I have been told I am now in an irrecoverable situation with respect to being trapped by Americans somewhere around my Book shop earning margins  and it’s not true that I am; just stuck with a group of very silly individuals who believe that the course of their lives will be decided by what they achieved through a process of damaging and destroying my Books – I have only put up with it for long enough to make it quite clear the Books and my Career are not their own to damage or destroy and the fact that I have not gotten them into some real trouble for it is still not an incentive to do so either as we speak. It’s the same group of gits; the LGBTs and the Celebrities and the Media – the ones that showed up at University to rip up the academic work for me, playing practical jokes with my personality that was clearly something they would want to see stand up on the streets with a Bible in hand, speaking of the great decadence and wickedness of rich and famous people, hence it becomes an interest they have, that I had no academic work done and had no career until I had begun to live in that way – we know the Politicians complement this nonsense with a process of running off their own gospel of evil where they claim religion was the problem everybody had in the world and once done, will find they have created public conditions which suggest when somebody looks like murder victim, you must kill them or get them to offer an alternative pleasure by being homosexual for instance, they are unable to come up with a moral Politics which can counter it, what they are able to do instead is get off telling me if I described them as a bunch of fucking idiots in public, I would get into a lot of trouble for it and I bet if I wanted to and prepared for it no such trouble would have occurred as well. We see the outcome being such stupid things as having a very publicly abusive face off with very silly women I have never seen in my life, sucking on a sweet thing, trying to distract me with what they claim is the real threat to me that I should be concerned with while doing so, churning my tummy to make a smell and telling lies at my expense, which is of course a condition I could never study in as it were and yet when I say they need to stop following me around and keep away from my Books, what we listen to is the stupidities the Celebrities and Media and politicians and LGBT have gotten accustomed to, no thought yet given to the one I have as well, until I shred the Celebrity culture and once I had deployed to tidy up the mess they have made here and those who own it are too old to rebuild it, about which they will have found out there is nothing they can do about me, only then will be end, a difficult situation I cannot get out of. They do say if I tried such things it would get many times as bad while what will really happen is a Hermit on the blue corner and them on the red corner while we can go right back to the 1980s, by then I will have destroyed their Celebrity culture and they would have had much to do about me because of it. It is said that the US is responsible for building most of it naturally and it’s an old story where we have not yet ended up with a world of USA on the left, Russia on the right while we remain in the middle and do what we do over competition concerning whose Country is best, while they became far busier with the business how their poverty being caused chiefly by the British and yet any money they have being deployed to make such difficult and violent mess all the time – I do not think it’s a crisis either, much like the other tale of war everywhere; what we really have are a group of silly people whose problem is that they are in charge I.e. years ago it began with an abusive and insulting process of labelling some people their relatives for abusive purposes, which meant that they had a crowd to support them and help them access every aspect of public work done by such a person, like they have tried inflicting me by and it is the part where everything I said and did was followed up with some form of mockery and abuse having become their human right and civil right that has put them in control – so everybody else can see that the fact they are in charge is the problem except their humble selves to say the least i.e. unless it’s a USA on the left, Russia on the right, we have not achieved Global stage stability and never will. I would fancy as ever, that they kept from my Books and stopped following me around – the women do feel as if they want to abuse and attack men naturally and I really do have an opinion that suggests they have men at home to spend such things on and need to stop getting on my nerves. The side lines are that I am used by the Queen to break Princess Diana’s Legacy and its utter nonsense as we know there are many women like Princess Diana at the British Monarchy, we know that Princess Diana’s Relatives are like she was as well – very emotional and needs the Fashion and Celebrity to run her life by, hence usually very dangerous getting them involved with Government as there is always likely to be a huge clash between their need to get on with life itself and the fact all is about the reigning Monarch and they do say HM was aware of these dangers when she approved of the Marriage to Her Son and yes The Queen was aware of it but the problem lay with the Prince of Wales – his Interests were more in keeping with what is bothering me at this point; the Celebrities and LGBT and Media and Politicians who ensure I am too broke to get a date and hence cannot keep a family, hence cannot produce an Heir for this Hermitage, so HM feared the Heir to the Throne might not produce an Heir, even so, we know that his choice even at that time, which is the present Duchess of Cornwall, is not a clearly set out relationship.

