HH Prognosis: - I am vulnerable to the practicalities of 'the seeds of discord' and to that end I never cease to take measures as damages to my work and possessions show how important it is too (it is the idea peddled). They say I am terribly afraid of a world where Politicians have become increasingly powerful, which is utter nonsense, what has really happened is that they have run for years around here a concern where I am meant to pay attention to a question of how I must avoid a process of running myself a Bookshop along the lines of an understanding that the activities of lone ranger Politicians that take it on themselves to make quasi executive decisions along with the Media and all their followers add up to damage and not some sort of social issue – it is a question about which I have no answers, so I do love to assume that there is possibility I may get the answers from them. So it seems as though their main case most of the time is that I have no exact position and therefore just run around making trouble – reality of which is first of all that when HM says I am an Arch Prince, they wise arse ask if I am an Arch Prince when HM has said that I am and it was all their problem not mine anyway –  other times its about Royal courtiers doing their duties, usually of which there are many who do many things but the ones that tell people to stay away from the head of state and stay away from the Royal Family are usually the most popular, no need to ask; what happens then is that when I get around like an insane Arch Prince supporting any Courtiers I may need to, the bits I pick up on these ones are what I am known for on Media. So we hear them claim I interfere with them as well while the reality is that they interfere with me but I am not the one complaining i.e. the Media has its own violent people on the right and insulting people on the left who stand up for it because they are hoping to be famous some day and this is what Media business is about contrary to the need they have to mess with me and pretend it was possible for them to get anywhere they wanted and now which the result of doing it is that they have eventually mixed themselves up with somebody that is likely to do that which was considered impossible i.e. the process where I will get beaten up all the time by the ones on the right and the process where the ones on the left cannot stop passing testing insults at me that also allow them access my Public image add up to an outcome in which I will likely completely destroy the Media and get away with it as well; I suppose it would be a great way to prove wrong that other theory that I am uncomfortable with the way the Arms of British Government work. I do hear of this tale where they were confused on what my Public image looks like as well, which if the above facts do not answer is one of those matters concerning which an inventor creating a product to place on my Public image at Industrial Communities is never going to live in Mr Branson’s Mansion, he will likely be an old Man living in a Bush, does not want to be disturbed and needs a lot of surroundings space – what then happens instead being that I am stuck with this sense that I interfere with the Media while I have ended up with a reputation for getting around with Popular culture goons and Journalists instead; of which nothing I do has anything to do with Media while I am said to spend too much time on it and less time on government matters; whereas the case was rather that any female journalist that gets along with me suddenly has a superior at the work place who does not fancy her friends and it’s a gimmick that may continue until I go from social Media to taking from them the Media Boss Offices and back stage Media operations and Camera Man jobs. They do say I am a wise arse as well but not really; it’s the pitfalls associated with what I do – I may pick public transport and then somebody will try to tell me something but the madness that chases me around may lead to an outcome where I think its one of those ones that want to drive the whole thing to my destination on my arse basically, so I might do his own as well before I get off but it turns out it was not after I had lost my temper that is, turns out it was the one that was telling me about Industry corruptions by Goons who want to play Golf and at the heart of these painful outcomes are Male journalists interfering disobediently with my Court because they fancy themselves bullies, so I do get it organised regularly i.e. for instance I may say my duty is to keep an eye out for corruptions around me being an Arch Prince (owns a Trust of many big companies who make goods and services but does not fancy Mammon), whenever I come across the small businesses and the Industrial Parks, that people may keep their jobs but it never sticks in one place because of the interference of Male Journalists, so it becomes a case of when I get home, the big issues start whenever they have one of those their great ideas.

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