It is usually said that I never take people seriously when they make out my actions will likely a social corruption on their part targeting me all the time, result in a war that they are never likely to recruit me for since I am cleverer than they are if I may say. Like that business where it is said I tune myself off sexual harassment issues when I really don’t; what happens is that we have an understanding that sexual harassment is linked to social corruption but the Politicians come up with a theory that the fact somebody else sleeps around the neighbourhood should not be an indication they have stopped being superior to me – so what they say about sexual harassment makes sense until this point where they get out of it and wish me to spend time being abused as they worked out what to do with the legislative vacuum, so I tune off it as well; it feeds into what becomes of that story that I want people to do something about it for me as well which is not really true – what is true is that I am performing an experiment with them at this stage as well, to see if when I get beaten down by superior women to a point where I am beaten up by superior Men, the feminists will be the biggest beneficiaries, meanwhile they need do me a favour and keep off my Books if they do not wish to get into a fight with me on the matter altogether; we have been in this situation before in any case where I dropped out of University over their stupidities that they can follow me around with the next time I attend an academic institution, see what I will do with it as well. The central points have always been rather obvious since we also know that apart from the sexual harassment that is easy to report the first time round since it will make sense to the authorities as well, whilst the problem rages on we are usually more comfortable with the leadership of idiots sitting down at the eye of the storm to scratch and be equals and then the whole business gets turned on its head when a handful of braindead women show up and start to select men like myself that they wish to ensure are worse off than everybody else, which then required this need to make a statement about how their stupidities is not leader of anything around here. So it is still the old business of society idiots on one hand making a mess of my tummy and getting me to feel people like the bad smell and so on while they find it amusing and these foolish women with their blues and feminists on the left forcing me to get into a fight while they cling to property and seek conveniences, where if I get hold of their own as well it will be that cracked up out of my league body getting into a fight all together.

Now they say I would do anything to avoid racism and I would not know anyway, all I know is that it’s all well for people to claim each time I show up outside of my door, that they have big parents and big siblings that will do something about racists for them whereby if I am not made to fight racism it means I will be progressing at the expense of other people’s families, it is quite another for them to show up around my concerns to forget their place with some brainless stupidities about being in charge. It’s much the same as the story of how women are never safe when I am around while they know I am a Moral person and my absolute night mare is working for property and position and money I should be spending to pay my way in the world, only to be forced by some brainless git into a position where I hand it over to women to exhibit some stupid villainous beauty by. So we find them claim I like to think I can handle the society trouble makers but cannot while reality is that every time I step into public transport they are guaranteed to start those stupid abuses they share as an open secret and spend the day churning my tummy by and then it will turn out that whilst it means they can recognise me and know that I am Royalty which makes it a matter of respect as we hear them talk about it without respite, finding out how much they give as well, when I do not have to drive around a limousine in order to be a government operative – for them however we find they have learned to secure themselves a sense that I spend time coming up with reasons for it or thinking there has to be some reason for it which encourages them to think also that they can do it to any extent they want, until I suppose they squared up for a fight and said it was about the smell all together I suppose.

 It’s never really a complicated matter as a whole we find the Politicians as mentioned before will say that the fact a person is sleeping around does not necessarily make them inferior to me and show up to waste my whole life over sexual harassment – we find the women want to waste all I own on themselves when women complain about bag log of years they have not engaged in their social and cultural concerns and a sense they have no idea where their rights are, especially when some desperate women start to make a case for men who are not super men supporting them, which will see me put my hand up to identify as not superman, pointing out the rest have gotten their own all sorted out – so these other society goons always start some form of sustained abuse that does not show respect for my right to enjoy living in my own home and then when I nudge them out of their own as well, they make me smell like my loo every time I show up in public as a sign they are the more evil one of the both of us and I do try my best to ensure it does not turn into a fight all together because it would be one of those occasions where I think I am right in every way; however for them it goes beyond just the fight and grows into something about spending every public appearance to make the general public their friend and then an enemy of mine as well and soon we find it is linked to Celebrity culture, which is the one they have not got a grasp of where I am concerned; so it becomes a case of making them spend all they have which is usually one of the best way to curb majority of violent issues in public places but when they are made to spend it in beauty market so to speak, like we see in in Africa, then they have to do the Popular culture and become the Celebrities themselves while I learn from all those abusive insults to decide what I want to do with them as well; what they always do with it is decide that spending the money at beauty market will also involve trying to make me homosexual and male prostitute and then I will become very determined to beat them to the homosexuality all together.

