I have been told enough times now that my position had been revoked at the Monarchy as it becomes increasingly obvious that I am incapable of performing any of the tasks to which I had been assigned and it is utter nonsense as the only three things happening here is Muslim extremists and their American friends spying on me, to link up what I do with my computer to the activities of service personnel on the ground when they come from both the British and US Armies and these are a group of idiots with friends and relatives that cannot keep their fingers off peoples bottoms, never mind the fact there is war going on that never stops because of it – the other is the terrible activities we see the Prince of Wales perform which adds up even to abusive behaviour such as daddies gathering up somewhere to make a gesture that involves everybody looking into my anus and so on, it is a matter of HRH and how Clarence House helps him become ever more friendly with Celebrities while he knows it does not work alongside Royal Office to be and a business of me not responding to it, meaning that whilst I never get around building publicity for this nonsense, what happens is that I hang around somewhere tidying it up while I am abused and attacked according to the neighbourhood I live in and their stupidities got to tell me they will then set about deciding which neighbourhoods I can live in when they want to start again currently complaining about the criticisms I have levied against HRH due to this nonsense dragging me to that point where I drop out of University again and again as it were – the third is that they have done these terrible behaviour for years, looking like they want Royal Politics and the extent to which they do it along with HM responding to it with Royal Politics has now meant that The Queen is affected by Her own Royal Politics currently, I still do not understand why this tended to imply that rather than putting a limit to this behaviour the Goons became more interested in handling me instead. They say the criticisms I have levied against the Prince of Wales is a matter for concern and yes it is a case of how I think of the personal decisions I make at this Office which have nothing to do with Government, the same way he insists on becoming friendly with Hoodlums and criminals while my academic pursuits paid the price for it and this had been going on every day for the 6 years before I responded after dropping out of University and have not stopped since. The whole thing has no meaning whatsoever – we know that even if the Prince of Wales is friendly with Celebrities, knowing it does not work because he has to stomach both images and processes of getting involved with what happens to the enemies of the State and what happens to Armed Forces operatives in equal measure, while the Celebrities are the ones who want to get every person that is not their mate into a fight with hoodlums whose lives have just brushed that of the famous slightly and Islamic terrorists who are doing whatever it is they are doing overseas – so it is assumed HRH ending up with his own learning curves and having to sort out a matter of how his personal disposition affects State Business will produce the kind of reign that he has designed, which has nothing to do with me, so we can see that we are responding to it due to the fact these gits have developed a habit of handling me. They have pointed out time and again that there are powerful forces overseas behind the matter, which is utter nonsense – the only powerful forces they have is French idiots with a need to ensure people are sore all over, which is why they get along with their Muslim counterparts so well and eventually we find the gits do nothing with their time except develop Publicity that allows a bunch of penis pricks to adopt a disposition where I can never be more important than they were and this takes time, damages career while they are it, as stupidly as possible – the German ones will be the good old case of daddies and the boys getting imagination up peoples bottoms all the time and when you had not responded to it the popularity and Media and Industry corruption will be such that retirement age was a luxury, when I had responded to it, they say my part in the matter also is that I describe people as stupid; the entire time we know that that it had taken up my Intellectual Property Administration business and turned it into something of Royalty selling up Family business because he cannot cope with the responsibilities and I am certain the idiots who speak of disrespect on my part are well informed on the fact I would have accepted another way to describe them for each time I had to deal with the nauseating financial complications, if I were offered one, or their stupidities had better kept the big mouth firmly shut. It is not the only one either, there are the Fashion idiots that will get off patenting bits of my life and work to their names, then build me a Publicity that says I am supposed to get into a fight with any person that is fooling around with the abusive processes of having a job thereby kissing their arse for a living. We all know both are a product of American idiots at the CIA and FBI keeping an eye on me to corrupt my State provided security and make a mess of the jobs of Armed Forces personnel all over it and that the same fools having found where my Books are located think that as long as they are able to do something bad to the Books, they can always get me to co-operate with them – it is feeling like a relationship with the devil for the intensity of their stupidities at present and it will get a response before it starts to consider that perhaps keeping a big brother eye, watching it’s stupid self should have been far more appealing. They do love to boast that there is nothing I can do about them while it had become rather obvious at this stage that I never planned to show up at a Law Court on their account either – so especially for the Fashion bits, I have been putting out Public statements concerning the time frame in which their stupidities have performed the destructive activities they have done here, such that people are able to make use of those silly products in an understanding of how their stupidities created it but time and again we will see an updated version of it using my work, public image and property blabbing of how I am unable to do a thing about it because of the size of their idiotic legal team, leaving me only the choice of running down to stupid products with Publicity until they deployed their own lives and even that stupid legal team to fit the problems associated with the equities that helped them create it, technically if it goes further from here, they will be trying to make my Books their own and then I will end up with a license to sack that stupid fashion career or business without hesitation as well; I could never understand how difficult a bunch of mediocrity twats could find the business of being told that a certain part of my life they want to make into a money churning tool is a relationship that helps me work Government Office, probably with someone of a more senior position and speaking of the tale of giving the people what they wanted, how many Books indeed that they bought from this Bookshop to gain their ideas on how to derive Fashion based equities at my expense, with their foolish affordable legal team. Speaking of tasks to which I have been assigned, there isn’t one that has not been performed to standard.

