The old issue of Princess Beatrice and her American is not something that is in anyway a concern of mine, I believe that I have been clear to these celebrity idiots I have had enough of them and that I do not consider them to be celebrities, when these their insults get out of hand I will show them no quarters whatsoever either. They have no respect for anything in their lives, serious issues of which come to bear when bearing in mind this was not theirs as it were, coupled with the amount of energy I must expend to hold together my work to support the Queen, clearly when they have their wealth distribution ideas it calls for a process of absolutely no respect for what happens to be other peoples property. It follows on from there therefore that there is no respect whatsoever for the fact a product is copyrighted in somebody’s name and that there is a market reason for that, all they do with their time is move into my right hand with media to tell me what to do as piffling teenagers who look slick supported by their industry idiots that are now fighting me over what is mind because they have located a way of earning money from it and do not want to loose their jobs, therefore think they have created legitimate reasons for them to be anywhere near it; now it has developed into something else i.e. watching my work and usurping every period I have worked for market and then gone off to find investment money to push around my books, once they do, they set up some stupid girl that can never give it a rest-the process of telling them to do it in order to pass insults at me to feel powerful in public and when they do it for her to get famous with, get even more money from it as well, they turn out to claim they spend a lot of money to make things happen while I simply try to usurp or gain from it while they are paying, so they are paying my way in the world. I have no idea who or what told them they are celebrities and a time will soon approach since I have had enough of them, when I will find out what the demon that possesses them for the purpose of these things really looks like. The claim the actions I have taken is meant to save the government form Labour defeat at the polls is a load of rubbish. it is not about anybody else but me; it is all about the fact that every time Labour and its members do something Political which of course is all the time, it involves me and I am a Conservative and so what I have done is a measure of the kind of trouble that will begin to emerge from it and intensify as we go along, I am not a member of the Conservative Party.

As for the idea my real problem is that I don’t want to get along with the people, the real issue is that they like to save their jobs for money and power and pick on mine as a play thing for the people. We understand each other perfectly now; the next time they feel like rewarding wickedness so that they can later claim extremism and violence is a problem I am meant to deal with, they will reward it at their own expense and the Politicians understand that perfectly now. The real issue at hand is those stupid perceptions they build up on media and I am going to have to beat them up seriously over it, before it stops as well.

Where this is all cowardice however, I will definitely have to handle them again; we are already at the point where they are possessed with some demon and of course my job and the function of my existence is to get by while making sure they are kept away from the rest of my business and kept as far from reality and mainstream living as possible, this also serves as the process of making sure they are dealing with fascism and extremism because they apparently desperately want to. So for claims of cowardice we are getting to the point where they will make things so many times worse than it is at the moment. It’s the same old story; they need to leave me alone-we are not mates.

So the way it works is Christian understands the evils of his society, looks into it and tries to carry on with his life while doing so and Politicians wreck his finances and academic work and leave him as plaything for corporate and private interest idiots that like to round him up like he is an animal and make excuses for accusations on a daily basis. I am not a member of the conservative party.

They on the other hand are seriously disturbed; I mean all that stuff they do to get rich and famous with my property, which then results in getting around with manufacturers all over the place and making even more evil money that is done by attacking me from it, then there is the part where they tell me they have gotten involved with royalty as well and will take everything away from me, you know the bit that my entire life was dedicated to; I could never work out if that part is a big joke or not anyway.

As for how I am scared of black girls I could never understand; I mean if they are not here to get back that thing they have as connections with criminals that are deluded which I took away from them as well as their ability to be good parents with all that fame for my stupid children thing they like to think they will get out of me, then why are they here? If I am to imagine that because I took it away they now have sensed a better life and want to have it, how are they going to, with a big mouth from afar and attacking my friends because I should be having sex with everybody and not just some?

I am not scared of them; its just a simple case of the fact society has become more liberal, towards homosexuality and towards crime as a whole. So it is not a case of thinking you have found your worlds best tease figure when you are a witness to a crime and asked to identify a criminal these days anymore, so people can call it racism but the more they push these things, is the more I will be forced to return things to such an arrangement. I mean when the Bible says no body blames a thief for stealing because they are hungry but when he is caught must pay with his life, they turn out to make their own interpretations which means you can steal things but when you are caught must pay with your life which is not what that passage in the Bible said at all. So society has become more liberal and they cannot have enough of stealing things still therefore think I am scared of them. In the end it applies that it is not clear what they want with the property of somebody whose office is split between duties to the Church and duties to the State anyway, if they enjoy life when society is more liberal towards crime and immorality.