So they do ask if I really do believe that I am being bugged; I do not think I am being bugged and even if I were would not care – what happens is that the same group of idiots we see complain about unusual ways of treating other people are the same who use it as a form of privilege, the main one in my case is sexual and it has destroyed everything here including my academic work – stupid abusive and insulting practical jokes about me not wanting to have sex with others while community croons take the sexual feeling and then the future out of me whenever they want, which is a rather pointless position to take and of course we all know they are complaining about me for it as well but the media has just gotten itself involved along with stupid celebrities and we are now experimenting on a case of how long the abuses and destruction of my work and property may continue until they suppose they have had enough literally. They say I need to acknowledge the reasons and learn from them as insultingly as only they can but I am lost as per what I need to learn when I am not the one complaining; it has always been about that twisted evil thing hiding behind all that humanitarian and Aid work that we see all the time and specifically with respect to me it started when I thought I could help them because I attended Church and it was a surprise when they would die first or kill me first before I got to help them with my Church and so the probability that I might use the Church to send any money to aid them became the reasons I had trouble with employment and dropped out of University and it has not relented since as stupidly as possible – so the reasons obviously lie on the answers they may provide if it avails them to as per why the fact they had suffered some humanitarian crisis tends to mean that I smell like my toilet each time I prepare myself and step out of my home to chase the days concerns on account their foolish celebrities have alternative uses for my personality especially, not some madness about the reasons it happens and how I could learn from it with their big mouth. In the end I am a writer and I need my thinking space whether or not their Politicians want to play up some practical jokes otherwise it is that stupid twisted and evil society and culture I will be writing for a living instead. I hear of the creeping hate in the same fashion as well which does not bother me in anyway whatsoever; the creeping hate is an old story where at face value they are okay since entertainment and media is not something people do when they will run a mile and collapse from exhaustion, they need to have a lot of energy to make people happy with but time and again its the creeping hate and time and again its the having a go at me by the sulky, stomping kind that sucks the life out of people and every good atmosphere they see and we are now beyond the stage where women say you need to avoid them because that is exactly what will happen since it is obvious I cannot attend University, I cannot do anything pertaining to paid employment and I cannot sell my Books. Its nothing unusual; the old game is one of stupid rich people doing the stupid things they do so that people do not take advantage of them while the poor stupid people who work for them do their own most of the time because they want to build the energy that lets them chase the money, the problem being of course that each time they are asked to do anything we find them work on me and we find them build up my public image somewhere so that they can get about practising how to be more important than I am – then my party piece comes where some goons have made statements that nobody wants to see me near the Royal Family of which is a wonder who the fuck they are anyway – feeds into my use of foul language and how they make a mess of the conditions that have allowed me to until people are uncomfortable in Politics and at the Monarchy which is how this business of creeping hate is created. I do get told they are people who fancy me and I can understand that; they are big people who most of the time spend their strength on media and on entertaining people and do not know what to do most of the time, so they love me for the fact that I know what to do and of course I will gather them around and tell them presuming there was no sex involved, besides which if I didn't, I could ensure that any celebrities I didn't fancy cleared my space. Creeping hate usually comes from a collection of goons who behave the way we see them behave all the time, the vices are more important than the jobs because politicians will get it off those who can fix problems for them and so what we are dealing with here is that I will get into trouble simply for having a conversation with somebody else about the stupid ways in which they create their problems and then blame somebody else for it as a community. I am always okay with their stupidities, along with the society men that dispatch them to perform it in order to play up practical jokes with my finances until the Media are unable to mind their own business all together, which is just as well provided they are starting as it were; we can see the link is gradually being drawn between getting rid of them and having every body I get involved with over my Books count for me and what I really need besides which once done talking about male misogyny we will find ourselves dealing with female misogyny all together and it will go round and round in circles for eternity while the only thing that makes them happy enough to make money will be a stupid process of seeing somebody else suffer due to the exhilarating process by which they are trapped and then they get out of the mess and somebody else grabs all they had worked for and they have to do it again and get threatened if they refuse to behave, the last time we checked their main concern was that they were taking their toilet with them everywhere they went as a result of my actions as well a stupid Democratic insanity and republican madness of politics.