It is said that I may be giving people a false hope that I can handle these matters because I am not exposed to the real world conditions and its utter nonsense – what happens is the culture and society trouble makers making a mess of everything around here and then the ageist showing up to counter what I do to control them by building crowds of people to hang around discussing how they have seen my anus and can poke, add it to their Industrial espionage and we can see why it is such an appealing thing to do in terms of the bullying, abuses, jeering and so on behind my back and the consequences need to infiltrate my career but there is a link between saying I am a different person from the effects of their children wanting access to my Public image when the business of the money they spend at the shops is not enough to give them a good reputation anymore, the women hate my guts because they should have been the ones who owned my temperaments and can enjoy the peace of mind and sleep time from it due to the rights that giving birth had afforded them in terms of what the Men would make weaker men make available to them and the Men always want access to my personal life as such to feel good about themselves by, then it becomes obvious that there is action I can take to ensure that their stupidities no longer relies on me. The Celebrities have always denied the link between the losses I suffer and a business of them showing up to help people to my public image which makes people feel good and affords them an obligation that they have inflicted on the Public to make the Public buy show business products from them but they can no longer deny it when their society trouble makers have started to sense a good time to lay in as well and we know those always get after the Public work itself – their bottom hurts, I get threatened and it gets serious every time and so are we aware the prospect of having my reputation is now incredibly low which adds to the fact they are growing too old for it as Celebrities to actually attain such a thing, hence the intensification of the abuses. They do claim when I talk like that they could raise Children a certain way but I don’t think that they will want to inflict such things as a lack of access to popularity and Celebrity culture which leaves people spending more time with criminals and hoodlums the way their abuses and destruction of my career does me as well – they had made their own decisions to extract money from my Public image without permission and then return to dominate me with the money like they were my personal Gods and deserve entirely what they go from it. The reason we are where we are however isn’t the Celebrities, it isn’t society trouble makers, it isn’t the hoodlums, it’s the Media; when peoples lives brushed me a little, they built publicity for it and started their own abuses – the women want to play very abusive practical jokes on me whereby gave me one face on Media and made arrangements with wealthy neighbourhood hoodlums on the other, while the men just wanted to work corruption of involvement on my earning margins – the theory has always been since 17 years ago when they first started, that if they built a bad reputation for somebody using their jobs, they could end up oppressing the person by making sure the person was jobless and homeless as a result of it, what they are now mostly concerned about is what people do to ensure their stupidities never got to do it but we have seen changes in terms of the way their leadership and employers operate and hopfully the problem can be contained at a time frame that is acceptable for me as well, seeing it is easy for me to establish a structure of animosity with the corporate identity of media organisations because of their staff until I got my own version of redress from it; for now, this behaviour gets to a stage where it hurts them too and then I get threatened because it did, which to me is not real because its my television or radio issuing threats but it does do too much either way. They do claim my problem stems from the fact I rock the boat as they say, at the Monarchy, which is utter nonsense – what happens is that they spy on me and spot my diet as something that can cost me my public image and set to work on me on that basis, along with their fellow good who support such things at the Monarchy, just as we hear them claim I am in no position to make the statements that I make as such while reality about it is that none really has the right to tell me how to look after my concerns between the age of 18 and 65, thereafter which none gets to tell me what to do, much as I have warned them when I find I do not have enough time to secure myself a good pension, I will plan the remainder of what I am meant to do to gather up my finances at a time that is good for me and maybe get around making statements at people if that is what bakes my cake which it doesn’t, on their stupid wallets as well – it has always been the advise that they showed up here if they wanted a Book and not to make stupid statements, as I have mentioned before, I really do think the media one will end very badly when it stops. They do claim I interfere with their concerns as well which is utter nonsense; if I have a Court of Female Journalists and they are married with Children, what is the implication of what we have decided to share and how do their families fit into the picture? This was the question; those who have spent the last decade making a mess of it and making a mess of my life are very well aware that their activities came with consequences but have continued to reiterate that they were well aware but did not think it would apply because they were very important and also know where my livelihood is located, like a relationship with the devil in my head, doing whatever it stupidities wishes to inflict me with. With respect to Public work, even when I have people show up from the Monarchy to build crowds that jeer and insult and abuse and can see my anus out of society trouble makers I brought under control to get on with my own concerns, then blame me and my Office for the consequences and speak of what I have lost on Media every day, it still does not have an effect on me because my entire life is conditioned for it, what does it still the Media bits that get involved to create a sense of loss which I know is schizophrenia to respond to but the intensity of it is such that I must provide a temporary disposition which can then become the main point where they ensure the purpose of the media was to see that a bad thing happening in my life, lasted forever and as it stands, they have not experienced any grave consequences hence the personality addiction meaning a need to perform one for me to deal with every day.

Its never true that they are a threat to me, its simply reality that people enjoy causing others distress because they are so badly raised they believe their person problems to be other peoples responsibility, which is why we have violence in our society – however the Celebrities and their corrupt fans exist in a whole new level in terms of this, so it is usually hoped that people will look at it in terms of the fact that whilst you are trying to engage with the public, they are infiltrating your concerns and sacking everything you do with as much malice and prejudice as possible without reason or explanation and of course the USA is the land of Celebrities either which way you look at it, Media or society, therefore normally hoped that victims of such things will think of it in this way before it was too late for them to.