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I have been informed that I had become a character that people loved to hate but this is not news – they have spent a decade and a half campaigning with racists to say that they had found a more profitable person upon whom hate could be channelled instead of the abusive gimmicks that meant they were always running people down for money instead of getting a real career. The results are now in and I suppose it is a daily expression of their nepotism but sometimes it goes far enough to say that it may continue the abuses as long as it can keep up a sense I am the aggressor, if it fails to, taking the stupid risks to enjoy some abuse might end badly and the Police would let me go as well – the other fools suggested they would get fingers up my bum and attack me because I smelled and have not done it yet, hence I would really love to move on. This is their part in the matter, the bit that concerns me being that it continues to stand up in public places and talk into my personal space, then builds it up into an incitement, just as much as I have recently begun to issue warnings on the insults frequently, which is clearly not a threat to them and I will consider myself responsible for anything I did about it thereof. My part in the matter is that I have not been responding – there is nothing to say I conducted an act which added up to a response for abusive gimmicks that was linked to people making me do something that will make them rich for having a Royal Office by building it up into a case of me versus their neighbourhoods and a particular interest in those activities that are performed between 11.00pm and 3.00am everyday, whereby sometimes if I had to get somewhere early and I showed up at the Public transport system around 4.00am, I would find them turn up to perform activities that built up to living in a three bedroom house and carrying through abusive activities that will make the nepotism financially viable, eyes darting to the left and right, getting some support from fellow public transportation twats – we know how quickly such things develop into outcomes where the stupid children could not attend school or pass the exams, so when the Celebrities have played show business into their extremism and I have been issuing the warnings about the famous insults to no avail, I guess at this stage, I simply need the idiots to make sense of the fact what I am saying is that I understand entirely what they were complaining about. It has always been a case of idiots with a need to make a mess of civil living and being so popular that it was possible to find themselves a scapegoat for it but it turns out the interest in me is so addictive in terms of the fact each time they offered any fool with an ability to influence a crowd, a doing my stuff doing your stuff prerogative, I find stupid people talk so much nonsense all over my social life and public image that it takes years to clear out – hence the reasons I do not respond often; it shows up on my Bookshop premises for gimmicks and had to deal with what people thought of what I wrote in the Books – it continues to accept prerogative of stupidities to make a mess of my finances and issue threats at me, ends up with bag of shit parliament etc but I believe I have been issuing warnings about the direct insults for a while too. I do get told they are not really bad people and it is not about people being bad or me being hateful, it is about the fact what I did and the way I did it was not necessarily inclusive of them i.e. if I had business partnership, the way they will view it will mean that each time they wanted to make money, I should be forced to do difficult acrobatics, if I said something controversial, it will build up to unforeseen results, the real issue with their insults is that it was possible to get rich by setting me out as somebody people harmed whenever it was time to make money and I will one day consider myself responsible for the consequences perhaps, if it be either by causality or by my hand.

They do claim it is not in keeping with my religious disposition to operate in such a manner which is utter nonsense as their fight is entirely built around the sense that a 16 year old who knew about being a moral person and the importance of working hard, would lay down the mortgage deposit by 20 years of age. The social one goes beyond the business of digging me and flinging my concerns to its left to feel superior which is a fabulous use of my time when it is not talking rubbish about me flinging its own as well, grows into a matter of government splitting us into workers, dependant and elderly, and each passed with time, during which certain things had to be done and finished, if it is keeping its salary, needs to play with something else or continue to assume that I will at some stage consider myself responsible for any consequences. The true vileness and useless characteristic is shown when we start to speak of the fact I am a writer and if it wanted access to the way I organised my concerns to ensure its Golddiggers showing up here to trash all statements I made about people having fantasies that I was committing crimes with my public Office, to put me into a fight after another for popularity market purposes, it should read a Book lest I get hold of its career as well. the personal part will be that I would have to get myself out of the cold of an Office where I resolved these issues and out of a religious expectation, adopt a social disposition where I would expect to find them but will not with the big lip flapping that never stops and then do something unusual after I had lost my temper – the one their stupidities were more conversant with involved a question of a physical manifestation of my financial well being that they could play with. Essentially, I am doing this because I am no longer able to separate business partnership that involved the idea I am a character people attacked to suck up to the rich, trashing my Wealth equity to get rich fast and normal business partnerships, dealing with health issues associated with repeated criminal popularity insults, along with the sending and total destruction of the point at which their interest in me is kindled: the theory being that I am at their mercy while reality is that which I must take responsibility for i.e. I know how to get dressed, I know what to do with people I had established a relationship with, my career and their own does not meet anywhere and I am probably too cash strapped to maintain a social relationship with them.


