Of course they tell me I whinge all the time which is utter rubbish. You cannot ruin your own health in order to whinge; you must have stopped when your health was being threatened for self preservation. The issue first is that people do not creep under me to address me with racist undertones as that will lead to serious problems. The other more important one is that when you have gotten to the point where you have had to make idiots that tell you to find a cause you can chase and die for in the glory of their race understand there are things you want to exist in this world as a result of the fact they have suddenly failed to exist, then you are likely to keep it up whatever the cost. It always starts with those insults from their women and thereafter moves to an attack on your finances and right to get a job which will make you look like you are running faster than your breath allows and then you must have reached the point where they follow you around all the time with that sort of stupid idea after you had decided to move away from them and sit somewhere else to do what you must do. I am not giving back that stupid culture or society-they will have to come round here to get it.

Then there are those their stupid Politicians who seem to have gotten so used to insulting me all the time that they do not know which is which when they are insulting me anymore. I wish I could get used to it too like they have and then there would be no problems.

I mean I can either write to sell securities and equities professionally or I can create a structure for those who broke it with me and seriously mess up any body who messes that up to gather facts to write and sell the securities with that their mess him up really badly violence they make excuses for and cling onto peoples finances with as per they were meant to mess with everybody because their wives like to create a fight between them and others on account they want to take advantage of people sexually and equities in the same vein from my Office anyway in case they want to be rich as well as if they have ever had the time from their stupidities or indeed ever had the discipline to work for anything. ‘You will do the power after I wreck your academic work while I will do the fame’; where do they get that sort of “crap” anyway? Bearing in mind also it extends to their media idiots that know their jobs exist on the left but want to use it to acquire a relationship with me, in which they were the eldest and therefore deserved all I own, after which it will be a comparison of personal lives when that is not paying off because they are making it something serious.

All those rubbish about wanting to be other peoples fathers, followed up from where women get all the new beauties that I am never going to give them because I am not giving them, which means they get more and more violent, with which they pretend they are doing something for society and or bringing about progress.