In my case it starts out following me around at University to wreck the academic and then later at work when it saw my finances were not totally damaged and then after that started a story about single broke Men being a problem for married couples because they seduce the women and once beaten down so I do not look appealing to the women anymore the stupidities cannot let people be and has started another one about the dangers and problems associated with being alone, churning my tummy and blabbing about violence over it and so it becomes clear that all the fear of having gospel preached about its ageist wickedness is because it wishes to maintain this method of kinaesthetic learning. So, we hear further blabbing about which trouble I shall make when they follow me around at my academics again being laughable, but I am very likely to get away with it and spend time making peace with myself for breaching those rules about thinking certain matters of personal concern in our lives are near sacred and should not be messed about by people, speaking of which we find the Muslims always have their abuses started out by the superior Shiites and then it will engulf the Sunny Population and become an all Muslim violence linked to processes of making money. Considering then that whatever I say and do about sexual harassment is not what I do for a living and should not be the main publicity that I get thereof, if they thought I had the right to live peaceably in my Bed and home, I would have thought the same of them as a result of that as well.

I hear that I assume people do not have the right to hate me while they do of which reality is more a matter of the fact they should i.e. apart from the above is also the bit where they make out I sit about formulating reasons for being bullied by people who need my personality, whereby some of nasty some are abusive and some are just violent depending on how much they wanted, which they did right up to the point of damaging my academic work by claiming my essays were a process where I was trying to get away from a fight. The way it plays out as we can see is that they are either journalists and TV people who control the guy that writes Books which help them with their career, so that when they go off to prick and bully people who push back, they can show up to bully me because my Books never worked and we see this business of leaving home to pillage peoples lives to build their academic work and finances creates a real problem with the Muslims who have Jihad going for them especially; either this or they express nothing of their madness on media save some need to see what the content and contexts of my Books are, deal with some of the real problems by first making sure I cannot breathe on account they believe themselves to be so important that the abuses and insults are their rights, regardless of stories about how I invent reasons to make sense of it provokes me the most because that ran right through to claims it is what my essays at school meant until I dropped out. The part where it’s a media war that I am aware will go on forever is not really the case like it looks, just the business of me making sure that they are aware that if provoked to a stage, I will resort to the process of making sure their whole lives are about the job and the shopping and the family run by making sure they were surrounded with enough problems to make it happen, even though I have first hand experience of what it is like for industry to descend on those they think it is possible to make money from all together, as we can see the abuses just like every other day starts very early in the morning and runs through the whole day encouraging society idiots to pick up and work their madness with on me. As for the bit where I say these things but never make progress with myself; progress is one of those stories where it comes to me from time to time, ideas on what to do to optimise my work and income and in each case the use of my personality by people who are really important in their view will make me frustrated for weeks by means of distraction, this then adds to the business of making me angry all the time while making sure that I never relax over it and recover and then show up to tell me how to exist without looking so sad, which annoys whole communities as well because they simply cannot let people be and this is usually before they complain as well all together – so the reality is that having been I never signed a Contract with them that says they can use any Book I write in anyway that we see them do, the reality is that I can easily chase up whatever gets to their heads and turn people off it at the market as well a progress making lest I spend money on advertisement for nothing. The other case raised is that I do not live like Royalty and also live outside of Royal arrangements; the reality of course is that it is hardly true, as living like Royalty makes sense to them in my case with respect to the power of their money and it has come to that stage where it has to be a matter of the money I am interested in otherwise those I am not want some of my problems too – the Royal arrangement bits is me setting up structures to see that once the Celebrities and popular culture goons are done setting up music especially the Americans who think the relationship their Government has with the British Government is one that allows them pick any British person they fancy and deploy as a tool for making women feel better about themselves and then getting rich without working for it, no amount of money will ever be enough to create a situation where I am unable to communicate with a Celebrity that irritates me and this in turn means that when it is not too much, I tolerate them, when it is too much they hear from me – of course they say it is invasive naturally and I suppose they can lecture people on invasiveness while I am said to be formulating reasons to make sense of abusive insults channelled at me by idiots who think they are successful and important enough to do so without consequences, I am now being told what invasive is by the Celebrities and Media goons. They do say there are questions about my mental health which there aren’t; it’s a case of always being made to respond to a heightened situation and then followed up to ensure one does not recover from it – in the end when they complain about me it is the least I can do as they have not yet ended up in a law Court over my case so far i.e. being surrounded by problems to a point where the whole life is about work and family run and shopping while Industry people are trying to get rich is a tough call.