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I do not think the matter was a crisis, they were a group of people who enjoyed setting out business systems that will lure in employees who will give up their career secrets – I mean more employees would leave but they would also need to withdraw their careers, so it is usually impossible, and the Celebrities will be finished with what they were doing via the career naturally. We could have 3 operating in a neighbourhood and then the abuses and need for social opportunism will produce other outcomes where that number grew by more than 300% easily before they decided I had a personal life that depending on how stupid people were, others could share. It issues the threats endlessly but we also know recent developments was the part where it had to fight Russians and burn my assets to make me do the bidding of its famous fools, then set about building a globally recognised system of entertainment on access it had gained to my Literary work which were not available to the Public, showing itself to be a bunch of stupid men and their women, who clearly only understood extreme violence, bearing in mind that the toll this nonsense takes on my health also affects my finances, not least due to a process where their future was built on market based self-exhibitionist narcissism.

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Where One administrates the recompense from Culture and Society trouble makers, which ensures that the earning Margins of the Hermitage depends on their Public disposition, the successful Operation of Diplomatic Office depends on that of their Celebrity Counterparts, and Public service at the Office depends on that of their Fashion and general corruption interest Counterparts.
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I am told we Libras seem to be unable to escape the bad PR on the star sign gimmicks but I am aware of this as well, I mean they consider us to be their social, emotional, political and financial banks, so they will hang about somewhere calculating and organising and fizzling people into conditions they can handle, to avoid everything which besets them, thus when I set out a social media, it will follow and unfollow and follow again repeatedly until I ended up with the wrong fans and bad fans etc, then when it fucks the society up property, it will show up to rely on me, for want of a better word, to which effect at this stage I have set out comprehensively that I did not have the time for it and would tend to stop it badly. We understand this is the stage where it had developed a plan to show up around my concerns with fringe society Scorpio and when you fuck that it will not spend more money last time we checked naturally, whereby it is all building up to the type they had a history of handling well as it were. The Politicians have always fallen for this nonsense no matter how many times they experienced its ill effects but it is the Labour party which had in the last decade and a half taken it to a whole new stage, I am no longer dealing with society gits being unable to resist a wry smile on their faces because I was a good looking person that ended up in their part of society anymore, they have been properly fed these days, it needs to stop handling me if complaining, as I will get away with hurt them badly a telling me what to do and spy on me constantly as abusively as possible, and as stupidly as it gets again – for the time being it has got more personal life and public image unless it was able to stop me using its own as well. The claim I am such a coward who does not fight for anybody or anything was at this stage the amusing parts, considering they were all over it and it will get serious when it is not amusing anymore naturally, it is usually so confusing and you end up making an assumption somebody must have damaged their own sense that human beings normally have homes they return to from from which they planned what to do with and or at work and they always had work that they attended to, until it does one on me as it were. They do claim we talked until it ended badly naturally and yes we do as it does not end badly unless we allowed them do it - in my case I have reasons as I seem to experience enough abuses to last a lifetime in every 24 hours, perhaps I am a threat to them but if I am, what exactly makes me a threat?