My point is that I am not in a complicated situation and in like manner the pointlessness of the activities that build these practical jokes – when they do this as the poor people oppressing those who dare to have what they don’t, playing those stupid games, it does not occur to them what they have forgotten is where their valuables are, considering they spend all their time on it and cannot settle up how to run their own lives but are still in charge never the less as far as they were concerned and that there was possibility I could get my hands on it for my part in the matter as well; there is therefore no war everywhere either. So far as it is a matter of how making money to buy Stately homes and get a fair sense of the roles of Royal and Government Operatives should educate Celebrities about these matters and why they should not be making a mess of it, their behaviour generally means that this is about to develop into a question of why it is that each time Celebrities made money other professions paid a costly price.

I am now said to be getting into deeper and deeper trouble which is utter nonsense; what we have is a two part story, one involving a group of people who never have stopped passing insults and abuses my way, wrecking my finances and academic work to look for opportunities by which I can be replaced at the Monarchy, making sure every day is spent on one test after another with racial insults and all worth not, then I ended up doing something at the Office which supported them with respect to culture and society trouble makers and The Queen wanted them to marry me and give me a life and they would rather have died, so they got off having unusual sex with several Men and have never stopped relentlessly getting on the insults with it through Media and Parliament. The others are the men blabbing insults at me from industry, chasing my bum each time they make money, and I am going to perform a service at the Office which their whole lives will be grateful for as well and then the likelihood considering events is that HM will make another demand. I do not think the matter is a complicated one, it has always been the case that soldiers who do women issues well for instance always get bad press but even as we speak, these idiots especially when rich will always be the reasons we are sore all over and smell of what we ate the entire time – it hangs around like that seeking to confiscate my Literary Empire and is now getting involved with the practical jokes of Media fools and Television personalities that want to provide such public leadership as encourages people to think my Royal Office can be confiscated if their stupidities were insulting and worthy enough for it and so we find their fools being the reason for people to feel sore all over and smell of what they ate, then thinking the victims believe it to be acceptable by around 5% or more, will not keep off my Bookshop and shut down the stupid comments, looking like it is in need of a proper response. The reason it has been so complicated for me is that they live in an existence that suggests extracting money from my Public image and personal life and Royal Office was an Hobby, so I got all the fall out while they got money and disobedience that can be made good on a global stage through civil and criminal disobedience, so it is also possible for me to ensure that ruling and dominating them was an hobby as well, save it is not what I want to do, so I would fancy they kept the insults where people appreciated it and had stopped handling my work and Public image for it too – for what the insults of Men and Middle managers is worth, I have already published a Book that suggests that if they didn’t pass the exams in school we would be heading to world war three and I would fancy they kept away from what does damage to it as well, no such thing as being vulnerable to their stupidities. It goes without saying that an instance when I had shown up in Public to sign away my Books being faced by their Middle-Class stupidities will be the beginning of the end of it for my part in this matter as well.

I have been told I am making a Mess at the Monarchy while reality is that it’s all the two part effect of the consequences of some individuals that are given tasks, showing up to handle me on claims I am a kid on whom their future depends on one hand, while on the other is the fall out of their incompetence - the imagination being I ought to tolerate all they throw down my way lest I did anything to ensure they had to get onto the competence issues very uncomfortably. The other being that I am going to get into a lot of trouble that way which probability is incredibly low since I am only likely to put them through the same difficulties they have inflicted on me over the last decade and a half and then at the end of which we begin whatever it is they had become serious minded fools for in a long time - this will therefore mean I did not tend to make friends at Industry and made it more obvious that sane people do not get off and build media presence to cling to other people’s literary work, for reasons that it suggests the writer is superior to them and if he got to solve all the problems in their lives, he might just be lucky enough for it to get a form of attention or another, as though a mindset that thinks it cannot get along with men and wants to do something about it really does not exist.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland