They always end up suggesting this is a matter of getting the self-involved with people that are out of my league until it caught up with me – reality of course is that they are always showing up here to make money as will make their friends and families proud of them, service processes of a Bookshop where I write Books their fathers who love to wreck my University studies with social issues to make my personality available for their gimmicks hated, is now converted towards creating a version of me they will be happy to see exist and since developed into a process where they want a response to such an extent everything I did was converted to a process of selling things to make money their friends and family will be proud of but it is the abusive and violent lasciviousness that large groups of people took part in which actually wrecks the career and social life. I feel as if what is really going to kick it off, will be an instance where I said something to move them on and the usual way of pointing out something I did to be offensive to them or the stupid culture was reiterated as a means to continue, they do flap the lips that I would be asking for war but so do I believe they have had the practical jokes at my expense for long enough too. It is never really a matter of how much money they had and whether they were out of other people’s league – its simple numbers: save £1000 PA for 20 years and you had £20,000, get distracted for 20 years and you have nothing; so I think that if I am distracted by their stupidities when I am seen attending academic institutions or writing some Books, they are set to make enemies of it too, the same way I have warned them about prospects I will want to get revenge out of their stupidities if the time between current arrangements and retirement period was not such that available resources will help me catch up on my financial matters, the part where it will set the beginning of the end for their practical jokes regardless of the lip flapping at society and on Media as it were. They do claim I could have done this years ago but I would never, as it is not a crime for your finances not to look the work that you did every day, it happens to people all over the world, the benefit is that of me not being considered a source of popularity that black people can gain more civil rights from and this is not their lives – the University drop out issue was the biggest problem here, the original problem, unlike what they claim it is, it was a very big thing. Here I seem to have made sense of how amusing those stupidities that they get from beating people down so badly that they cannot lose a civil right argument really was but again it’s a matter of the trouble people get caught up in for being seen trying to get around with people beyond their league – we are now entering the part where the failure to make their comments about the career that is paying their salaries will lead to serious consequences. They claim I never really acknowledge the way I get myself into trouble and then deny it, which is utter nonsense as the only issues here are that they built up their version of what the Prince of Wales thought of me, to seek those stupid interests by and it ended in public crisis, so they had to build up one about the Queen as well. It is a story of giving a person a certain amount of Trust and if that Trust was called to question, should the process be a Political one, the Head of State or other Royals were likely to respond in a certain way and this is what makes Royal Politics into something of what they claim we are obsessed with, to say one thing and mean another. Then there is the part where they caused the original problem by creating various versions of Royalty; their version of the Prince of Wales, their version of the Queen and then I dropped out of University for it, we have also seen their Celebrity copy that behaviour, the idea is to consume my entire career, as means by which they can make me responsible for effects and consequences of their personal decisions, five years of my time spent on it so far like something I want to kill showing up every day. The shame bits had since become the main problem – they get culture and society idiots to share the personal space and temperaments everybody is talking about and to execute some violent distant sexual abuse that will bend me to their will and allow them do what they needed to do with my Public image, then they made the most of it on my social life but that backfires as people now make sense of the filth of it being a matter of the abuses on the same social life that they are deploying, both of which does not apply to their stupid lives, it had made a mess of my finances but that simply added to their problems while my position was one in which there were people whose finances did not look the work they did everywhere on the planet but the part where they teach their foolish Children to describe me as a bum, really had to be done as well. The main problem is that they had a perverted culture and the use for it was to ensure others complied with their financial issues as if it was the Law of the land, the interest in me had since developed into what is now a process where Celebrities picked up my Books and the very idea of having been published was a concept of my life and public image they controlled every time they appeared in Public places, built up communities that got imagination up my bum, claim that my Books showed I really existed to serve such a purpose as I covered their arse while they chased show business and it is the last straw.

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