They say star signs like mine are stupid and its an old story. I wouldn’t know anyway, just a bunch of people who loved to shed their chores to pass exams where qualifications that were linked to professional activity were concerned. Then it will progress to the part about the way my personality should be used which then gets violent until there is no personality left to use and then gets violent because it wants to get rid of me and move on. The big problem is that when we reached that stage and I considered it was now best to finish up with the qualification part, they will be up in arms getting very young people to take advantage of me, so it puts the whole thing in perspective when their stupidities claim that star signs like mine were stupid – we can see they are proper pricks if when I completed a qualification associated with professional activity was no concern of theirs and what I did with it was none of their business. I don’t think that it is an issue, it is what we are currently doing; what happens is that the Celebrities set about an alliance with them and turn up to rip up my finances whenever they get imagination up the bum because their stupidities were clever people and when I want accountability from Celebrities on the damage done, I will be informed that despite the financial success of Celebrities, they were still vulnerable to such things, which justifies the way I have indicated I want to put an end to it as well. I don’t think that it is a crisis – usually a three part story of the Air sign life: their gimmicks, a government that gets along with it and myself; if I resolved the problem and decided all could share the effects, the problem will get bigger, if I did and decided only friends and family were entitled to share, everybody will see that the famous idiots were the main issue. They have always been very clever which has always been the problem. I have done a decade and a half of financial mess because they think that I am not allowed to be successful writer unless I am seen to hustle about it publicly.

Then there is the stupidities of a reality where they had spent it all,  running off gimmicks where it thinks that sacking its own identity to grab other peoples own, pretending my Books were part of its mindset which was safe from laws on plagiarism and intellectual property breach would help hem get ahead of the weather, will not allow people work the recovery and needed to ensure that we got full facts on their need to keep us down because they were afraid that their wealth will be decided by the decisions of the person who makes the financial decisions in the Households,. It all adds up to criminal activity which eventually Celebrities and their friends in the secret services control i.e. they build communities that decided how we were to be used and what it would mean for us to be clever people, the same community is also deployed to make the most of what we achieve when they are wrong, as I mentioned, stopping it the way that I want when one more damage to my Bookshop is done while I am trying to resolve the daily poor Book sales numbers that are a product of their inability to make their comments about their own careers. They do claim its me losing a fight with rebels which I am not and there is no fight with rebels either, they are supposed to rebel but when they handle me they had an advantage which is unacceptable - they are supposed to rebel and put their ideas about how the Country should be run, through the system. They do also claim its not clear how I do this while I am a threat to none but it is common sense, as per what their big bad gangs expect of them and what I will force them to do, hence handling me is a bad idea. The rest are not rebels they are thieves who have construed the way the government had sectioned the population into dependants, workers and elderly, meant that they needed to become obsessed with my income margins, my social life and public image and a business of narcissism to keep hold of it, thus it does make sense if I want to shove them as well, to shove them all the way back to first grade.


What we are now spending most of our time on, is a matter of me being a low life who thinks he is important, the main problem for this being that they were unbearably stupid, so we already had a problem of smell issues associated with the fact they were geniuses. The outcome is this phenomenon of a handful of gits with money who think they needed to make stupid people rich at everybody else’s expense, getting off to what I had since driven down to a state of suggestion that they were paying off the criminals to give the State a break but the problem persists never the less and we now have a popular practical joke that says people who already had to deal with career and academic work distractions from their stupidities now had to deal with property damage trauma and financial mess, while they secured narcissistic happiness and financial wellbeing, to go on and acquire more property for themselves on grounds that people wanted to be in their company. I do not write their Books in this place and their need to continually handle me and my work is set to end badly for the part that I play in the matter as well. Mentioning it thus will suggest that I had cleared up the matter while what happens is the time wasted to get rid of them and it is important they spend most of their time. especially publicly displayed professional activities, on their mates. It has now got me all tied up, the issue involved building communities that get imagination up my bum to bend me to their will and ensure I was responsible for consequences of their stupid personal decisions which can do me all sorts of favours including a process where it got rid of them permanently - the effect was a matter of the authorities deciding something was bad and its stupidities needed to ensure that what it thought was bad was brought to bear and made sense at any cost, then the busy body scum that way they will take part in it and attack me because I smell with a big mouth, which has never happened but there is a link between improving prospects it might and a process of handling my Books to wreck my finances, whereby I simply need to move on but it is becoming clear that although our clash did not end well for them, these idiots were the enemy no matter how pitiful. They do come forth on two fronts; one to claim that I am always chasing careers I am not qualified for, the other that they have access to my career and the work I had built up over the years, thus they could not see how anything I did to end their stupidities badly would have become effective. For the former, what is really happening is that since 2008 when I dropped out of University it has been impossible to recover and finish it, now that we have a history on the matter, I need to set the financial matters running, put it on a routine and finish the academic work which again is likely to have become a main concern of their stupidities. For the latter, it is a matter of an understanding that what they needed to do to get through 8 years of scribbling in order to say they had such a hold of a career that is so tied to me that it was unique and cannot be copied, especially because I had built up enough necessary publicity to ensure it and to give me range that allowed me to tackle all matters that came along, so I gave them the bait and the bloody ageist idiots took it, so they have now spent their whole lives on my work and I also have a copy of it, the necessary public control process achieved. As for an inability to ensure it ends badly; the fucking idiots do think they were demi-Royalty which meant that the fact they regularly met in expensive dinning venues to make the most of career and property they had stolen from others in the neighbourhoods, gave them a right to pillage my social life and build communities that get imagination up my bum, stalling everything here including my personal life, then set about a campaign that got their stupid children labelling me a bum upon which their foolish lives depended, looking for as much confrontation as they can find. It is all just corrupt fat cats that can no longer tell the difference between Privilege and stealing, working alongside very abusive and at the same time very greedy media and Celebrity twats, destruction of my career to teach their stupid children how to become a better person by describing me as a bum was the last straw, so they are now hanging about unable to tell where I am hitting them at Industry or where I will hit them next, failure to cease making comments about my career and public life everyday generally means that it is set to end very badly - I don't have time to study and work my career because it is being spent on them, being a bum became a self fulfilling prophesy (with a big mouth).


