I am told I made a complete mess of my life and am now off to ensure other people lived the way I did; what really happens is an abusive gimmick from people performing a series of activities with my career and finances, which have nothing to do with me until it supposedly became a part of me – now they have done enough damage to say that I am oversensitive to consequences of delayed success among other issues they cannot stop running off, if they devised a way to control my financial wellbeing and then it gets off taking advantage of the fact that none did the same to its stupidities, to decide my financial wellbeing on the basis of the money in its own bank account. I am then told I hated it but allowed it to run of which that was to do with the fact that people needed to engage with their culture lest they lost touch and so they needed to have celebrities in their society, seemingly the purpose the celebrities served at industry, was to become people who made a lot of money that they did not deserve to make and we know this is an economy that destroys itself, so somebody had to take charge, it is the part where control is established which causes people the confusion, considering the Celebrity lifestyle. The real economy is a world where it is not easy to say that a person had a partnership with 20 individuals, to create products while those people bought and used it and then something happens to an effect where it got into the Office, picked the financial bonds, left the country, was never seen again and the 20 did not know where they turn for years, such a person had to be completely devoid of conscience or must have delegated duties to such an extent that such a result could come by easily. I am then informed that I punished myself with it which I don’t, just people disobediently making something else of my concerns; whereby there was wealth equity that meant people who worked mobility with me were able to create products they sold to characters that spent money making trouble for others, so Celebrities hijacked it to say there were people over there who possessed wealth and a stage was set an my Office to share the wealth, to race each other to the millions on my public image, following me around to do it endlessly, now having arrived at a point where it needs to stick to what I am doing, if it was complaining just as much as I was complaining about its stupidities. There is the public work too, which is such that you needed to temper crime in a way which meant that you constantly cooked criminals and the proceeds of crime into a position where it was spent on regular market products instead of items that my pose a danger to the public, so somebody who has never made a decision about their career as a matter of where the prison service was located, not once since the GCSE days, hijacks it on media, to ensure each time you got some trouble makers under control or organised yourself to avoid them, he spent it improving his or her social profile to get famous and leave you in a condition where you never smell good, for which your career had crashed, then returns to get killed by extremists on your public image, while setting a stage on Media to say that you were doing the wrong thing protesting the deaths that were happening on your concerns. The big one is that my Bookshop had stalled, I am cash strapped and it was testament to the famous clowns doing what they do best. The idea is that I suggested I could handle these matters comfortably but I have failed to accept I am struggling but I am actually not, I simply needed to make a showcase of what the problem was and this meant a period of crisis in which I did not respond to it – we can no longer deny that when it gets on Media to suggest state provided security provoked its madness into doing what it did, we were witnessing examples of what its business was and what it does when it puts its nose where it really belonged.

They do claim the Celebrities and fans were dogging me, which is not really the case – it is the easier option for celebrity fans to stop going on holiday once done with their jobs, through which process they met their famous gits and ask for autographs that were given them whilst suggesting my career belonged to their famous fools, the alternative is to finally put the well off neighbourhoods on the line since none can actually get reason through to them, so we can find out if I will not bash it too. It is not just this group, there are the other society fools who own everything that happens when I stepped outside of my door, and we have not seen their behaviour improve when they are not complaining about poverty. Then of course worthy of mention were the twats that have commandeered my personal relationship for gold digger gimmicks – this being a typical example of the way that working property equity with companies for some strange reason develops into the commandeering of my personal relationships if I did not get attacked when I suffered an upset tummy as well. The Politicians have suggested that the problem appears to be widespread and convoluted, but it is not, only a simple matter here of society gits with a need to handle me abusively and thereby doing so, resolve their financial matters abusively, whilst the Celebrities simply need my public image and earning margins. They speak of American power which is utter nonsense as the only area that it applied was the part where I will need to stich back my wealth equity processes and campaign i.e. I am a governmental operative, there were 8 people in a warehouse 5 blabbing republican sentiments, putting themselves in charge of things they knew nothing about, the same way we see their famous gits rip up my career because they found a way to delay the product sales until they had built themselves a self-exhibitionist nonsense that relied on it because it would develop into insanity that I solved their social problems and when they rip up the career to make use of those solutions, the social problems caused by society gits mainly got worse – hence the remaining 3 persons would fall victim to a bunch of goons that spend their money fighting others because they enjoyed the effects of this organised laziness and would show up to spend money on famous gits over other people’s assets until they appeared to be productive whilst they are not, claiming it was an act of capitalisation, whilst the stress caused was incredible, prevalent state of affairs by which they have been the only fools fighting around here and will not stop stifling my finances if I did not make a name for myself by handling the doxy society all together, being that I decided their insults were mainly due to an ability to pay for the consequences and I was stripped of all I did about their unusual interest in me by get rich famous fools, media twats and Politicians. The wealth equity was meant to create products for people who spent money attacking others as sooner or later they had earned it, not a means for famous idiots to orchestrate relentless abuses and property vandalism around here, taking revenge on everything that moves including sex, to get rich fast, so those who peddle stories about American power seem to have done rather well making a famous fools wealthy, needs to avoid threatening me. The suggestion that people would move on if I allowed them tends to imply that my career and finances ought to stop one more time, so they may adjust their entitled superior stupidities, seems to have taken a 12 year career mess for me, for their gimmicks to lead them down a path where they got to make sense of the fact that my career and theirs did not meet professionally at any point whatsoever – they may even suggest I am a writer and they were famous but I am writing for academic environment because I am a public figure, hence it does not. The laziness can no longer be denied by corrupt characters in government offices at this stage I suppose, it is therefore fair to mention that even if their career was built on a process of working on me, there is no link between building such a career and getting accustomed to the work process linked to it and a business of ripping up my Bookshop, which outcome I will now set on a social platform in terms of anything they had picked up my work or public image to do, which may be patented to their names, as a stupid, sordid experience we will have to deal with for the rest of our lives – if the complaining is to be taken seriously, they had a option to stop ripping up the career I built on my own and got accustomed to as well or allow me to stop them the way I would most love to.

