagination getting up my bum all together. It started when I got myself involved in a security guarding job where my entire time was spent on another history of insults that can be used by the men to grab what I had, similar to the type that wrecked the academic work earlier on – since then developed into Media presence insults, feeding into the stupidities of its friends overseas who only know how to get involved with men they had spent some time abusing constantly, then find what they claim to be weak characters like myself to leave the smell issues with at the behest of a Crowd and blow off the big mouth all over the place about their own meaning for beauty, fame and fashion. Then there is the part where if people could, they would explain what they are doing with my trust system with respect to which I am looking at a range of options that will help me release money from it to pay my way in the world as well, on account they had civil rights, gangs and Celebrity idiots; it all shows the one fact they are absolute scum who really have nothing in this world to live for as such, so for the fact I smell of what I ate all the time and I am sore all over constantly that they hated my guts, I think it is very well deserved.

Now I am said to be one of the most annoying persons on the Planet but I am not, its largely as such a matter of people’s expectations – where they have no respect for me or my personal and thinking space, because if it came to it I would get beaten up and so we enter into a phase where they go too far and a little push from me resulted in incalculable reactions, which I respond to by putting them through the same sort of nonsense I have had to put up with to that point, at which stage the fight is usually over, like we know they spend time creating ways of gaining an advantage if they got into a fight with completely innocent people, which leaves them an inability to keep their stupid hands to themselves, then when you take it from them you become a prime suspect in the eyes of their Politicians because you were a direct threat. Usually it should end here but it doesn’t because there are the other group of ageist idiots who spend their time building communities that exist solely to tell lies at your expense and get you into a fight while building campaigns against women – presently they are bothering me and looking like they found the process of shutting it down by themselves in my case very difficult, therefore requiring assistance all together and so far my involvement have been one of creating conditions whereby we all head out of our door smelling of what we ate, lest the whole thing gets completely out of hand and affected the women and this have earned me new forms of hate with a big mouth, like a lesson on how stupid human beings can be.

The other side of the story is the Political one where even when what you have been pushed into saying about public matters was entirely persuasive, you will be made to suffer because they always want to be right. An example is the education system where I pointed out the business of turning it into a job capturing tool is the wrong and most dangerous approach but until they only needed five years to break it and make it the mess it is today, they would build communities and round me up like sheep, wreck my finances and put me in such a difficult situation that the barrier to job and income would be a lack of academic qualification, in order to ensure they were right. The reality then hits when they had become teachers themselves and it was time for me to learn too; this becomes the stage where they don’t like sponge learning and I must be persecuted and made to give up the public image for the young hoodlums that attend academic institutions to decide other peoples kids are meant to concern the self with gangs and criminals while their stupidities passed exams on grounds they were superior; this happens because they don’t like sponge learning, save it never did matter that it was not the correct thing when the idea they should not use an academic system where people sacrificed life and time to build up body of knowledge, as a tool for job capturing, meant I had to be persecuted for pointing it out. In an ideal world which we can see that the academic system would have been so well woven into the jobs environment that people only learned what they needed to know in order to perform specific tasks and yes they do say some people are doing it by themselves which they are since it is the correct thing to do as such, I am only answering questions on whether or not I really am one of the most annoying persons on the planet – as we can see that after years of practical socially organised torture, it turns out I am doing another self-torture runs due to their needs, on account that their qualifications were useless like it should be until they did something with it but those who were meant to make public policies for them had created too many graduates – now it has switched from the idea my life should be used to make criminals better people to one of it being used as a tool to help them sell things at a market and we know it would have bordered on fact if you measured their mental health on the basis of the fact that for every economy, five employed people are better than three employed people and not just for the economy but also the fact that there is more disposable income for business just business scum like them who force themselves on others and beat up the victims after getting what they wanted.

I don’t think the matter is a crisis as such, I am not emotionally attached to them and if they pushed me will sack it for them all together; everything to do with culture and society trouble makers for instance being seen by LGBT that are sent out by Middle management industry idiots who want to use environment I had created for my audience to serve their hospitality clients in order to push up stupid middle management ambition wealth inequality boundaries like we see them spend their own for such nonsense when the insults are like a phenomenon in people’s minds all day long, where we find them get involved with culture and society trouble makers in order to get hurt, then show up all over other peoples daily concerns, leaving their own safely and their families blissfully unaware, to say I am one of the most annoying persons on the planet, making money out of some new industries of eating disorder for instance, which I cannot as well, although I am suffering from a certain measure of it with a big mouth. So the first instance was the business of paying off Celebrities each time the fame scum looked like they were hurting me and then showing up here to make me co-operate with them so they might get the money back via market, which I didn’t, we are entering the stage where their media fools studied journalism at University and then showed up to wreck my academic work because being me on TV made their foolish lives more meaningful, now progressing to a stage where they have to make stupid comments about my Books and Public image everyday which simply ensures no amount of public interest can translate into audience activity because the environment for it is being wrecked, acting as though they needed my help to stop it because they had become addicted and did not plan to be nice about it.

It is said that this is a matter of American influence and yes it is but its been 14 years since the economic crisis of which the USA contributed 70% of the problems and they have not yet worked out what the recovery for the home economy will be while the Allies have already adopted an alternative lifestyle due to blame Politics; for me personally the first stage where they get Celebrities to hurt me for pay, then show up to expect co-operation from me so they might get their money back which failed to happen 100% is done, the next stage will be the part where I really want to move on from the damage they have done to my Books, while they had decided that the damage was a set back that gave them time to oppress me and then I will have to answer the question of why indeed I passed up that stupid crime in the first place - we are therefore not so far away from resolving the problem with the civil and criminal disobedience gold digger thing currently.