The story of how much trouble I will get into when Boris Johnson takes up Prime Ministers Office has not yet stopped and it beats my imagination every time, why it is rather easy for people to tackle me or whether people win elections in the Country by handling me – we know what they are complaining about came from the same process of making me a character people pick on whenever Politicians wanted to know what their prospects of winning elections were instead of buying and reading Books I had written but we have not yet so far found out why Boris is always getting on top of me with every public appearance as it were. so far with these guys it has been 15 years of always being insulted by white people who want me to be weaker than they are and not long after are fighting my battles for which I congratulate them, not long after which I am a Coward which I believe means they have accomplished great things then after all but the crux of the problem is still that time and again, I find myself responding to stupidities associated with their insanity whereby it has been run off that my whole life is in the hands of Celebrities and Media by hoodlums I would waste my time responding to, so they can make money off my career and public image every day, which takes my quality time and causes poor results at school, never mind churns my tummy as well – then there are the older ones who carry on enough abuses to ensure I am inundated with problems, such that it is no longer possible to be a tolerant person and then they get me making sense of their own insanity that passes on their left and right hand side as well through a lot of Media abuse, soon it will mean there is a physical attack, should I push back their children will get involved, should I handle those I will end up with less rights than their parents did and they will think I should be rewarded for the carnage done to career and finances in this place with boo boys running around the City passing exams before I did to become sweaty well fed insolent gits stuck between communities and the successful children who control the high streets and have no plans to smell of what they ate if they can come up with lies and community organised abuses they want to run off on Media, that will ensure I am the one smelling instead – I have issued this warning enough times about the stupid and incredibly distracting threats opening up a new can of worms for them, which is not being taken seriously especially by the women whom I only need to shut down popular culture and then they will have babies and remember where their backyard is located, why their ideas about being an incredibly stupid individual because they were women hence love to get their imagination up my bum as insultingly as possible should not be happening. Hence we find that they are most interested in a royal Office and some fraternity with Country that is associated with it but whenever they extract money from my Public image and buy large homes, they make sense of where their stupidities are supposed to be, the ones that issue threats of how I can only keep my Office if I did a war will be the ones that will respond to the question of whether my academic pursuits and career is in their hands or mine and it is they who will likely get a response that they must live with for the rest of their lives. For what it is worth we consider it all the time – if you picked up some money, put on your finest clothes and got together perhaps with some friends, developed a behaviour that meant people cannot take advantage of you because you have that money and get around the city seeking your fortunes, it would have been the part where you did it with your own assets – to understand what I feel about this fools would mean casting the mind to a case where people did this while their foolish plan was to deploy another person’s assets when they seek their fortunes but as I said, when you handle the parents they don’t want Police to do Police work anymore, then the kids get involved and handling those will create a generation that have less rights than the parents did. It does not detract from the question either i.e. what the fuck is wrong with Boris.

I am aware people put pressure on me because I still rely on answering to HM for everything I do while The Queen has given me permission to do it on my own Authority and it’s the old case of seeking a clear disposition before I begin about what the appeal of these abuses and insulting activities, especially from their Politicians is meant to accomplish and why they do not think it appeals to keep away from my concerns at this stage.

I so get told most of these matters are caused by black people and yes they are – it was the old tale of the fact it seems beeline enough when you hear it say that its life will be over when it is unable to be a Celebrity until you start to see how the stupidities that are meant to allow it make money it does not work for without getting into trouble with the Law really operates; normally it would tackle a white person but that will soon had become racist, so now it has a black Arch Prince, it has hit the jackpot and we cannot be free of being provoked while they provoke white people as well, then the idea will be that it had showed up to make a mess of my concerns and free itself from the consequences of the days when it did not think working for money instead of joining gangs was the way to do it but at this point wants me to fight some racists as well and if asked why it does such a thing, will claim it was important before I decided to get involved. We see the industry ones at it too – always the tall guy getting dangerous with money routines while their communities bear down on me sexually like 50 year old school truants and if I felt that I had too many of those on my hands and took action to deplete the number, it will show it was rather convinced when it lost its temper I would get into trouble with its big mouth as well. In the end we find that it does seem my whole life is developed around tolerating them, without which somebody will want to kill them very soon, but they were not making it easy, hence wholly pitiful most of the time.