So they say that when Mr Trump as settled up on what he believes the US should be doing with the rest of the world, it will be a race I cannot win over my Books and my Book sale income and so it takes the whole business of American idiots building a name for themselves on the most dangerous aspects of my Public work, extracting money from my Estate and Public image and playing up practical jokes they think makes them socialites and secret service operatives, to a whole new level. I do not think that it is that big a problem anyway either – the US is full of dumb students that do well in school and when they have a big penis too it becomes even more of a problem, only we end up with British ones too and the British ones have smaller penises, so the worry is that women will get hurt for telling them that it is actually smaller, the big problem of course being that the fools have no respect for other peoples government operatives, so we find that when they are talking about getting people stuck in obscurity so they might become big stars in the United States of America, it somehow has something to do with tackling an Arch Prince, who clearly isnt going to kill them all for the insolence as it were. The Politicians like to tell me I talk as though I can do the violence that will resolve the problem but we all know that fingering my bum has generally become their answer for everything in the last decade year on year and that their main case with me is that I have a weakness that suggests I am worried about what may happen if I got attacked and those I defended myself from knew where my friends and family are – nobody knows why people will show up to break down somebody else's life and become obsessed with making a public case out of such as aspect there in it as such but we all know that they are now telling me that their point made is that they were in government buildings and if the Country was in trouble I would have had to assist, while we can still remember me warning them about having enough of the insults, pointing out what I did to keep the goons and criminals off my career and finances was done in my teens and that I do not have the time for it any more, we can see that what happens is that I get stuck with joblessness and other forms of stupidities that will make me an old oaf who is past it, so they can strike my anus in the neighbourhoods and get narcissist sensations that those who are successful enough to discipline people deserve – so are we aware the last time it got better was when I had decided that I would not let this insanity wreck my academic work and so decided to ensure these goons and criminals were expressing themselves on the Public image of the Politicians instead; apparently I dropped out of University never the less and there is no way that their problem will get a lot worse if they piss me off as well all together, since it is largely clear to everybody except the Politicians at this stage that what the Country need is more of stupid insane practical jokes like these, played out on peoples lives as disrespectfully as they possibly can, talking nonsense about being in charge. So I do get this question that says firstly that people understand what I am saying but do not understand why these things happen and also that I look as though I am in trouble all the time: I am not in trouble all the time, to settle the latter, its just lots and lots and lots and lots of life changing insults developed from peoples need to build up my public image somewhere and sit about practicing how to become more important than I am, so I have just said to somebody who tells me there will be a race I cannot win over my Book sales, that their country is full of dumb students that do well in school which is not news to anybody and another has just told me that if the Country was in dire straights I would have had to assist whether I liked it or not; so we all know that as options for dealing with this sort of nonsense without getting into trouble with the Law goes, I am always getting attacked because they set themselves up at the local communities and label me the guy who is always doing something that affects peoples business and finances, like the criminals they are, then sit around at a high point and send out their minions to check me out and make a excuses for hurting me all the time and that one of the way they will make me do something to aid the Country if it is in trouble whether I liked it or not, would be a process where I took very personally the fact that when my bottom hurts it is right if done by a break fucking winner as it were and when there is no more bread winning or bread to win, they can make me do things I do not wish to do from there as well, especially if Brexit was involved too – otherwise, where they spend time with their own mates would be the case of me making it clear that when people get involved the only concern is my Books getting sold, not Royal wisdom or sexual games and then I would not look the part of the guy people want to bully when they think they are bread winning enough to discipline others but we all know there would be no fun in that. The part where people do not understand what I am doing or I say too much will be the one where I need to supply details since it is a world that boasts of intelligence, that Politicians have decided to resolve economic issues by showing up on peoples lives surrounded by fat cats and this is an idea that has not occurred to Nobel Prize winning geniuses all together as it were, talking rubbish at me about being made to assist the Country if I did not want to, clinging to my business with no plan to buy the products for he foreseeable future, blabbing about the problems of the Country considering they were in government buildings. They love to say that we religious people encroach and I am really miffed as per whether these nonsense amount to an acceptable degree of respect for others – I mean normal people do not sit around dreaming of a process of making money in ways that neither cause harm to the general public nor involves criminal activity which does and draws attention of the Police and we are here because they will not stave off my case while I have become rather convinced that the only problem I have got is that the money in their possession presently is unlikely to run out. They now say all I do only adds up to the latest trend which of course is what does justify the need for a physical attack on the media, considering it is completely unnecessary a form of social corruption and squander happening around my case, completely pointless as these are the kinds of things we find them complain about after they inflict themselves with it all together using me to get out with such an effect created to send a message with a big mouth – so for these goons it will be a problem over bread winners and for the Media it will be a need to end up with a very bratty Royalty. Like when they say I set out an idea that I know what I am doing when I do not, while reality is that I am expected to say something where people never heard me say it so they might say it again on media to become famous but it is actually how I work, to put my information to culture and society and work a Bookshop, they can always buy Books or they can continue to set themselves up on media and work on becoming more important than a Royal Prince, considering they can always later on blame somebody else for the problems they have created into their lives like we all know they will. They do say I do very naughty things which I dont; its never plan A or B with these guys, its way down to plan F,G and H and it is a behaviour putting you in a position where you can understand why couples have rough sex, a position where anal sex seems acceptable everyday, the problem being that it does not take over my mind completely, it just hangs over me very annoyingly like some expectation that incredibly stupid men have of me while we hear them blow off their big mouth further of what will happen when I tell them off – so the fact I put information to culture and society to write my Books and they have hurt themselves by chasing me around to trap me and play practical jokes with my finances, which has caused them to be vengeful and to get on media and try to ruin my life all the time as inventively as only their stupidities can, is not to say that I am wrong or do not know what I am doing. I mean its an old story that it will show up for no other purpose but persecuting me until I have only two options left since last I became an adult and they could calculate how much money I had in the bank to fight them with – the two options year in and year out, decade in and decade out, will be to get into trouble with the Law or take from them whatever it is that is bugging them at my expense so much, now we know that their parents will not be there for them during their retirement as well and there is ample opportunity for them to experience their own medicine. Ultimately it appears there is no rest for this story of the antagonism of the US President, while reality is that even if there was a global stage in which that was happening, it would all still revert to the old case of Politicians and fat Cats and the first time that my Empire was reduced to other peoples disposition in life was when these fools said something about me building a business under the canopies of their empires without paying for it, making myself rich on how their empires have affected the world, now what has replaced Book sales is a dream where the US President will help convert it from an empire into a system that allows people find out what they need to do to get rich in order to bring about global economic recovery and this sort of stupidity based vandalism is the kind of thing that encourages the organised stereotyping of other people naturally, which I am not going to do; what I want, is to see them cease to pretend around the world including Europe as much as my bottom hurts and the mediocrity of the insults of their money has affected my health, what I want to see is them eating humble pie and not pretend that this sorts of stupidities is what humble pie looks like if they were eating any – I want to see them eat the humble pie and clear out the mess they have made here for me over the last 11 years, otherwise its easy to see that dreams of Politicians that will convert my empire from a Book sale business into a thing that allows very insulting, feeding bottom chasing and health sucking scum of this earth to make economies richer is never going to lead to trouble as it were.