They do claim we were likely to play ourselves like so and end up with a global stage crisis which I understand entirely but a global stage crisis was never likely to occur – they are simply incredibly stupid people whose main problem is a need to make a mess of my job in search for power by telling me what to do, the rest were a matter of a process where I had set up a good business and fringe society Scorpio has turned up all over it in a 15 year period and I am now a character that farts constantly for hours but I have not yet been attacked for the smell either, as I would make it the start of the end for their practical jokes as well. It is the part where it gets to say I believed it hung about fringe society getting around with criminals while it was an important person with a healthy bank account that poses the question when people get confused and think it had its sensibility that human beings normally have lives that revolved around home and jobs, not their stupidities. The feeling that I am constantly being watched as insultingly as possible, the feeling that I am constantly being hunted because I owned something they wanted, it moves into my right hand and uses the part where it got accustomed to telling me what to do as a tool for deciding how a conversion about its gimmicks were to proceeds as though its family does the National service or it was Jesus Christ who died for my sins and sits at the right hand of God, then it fingers my bum and claims I am trying to be a man while I cannot be one. There is not likely to be a global stage crisis because it is more likely that somebody will take charge before such a thing occurred.

Recent changes on the Political contestations front, is that the Labour Party hated my guts and the issue remained unresolved, but it does remain unresolved when the abuses have not been moved on. First I was a character people bullied to position themselves well enough to select the party that won elections just in time before the polls were closed and I deserved it entirely because I owned something others needed, right up to the stage where the immigration system and the NHS was used for ‘political ping pong’ – then it got worse when the gits working it decided to run off a gimmick in which they organised hoodlums to challenge me randomly on the streets over the way people thought my personality should be used, continued all the way to University where they showed up to shower me with very violent abusive lasciviousness insults that bore through to gassy tummy practical jokes that eventually got me to drop out, even the Prime Minister showed up at the University to support the idea that I was the one doing something wrong. Now we know that they were also picking on me because they can and had devised an access to my Bookshop, claiming that having arrived at a stage where they were the people complaining about those abuses, they had reasons to hate and attack me, the insults from their part members continued still, while the Media got hoodlums involved in my personal space, so I had to commit a crime to keep my career. At the time I dropped out of University they suggested the problem did not exist at all, now I am in a situation where a bunch of gits who think that those who were dealing with gassy tummy insults thing were their main concern, show up here to take away my last discipline and prepare to attack me because I smell and the attack has never happened by the way, if it does, I will take steps to develop a process that will spell the end to their practical jokes as well, painfully, it is however a story for another day, currently, we are clear on the reasons the Labour Party hates my guts. It is either we had a problem here or there was something wrong with my career and after a decade of daily checking I know the later to be of the contrary. They eventually claim none gets to hear of the problems I created for myself which is utter nonsense as all is under control save the times when a self-seeking twat gets into a habit of telling me what to do, considering they know what they are doing and were in charge themselves all together, last time we checked. They speak of tendency to tyranny here naturally but should be brush the tendency to tyranny aside, what we have is that the whites enjoyed the insults that will produce outcomes where they solved the problems they created via racism in the Police force, while the ethnic minorities create the fucking atmosphere for the racism with the insults and both need keep away from the public image and the Bookshop which is clearly not a toy as well. It becomes obvious that unless it was discussed in terms of providing public enforcement officers more support, these matters will continue to exude confusion but here the facts are more in line with the business of public enforcement officers preventing ethnic minorities building at atmosphere for racism, which effect was that they had to overtly lean on a process of providing support for white hoodlums and it is the way that I hated for creating a buffer zone, then it showed up here with its famous fools to attack my health, such that even if I had its own under control, I could not keep it up - the idea now is that I had nothing under control, so I am set to control their famous stupidities next, as the problems I created for myself.  The crisis point is the way they continued to pick up my social life and public work, the insults to say they had manipulated me into a position where I got to do what they wanted, the need to pick up my public work and make their own statements with it which changes the context, no matter how many times told of the mess it makes at local an international level, about which they complained of an unavailability of a version of me their stupidities were more comfortable with, it continues with the behaviour, no matter how many times told that my finances crashed every time they did.