I do get told my financial condition is a disgrace but it is so for three main reasons; one of them being that I must plan it in a way which ensures that those who want to take personal finance at their own pace are able to, it then makes sense when somebody invests some money on me and talks about not seeking the big ones if I cannot handle small ones while Celebrity idiots with no sense of direction who think they can out of my league tend to show up here and break it while blabbing about the fact I am single when they have no sense of what commitment really is. The other is the daddy characters who follow me around to make a mess of everything around here – when they begin so, we know there are two separate main history so far I.e. I dropped out of University the same year the worlds worst recession began and now I am surrounded with a history of insults while money game idiots from the US plan how to extract an income from my personal life and public image, so I look like a character that does work he does not get paid for. The third is that I planned it to ensure the woman I got married to did the finances, the reason for this being that my parents were divorced and the luvvies thing was the main reason, so one step will see my whole life get flushed down the loo and I need to get married to somebody that will take up that part while I completed the academic work and settled the career and she will have settled her own career before then in the first place, especially so to ensure that the trend was never that my parents divorced hence it is expected that I should have a divorce as well; all it has done since American idiots saw it, was create a condition that added to the activities of mean cunt Brits, showing up here to extract money from something their fucking mate had worked for as it were, so I do now need to shut it down and get it done another way. It is remarkable how the idiots will spend their time to a point of taking risks, with the concerns of a Man from a divorced Family but have no wish to settle for any of the parts that require commitment from their stupidities – goes without saying what is happening here is that I am too nice to the mean stupidities of rogue Royals and Celebrities and so if Boris believes himself to be the catalyst for where this will head next, the ball is firmly in his Court if he clearly feels that deeply about it; all I can say is that I am too nice to them all and it really hurts.

There is this tale also of how I get myself out of the Celebrity debacle and then get myself into it again which is utter nonsense – what happens is that whenever Celebrities make money they interfere with other Careers, telling them off means that those goons who want to get you out of school and spend a personality you had developed by showing up in one in the first place for the purpose of fame and fortune, as soon as you had suffered satisfactorily will become interested in every part of your concerns, this time with an understanding there was possibility they would become too old for it very soon; there is no motivation behind a behaviour which means that somebody made a crowd of people happy and got paid a million pounds for it, so he deployed that money to buy shares in every company that is interested in the character he built perception abuses at to encourage people to give him money in a hope that the character will fall into the trap that has been laid for him if he is pushed, no motivation behind buying those shares to facilitate wealth inequality goons hanging around the premises of the Companies to make trouble for their victims while they got in contact with a security twerp that put a glass ceiling over the head of such a person in order to get imagination up the bums of such people; the only motivation is narcissism and the only effect is an idea of a group of idiots you find very difficult keeping your own fucking hands away from. I need to build my own structures for interference because it will not give me a breathing space if I had not taken one out of my own accord.

So I am told there are Celebrities I get along with and yes there are but those are not seen as mainstream Celebrities to me; they have a history of sending out their people to gather information about me and use the information to make sense of roles they play in films whenever my equities are deployed to make those Films – it’s been 12 years of it without any abuse and if I only had to deal with them, I am pretty sure I would not have dropped out of University in the first place as well. The rest are a group of idiots who want to tell whole crowds of people they had previously introduced to the world as what they are most concerned about while I think the business of making money to please those people on my public image was about me, that people can matter and be important, be seen and be relevant on my Public image – started out as a perception that industry idiots who give them money for such gimmicks play around with to rattle me all the time, now it is becoming something more direct as a threat, which I expected it should because it is a direct threat to my Royal Office – a little beyond the business of wanting to see me commit murder while I thought government office will help me cover it up on account they believe me to be naïve of what evil looks like and various other fantasies that gets them alternatively interested in my financial wellbeing for all the wrong reason, something about tackling my earnings as a matter of discrimination which sees me make out the world to be my oyster, the outcome being that they make money in a territorial sensibility and end up moving left, then they get back round to seek more trouble by telling me they want access to the world at my expense, the American socialite idiots are usually the most daring of the stupid lot. So they are not Celebrities the last time we checked as the way to come to public notoriety is manufactured by Industry, besides which they need to engage with the public on my own fame instead – they speak of respect thereof as a result and we know what it really means is that I should show regard for the fact they make people happy enough to avoid crime and it is the fact I have not been responding to this, that leaves them with the will to stalk me at Industry, hence what I must change, they need to be respected for it and given publicity for such respect too. We hear they claim it’s a matter of teaching me lessons for describing them as stupid which is utter nonsense as they have taught no lessons around here if the ageists that give them money to keep up these nonsense are not recovering the money elsewhere, if I am so well prepared for any occasion of desperation on their part that humours me a matter of their need to grab market I work for and own all the money in the world and we look into the future, so the idea I am not making progress being utter nonsense as they would have made a lot of money in 3 decades ago with such nonsense but since I showed up, after a decade, have not been making any money at all. I do get told it’s also a matter of going out of my way to look for trouble but I am not, as I said, I was aware of Celebrities working with my equities but until they showed up, I would never have dropped out of University for it in the first place – I am happy for their stupidities to operate as a perception but since last I had not acted over the damage done to the academic work and the Books, we have seen that the right to continue doing this damage is what they claim their civil and human rights had become, as stupidly as possible. This then makes one of those points where they say they have learned how to deploy my work for Celebrity culture and now must stop me from excluding them for the sake of doing so and we know they are a bunch of idiots playing the minion games with some ageist fools who are either interested in getting me to part with money, peddling my faith and also my personal life and public image, to get onto a gimmick of they and their wives abusing me and churning my tummy to secure a future for their children, just before they got boo boys all over the city and tried to prevent Police doing Police work because I handled them as well for it; as I mentioned as well, if they said my academic work and career was in my hands on not theirs, we would have been done with it.