So it is an old case about young people and Politicians, men and a problem with my earnings and the women that are responsible for it all at the background - I am not in any stupid bit of a problem anything. They are simply showing that if normalcy stood between them and preventing me from selling my books, they would get rid of normalcy to ensure I don’t have any earnings, and everybody can easily see only a very evil and very selfish person would do such a thing which does nothing to hurt my books in anyway whatsoever. Bottom line being that it is all my privacy, and I am not in any stupid ditch they have dug for me; like each time I draw a line under issues around here they get on media and wipe it as if this is their own lives. Of course, for those of them that are not racist all together the purpose is to get me to fight racism for them which I will not be able to move on if I do not fulfil my obligation to with a big mouth. I mean the reason I got where I am in their racist societies is clearly because I made deals with racists (idiots). I will continue to make white people incredibly rich for it too and the sense of course in it is that this will ensure they are always lowest of the low-worse case eventuality will see me make deals with prostitutes below whom they are. Although I do wonder what the problem is with the respect anyway, it is not as if they are doing me any favours. They are already close at this point already as it stands.

They say I think the Media is the place where I thrive but it is actually the place where I die; its utter nonsense as the leadership challenge involves meeting total strangers who then communicate to me that unlike my having the ability to get a job if I need money, employment will actually hurt them, so they need fame and fortune with all the things I am seen doing in public which gets some attention, to add to their personality in order to get rich and famous, which is the living that matches their body type etc. When they cannot have it, we see them start the exploration of legal loopholes around my Public and Business image and then eventually find them create products in which 10% is my business and when I get after that to manage and secure the problem, we find them take something more and use lies and media to develop narcissistic happiness that portrays them as the better place for customers to be in, in order to get rich quick, get connected and attack the wealthy peoples that support them by buying their products if rejected – which is how they brew this publicity for me that I do not want or appreciate by which to run this kind of existence. They do say it is a matter of the fact I am intolerant but it is never a matter of intolerance ; I mean, I really have no idea what the word means but I do know it was devised during the 80s and 90s to deal with those idiots that are really good at attacking anything that has no respect for they that have got super Cars and then get off to murder those who twist them into uncomfortable corners where they can serve those who have super cars with their stupid lives for the rest of it – it is a matter of these people taking their vandalism to a whole new evolved and very intrusive level that makes for conversations with produces sense out of a process where they die and the State was involved in making that so, on account only 5% of anything they say actually makes sense but want to communicate things to others 24/7 very violently. I for my part need to breathe and the last time I checked the air was free as it were and so it is a matter of taking up the small percentage of my image that has ended up in their plans to get rich and managing it over a period time and at the end of which when the process of doing so is completed I can then let them go. Then we hear them claim I do not actually recognise wealth distribution as a legitimate cause, whereas I am only interested in the amount of corruption that can be gathered from it – since it is obvious it can only be done when the rich are used to multiply wealth and then Politicians are used to share it with the poor, which tends to mean they are left with some perverted leadership responsibility of freedom.

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