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Posted by Ikpe Uno on Friday, March 27, 2015, In : Government of the strong 

 For the record, I am not in any way stigmatised by mental illness either - reality is a simple case of the fact the retarded Political idiots we have to put up with especially when Socialist and Civil rights idiots are always more concerned with making deals by other peoples parents to earn the right to abuse people and collect the lives they had built for themselves in return for showering stupid parents with attention especially the mothers and so to that effect One must simply decide what...

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The old matter of Cultural violence ('usurpism') and corporate greed

Posted by Ikpe Uno on Saturday, October 22, 2011, In : Government of the strong 

Its not a new story all we know is that they are always trying to counter what I have said when I mention the question of what they have ever done for anybody getting famous with corruptions over cultural violence and corporate greed but I have no idea what they are trying to counter which is why I have decided to put what they should be countering up here: that old matter of fame freaks lecturing people insolently and then making sure people don’t tell them what to do because lecturing and...

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 We do hear the tales about how they know I should be working closer with the Office of Her Majesty The Queen but it is not what I am doing at present but I don’t think they are in any position to say that anyway; after all what we know working with HM office will do to them is a matter of where their pop culture stands as a function of games they like to play with what is happening at the underbelly of British economic success fostered fame from doing so thereof by the abuses and blackmail their community croons brew from it, abusive power of a state of affairs maintained for women to do what they like with other peoples privates by homosexuals that is then picked off by society men who then make a mess of aspects of my work that people like to get attention which all together leaves a mess for the Armed forces especially the police who are therefore a big fan of theirs. I believe that getting around with female journalists and letting Royal Court matters come through in their own right like I do at present serves them better in my view and it is not because I would not have been a happier person if I worked closer with the office of HM either. I mean they have tried everything about some revenge they must have over some strange nonsense they cannot even explain which I am certain will form the basis of some stupid future socialism or something like that and it involves how the underbelly of economic success in other countries around the world must take away from the Queen what is most important to Her – They have done it with developing economies and the American ones who now understand working closer with HM office will make it even more difficult to tolerate all that nonsense from them and the stupid insults that come from it on media all the time as well, they have done it with the Chinese economy and we are not talking about tourism economies that bring girls and criminals into the UK to deploy my sensibilities around matters of war and peace to furnish a girls stupidities and make rich a  deviant economy of which it is never clear whether it is their effrontery or the fact it is such a far cry from the way tourism really works that creates the despair. I mean I simply think they are not in any position to draw up this issue and need to stay off my book sales and stop being so stupid. I want to work a lot closer with the Office of HM but they are not in any position to put it forward when we know he last state of affairs I kicked off had something to do with their lower class games turning up less and less around Buckingham Palace; they have not yet finished chewing up on the part where I turn up from nowhere to empower the armed forces to do something about Unionism based property vandalism all around the Country and enforce the alienation of the Middle classes but these destruction continue on a daily basis without reason or purpose provided they have some access and an excuse will ensure it is never wrong if they make money from it. It is never about making sure I am above serving the Monarchy as those allied to them normally make claims as such – it is about what is mine and not that of the Monarchy being jeopardised over what they see as games and the delusional world they live in where everything looks the same and if they want it they can have it manipulating anybody they wish in the process.

Holy Temperaments of God and his spirit fill our Communities.
Detachment and scandalous exposure bring about dispossession.
Media, Politicians and Celebrity vandalism rewarded with Society exposure to excessive access to Industrial sense.
Right wing abuses and Left wing abuses rewarded with handling Admin at identity substitution and public Office vandalism – for the Roads, Shops, Neighbourhoods and Streets  - Office and Half Priests security Admin Fall out.

Feminist Practical Jokes and Community croons inflicted personal growth interference and excessive thinking – rewarded with Financial encumbering for Media, Politics and Democracy freedom appraised derogatory culture.
Youth with work that is not paying them for evil purposes, rewarded with work that is not paying for the salvation of society.
Media, Men and sex hunting – wealth grabbing, social ladder climbing which is a threat to Children at the Monarchy rewarded with Industrial detachment.

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