It is a simple matter of celebrity access to my personal space if the purpose was a contributory factor to the way that the head of State reached a decision on persons that were best suited for State interest tasks – they will not give it up, so they have devised lies that I am a bum to continue stifling my finances and build a stage for their self-exhibitionism on the public image, having also shared it with society gits who will not give it up for feelings of being important and built a community that got imagination all over my pants all day for it, not a convoluted problem that appears to get everywhere; they have raised the point of difficult relations with Media and famous people naturally but there is no such things, it does these by making comments and interfering with Client interests via is criminal and barely criminals gossips and lasciviousness, needs to make the comments elsewhere. I am left with fewer options where making a name for myself through their doxy society was concerned  (I have no clue what justification there was for my marital interests becoming a factor if I worked equity with businesses, it is also difficult to place in context the need to peddle complaints about a lack of respect for their own personal and financial achievements on my part, except I drew context from money leverage designed to make them look productive until they actually are, feeding into a sense they were allowed to place ownership to what happens with my concerns when I step outside of my door and work with their rogue landlords to share my privacy for the purpose of criminals abuses which does not tally with the complaints about disrespect when they had no respect for others).  It is supposed I ignored the idea that Celebrities were being friendly, and it is utter nonsense; the facts are that they were so friendly they created me a six year financial mess where I built up a Bookshop and client partnership only for Clients to wait for 6 years in order for a Bookshop to be ready for trading. I do not think it is an issue, just when they make such claims to an extent where Politicians wade in – the reality is the main problem having to do with some need to get involved with my concerns uninvited, so somebody who teaches thousands of people how to be a real man who possesses his wife as soon as he is done marrying it, gives way to an involvement with a system that is designed to facilitate female journalist mobility at a public figures Office; from my point of view, they need to look the part whenever they get involved, not hang around somewhere goading me or making stupid comments about my Books and public image that help them handle it. The question now is whether I am allowed to get my Court back, as its concept meant I supported the journalists on matters that allowed them pursue their careers whilst avoiding the abusive gimmicks, the journalists gave me public blast on society gits and industry idiots who took an interest in my income margins - their involvement does not threaten the women in it as suggested, it simply means they end up in a condition where they were to flustered and preoccupied to get their fingers into people’s private body parts, so their question now is whether I can have my court back on the wish to continue spending time to run off the insolent bits, it works for me as long as they looked the part for every point of involvement, not make a mess of my concerns and get Politicians listening to their stupid feelings.  They do say the obvious outcome is that the Court only keeps specific persons but that was the case, as we can see the lip flapping is that whilst their businesses were only making money if they pillaged my assets, as insolently as possible, I was unable to secure success in the real world, where they would continue the insults whilst sending out their girlfriends to inform me of ways that my career befitted their stupidities best, then buy a penthouse and expect me to stay away. In which condition the Celebrities were running a society in which access to status helped to make money by avoiding work and damage to my career was not something their narcissistic stupidities cared about. It is all out there, for instance, typical image, did not tie shoe laces, half well dressed, for some reason goes out for a walk at midnight and rapes a woman on the way to a nightshift or back from late work engagement before getting home, which we only tend to find out when the Police had informed us, when it gets involved with the court looks the part and needs to stay on the deadline for idiots with a Media presence shutting down all processes of running me down, telling me what to do, crashing my finances and claiming it was my fault or I will replace the Celebrity culture, since I too have Companies broker assets with me to mitigate society abuses but none tended to complain about narcissism on my part every day as such.

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