Updates on and what happens with or because of the continued stubborn deployment of Ones property, work and Book sales numbers by Celebrities and other Communities that are just as at bottom knocking will turn up here.

Its a familiar question of what makes a Business empire because everybody wants to have one but of course if you do have a Company that has its own financial system that can stand by itself and several subsidiaries that can operate without supervision and products that are instantly recognised as your own anywhere in the world, then you do have a Business Empire - the main point of call being that over 70% of the population of the world will always disagree with those who think it should otherwise have belonged to somebody else, so all they will have to do is buy shares and of course One is not selling anything about his Company which is by the way fundamentally Interlinked with the Royal Office and was created by him so that fulfilling the office and operating the Company can become one and the same thing; the main reason for this being to facilitate a separation from the wider world and ease with which the Interests of God and the Church can be pursued.

So as it stands the biggest nightmare continues to be that of celebrities - pull and they pull back, tug and they tug back; you do not want it used or deployed or deployed by them but you will learn to shut up while they deploy it anyway and do you a favour they have settled on as the best prognosis of what you need as well and we have simply reached a point where I drew a line and they crossed it. They will talk of lines I draw that nobody notices of course but One is sure that line was wide enough for people to stand in it without noticing that they are - the part where they notice that work on the company has been completed and all I need to worry about is my academic work and my book sales and book sales tours around the world, so they deploy it when I do not want ti deployed because they have to deploy it and my reaction is always interesting and with me they can do and undo and will end anyway so they deploy it because they are Celebrities.

War and Peace sensibilities of HM The Queen's Arch Prince made its debut in the wider world in 2003 and has since not ceased to be an important possession of the Establishment. The big idea is usually that the reasons I will not get rid of the finance encumbering Celebrities in order to ensure this Estate is providing its services without hindrance, especially in terms of what has become rigid and a need to bully the finances out of those who seek to cheat me, while at the same time they complain I am always in their face as they cling to my public image to extract money from it and invite others to do the same in order to build Loyal fan bases and that their Talent show owners and Hosts will have me beaten up.

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