They do claim I have played myself out which is not the case – the premise by which I cannot step out of my door save somebody had made use of me, after years of insults resulting in an onus of expectation where people showered me with insults by which they got me to be there for them at the same time, is that I am good at getting round to their social issues; so it’s a simple matter where it stopped and we stopped but if it does not stop we head off to a bad end with it. I do get told that this means I am dropping the ball on handling rebels which I am not, as long as they do not handle my concerns for the rebellion purposes, they would not find me joining in – I wouldn’t understand why they spend time getting me to understand their needs as an equivalent of the state of affairs set out by the authorities anyway, I know they have stagnated everything in this place including my finances and personal life, whilst blabbing about what I had to change so they might use my personality to make money, followed up by their foolish Celebrities endlessly, especially if it had to do with ethnic minorities and I am one of those. They always believe they are incredibly important but the reality is that they show up here to deploy my empire as a tool that helps them fix their social problems including an issue associated with being popular, whilst not reading the Books on counter and their own jobs getting to their heads the entire time. They are the only ones doing the fighting around here and do not believe that it is likely to end badly; I have always rather understood where they are coming from especially in terms of using my empire without paying for the products. I could never understand how they must have done it anyway but we know handling my Books is illegal and the civil disobedience behind the impunity of doing it is legendary, either way they were a problem and going along with what their ageist stupidities wanted me to do would easily add up to public crises, but decades later, the idea that they had found a way around it sets me out as somebody who grew old and stupid. They now suggest I am a very rude person but it is an old story of what they had achieved on me i.e. the build up of abusive processes where they got to express how they would like me to exist as to serve their needs have since built up into a phenomenon that they can access on Media at any time – I cannot tackle the ethnic minorities because they claim the racists will make the most of what I did about it, I cannot tackle the white people because they claim I am part of an ethnic minority which created their problems, so it is safe to make sure they understood that when it hurts they will get to hear from me as well. It did originally begin as a community of people who needed to hound me over the way my personal space should be used, until they communicated it through that they loved to tackle me, have opinions about the world around them at my expense but did not like to lose an argument to me and had a community that helped them if that were to happen – it had since developed into a case of me being a child character in an environment where adult laws applied but the benefit of running that gauntlet was that in a world where they raised children badly and got government to spend money on welfare, the Child killings were brought under control. I mean it is all good if they are making comments about their careers and not mine, through Media appearances and yes if they want to discuss a world where people cannot even make comments about my career, then it should be noted how those comments have grown into a way that interested public can be scared away from my Bookshop while people stole my work and got surrounded by security guards – it had since developed into a situation where employers got caught up in a world where they expected those who were employing to take responsibility for their badly raised Children and what I said and did produced an outcome where Employers asked why they cannot be more like me, where I probably did not know what I was talking about but I never stopped trying, about which they then had to bargain with the Police who simply wanted to drive Cars in the neighbourhoods and take them to the Cells. I mean the idea that what I did about the ethnic minorities would be used by racists and therefore I should not for instance, is not the Law of the land and of course there is no reason for me to have ended up in this situation where I have to think of making my Equity Empire profitable without damaging its original purpose, as this is not their property, not their career. The practical jokes were a matter of their own personal decisions, my assumption then is that it had caught up with me because they were looking for trouble - they claim everybody clamours to support me while I did not need it and that the practical jokes were harmless while I made the most of it but we know that its purpose is to show up where people had done the best work for the career, to express gimmicks about Country ownership which they thought their identity was strong enough to wade while other peoples own was not, thereby giving them unfettered access to anything they wanted and boundless confidence but the abdominal discomfort is quite incredible for the victims. The other part of the story is that I am not in any kind of danger which I know I am not but we have tried explaining to them i.e. it was a recession, so the government hung about in Public talking about everybody's work of life as though we operated in the same Career, none is entitled to mine as such. They claim it is something about the impunity by which I pick up and get round to what I do. I understand entirely, except that they had men in their lives to pass insults at, lest it developed into a case where I made it a priority to pursue all applicable gimmicks associated with the destruction of my career and finances to make such statements possible. It should be noted the way people leave their homes and family to do it and the way that the practical jokes which facilitate it should have been what they did in their own lives and not something that caught up with me. With respect to the career I have which should really be another person’s due as a whole, what I do when it comes to create equity broker for instance, the create equity which I broker with multinational companies by the way, is that I get into an agreement with CEO who like solutions I offer for mitigation of matters associated with the size of their companies and the communities that emerge around it and then they listen to the create equities, brokering which makes me a working Prince and so I toss areas of my career to the dogs which was then carried around like PR I did not have to pay due to an unhealthy interest in me, I am therefore wondering where tall and out of my league which needs to make statements about careers I picked up while it was another person’s due, can perform this task as comfortably as I do; in any case, the stupid women who think I am nothing to be worried about shooting off their mouth like this is probably confirmation that they get an orgasm out of it, so when I describe as mean cunt, it is not really an intention to abuse and I think that when I mention it like I so I will end up scaring some people.

I. Uno I

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