Now they say my attitude is incredibly bad but there is nothing wrong with my attitude; 7 years I have given to see if people who wear suits and look like civilised persons will stop showing up near their Office windows with equally stupid friends gossiping about me in a way that wrecks my academic work and Estate earnings to set me out as a character that mentally disturbed people want to get involved with in a financially damaging and public life bankrupting way, which they then claim adds up to their civil rights and shows I am at risk of violence if I shut down their access to Celebrity and Popular culture as well, as stupidly as possible, a fantastic use of my time as it were – 7 years given to see if the same individuals will not get out of bed and make stupid comments about my work and person, then build a crowd on it, which then goes on to encumber my sales and leave me clearing the whole thing out instead of working with people who are interested in my Books as if I were selling it, which then becomes what I spent my whole time on and will do so again in 24 hours – never listens to what others are saying, loves to get involved with peoples livelihoods and never seems to run out of prospects for insults, bearing in mind it is usually so incredibly difficult to settle whether human beings can be this stupid when the range of its foolish behaviour is assessed. So I want them to shut it down and allow me run my Bookshop as if I were selling the Books as soon as possible; its exactly the same things happened at University before I dropped out but then it was a case of building a crowd to help set out that I was using my University studies as a tool to avoid having to do something brave in order to show I deserve to be financially successful, now what it does is set out the same forms of insults about my attitude with respect to my Books and I am starting to love the prospects of making sure that passing the exams in school so that it might be able to get about running off that stupid abusive popular culture, Politics, media and stock market gimmicks on the lives of those it loves to abuse for as long as its victims might live, comes to an end – except of course if they now wish to shut it down and put an end to the game as well for their part. It would not have meant I have made concessions with them either way as we know this nonsense if fundamentally tied to how they become successful and important people for their part, so when they say they will comply with not wanting to play the game further, I am left wondering what they will do with themselves – however I am convinced for my part that progress will involve making sure the academic work they did well in was the only thing they had. It feeds into this other case about Brexit and European leaders want to teach some trifling and meddling with the prospects of being important which then affects delicate trading systems a lesson and the hitting is about Businesses moving money away from the UK to the EU, which does not bother me in anyway whatsoever; we have always had to deal with it i.e. getting along with the biggest Financial centre in the world was always a problem for them, so when recession happens, we have to deal with banks making a mess due to this sort of slash and burn competition, then each time we recovered German Banks will hit the financial system, after that Spanish Banks will take their turn and soon after it was American Banks as well – they even said we had a currency that was tied to a British Monarchy that had a global Public image and deserved to make some contributions for the welfare of the world as they started off some abusive accusations that will facilitate such nonsense, the same way we know the most insulting politicians arguably live in the EU – so we see it cares about nothing, loves its relationship with black markets and street gangs doing industrial espionage to make oafs of themselves standing up in public places to cling to my income margins and challenge me to a fight until I fell ill, it does not think that the people who live within the markets a banking system will want to trade with must have incomes before any trading is possible, quite happy to leave that for the British and attack the British later as well when it has even more needs, then set about deciding what the values of companies at the stock markets are and how these companies can be exchanged at a profit by small garage businesses making profits they cannot account for, so when the companies who own those stocks then go into those markets, tend to find the people there have no money to buy products and there is a black hole in the global economic system; after that the Greeks get hit, none cares about what is happening in Asia as that is what the British should be concerned about and it adds on and on and on and we must never set out the difference between EU economic allies and British economic allies lest they lose money and the whole time, only those allied to the British are worse off during the recession and after the economic recovery processes have been completed, full of scum on the streets making people smell and getting violent about it with a big mouth; they move money out of London naturally, think I will get hurt by it and their mentally disturbed idiots like their South American gits have learned to hate my guts cannot do without making sure my head hurts all the time, which their insanity will find respectful until it goes horribly wrong – hence in my view, should they have started thinking about running a financial system for a change, I do argue it might be some good riddance as well, somebody taking something seriously for a change in their lives I would suppose, no blabbing which hell on earth Brexit had created over their own international irresponsibility. It always leads to the same results they claim, especially when they start out attacking Men who have ideas about how women will get away with bad things the female community does and the results they say will always be the same - every time the results are in, other people are screwed and they are not and the women are provided for except none gets to discuss the domination bits.