I am informed that Americans did not like me at all and yes I am aware of it – started around 2002, when it had a need to attend a war in Iraq, picked up a bunch of manly idiots who expressed career insolence at me on Media, picked up my social life and public image as a tool for the real men with a sense of the best things in life and a decadence to fool around with, so my career and personal life was set out by these gits as tools for tidying up when the war is finished, by 2008, I had dropped out of University and it is the same year the world’s worst recession occurred and I have never seen an instance where a person became the President of the United States being subjected to such conditions either. I mitigated all of these by myself until 2016 when the need to tear up my finances and get me to serve them with private security Industry skills was added to the list to daily abuses, it was the one that set out a fundamental right to rip up my finances as a matter of entitlement to security on claims their stupidities upon plugging gimmicks into my public image to get paid for being popular were incredibly important – the crack point for me was that the real men had been joined by idiots from Hollywood claiming I spent time trying to rub shoulders with celebrities while criminals were respectable enough to make money and buy show business, then set about solving the issues they had created via racism in the Police force, whilst it seems that Politicians could not make public and even diplomatic decisions without linking my personal life with violent orthodoxy market underbelly women whom I am aware had a need to build a life of career crime for their families, claiming it was their civil rights just as much as channelling insults at me because I was weak and irritating was their civil rights – they show up here to stop everything, the insults, abuses and lasciviousness are relentless, I am not writing anymore because if they got imagination up my bum over my writing enough times, their mean cunts will be the ones writing my Books – this is my crack point, I cannot tolerate the abuses beyond this point, so every decision, every point of leadership made to link my social life with them, so they showed up here to abuse me relentlessly and challenge me on the streets randomly on account they were selling things at the markets, each time they made money from the process, ran off a party where they spent time lolling at me, the Political leaders responsible will feel me just as much as well.

It is a very simple matter in a fundamental way – when people claim they hated men or claim they hated women, it should be an indication that they were not in charge, as there is no such thing as men being bad or women being bad in public Office, they may be business leaders whose leadership stops where their business does but they are not in charge, point being a need to understand what brings on this need to send them out to find out what I know every time, subject what I have achieved my whole life to a lifestyle catch up gimmicks that will make the personal decisions they have made to get themselves into a lot of trouble easy on them – so it is usually all very good until one decided, to make the most of some gimmick that will resolve reasons Politicians always feel like sending out low lives to count pennies until they magically ended up with millions at other people’s expense, then the Political system will crash and I will get away with it too. I do get told these facts are indications of the mess we find ourselves in but it is nothing unusual and not a mess in my view – just a bunch of government Office gits who would prefer to say that it was better to target and tackle me for conveniences that will facilitate charisma, wrecking everything in this place, than to say that the both male and female communities served separate purposes for the Government as far as those in charge were concerned and if they hate my guts at this stage, I suppose we have come full circle on what we did not like on both sides. As for the mess it seems itself, it is only a mess when I supposed that it was important to achieve a minimum 2000 graduates from the education system and ended up with 1500, it would not have been much of a problem if the facilitates by which to achieve this objective were intact as such, since it meant that in the next year, I will seek to get 2500 graduates from it and can optimise it accordingly – at some stage someone makes a decision to cease striving with Politicians and to get on with what really matters, as some things it appears would never change, no matter what. The misconstruing of the situation usually comes mostly when leaders had made an assumption that those who committed crimes needed to be educated – the top end is the fact that Police work does not churn the tummy of Police because they were educated enough to do it, so if that work had decided a punk got killed in a process, the question is whether those in charge were sad about it, the malleable end was the mystery of criminals who still had careers in prison i.e. what we fail to notice is that if somebody was a book maker for instance and then one day his employer just walks up to him and tell him he is a paedophile without reason, he walks away from the job, cannot find another, ends up keeping the books for a cocaine cartel and shows up in prison at some stage, if he still gets Book keeping jobs from cartels in prison, it should not be a surprise, the important ingredients are that the person who told him he was a paedophile broke the law but the matter was not addressed at the Law Courts – what we have with the Politicians and a question of hatred for me is this understanding they have acquired that with respect to my person, as long as they kept the process limited to insults and building communities that get imagination up my bum, they may break the law at my expense as much as they wanted – we have however ended up with claims celebrities took advantage of but their idiots were the only ones who ascribed to themselves something that made media and fame work more important than it really was at my expense, never clear where exactly the Celebrities had taken advantage of me and what their interest in my finances were supposed to be. They do suggest there was no way to work what I speak of with respect to systems that keep government objectives in order whilst we know a Government can easily provide leadership and systems which support those that can think their way out of problems and those that can work their way out of it, as the rest supported it, such that there was a level of minimum interference which facilitated the whole system to operate as a matter of what the market permitted – what we have instead is a corrupt education system that never stopped abusing people because it considered that as long as it kept its stupidities limited to verbal abuse and fingers up peoples bums, it could break the law at other people’s expense to any extent it wanted; the same group of idiots who built a system which behaves that way toward those who think that they can get things done without buying products that are sold by the education system, are the same turning a process where we end up being divided into the A graders, party animals and culture freaks such as myself, into a reason to say that what I was trying to accomplish with my studies was a good mystery that made me a profitable target for bullying and the more they found out was the more abusive they got.

Eventually people do ask from curiosity how I live with it and the answer to this question simply is that I do not know how I lived with it; although I am aware of people saying the abuses caused them sleeplessness, it caused me no such thing, however there is recently the interest of private security idiots who wanted to work for Celebrities interfering with my feeding patterns, such that I miss meals on account I lose my appetite, then when it is time for work I realise I have had nothing to eat which consequence is pure panic and anxiety, then it gets into a stupid insolent habit of working the gimmicks that would have facilitated a decadent world of real men that were free from bottom chasing gimmicks in American cities which stupidities invented by poking my private parts and my chest, which if I allowed to become a habit would leave me suffering the sleep deprivation as well, always fun until I fuck their own as well, then we discover at some stage that the Politicians waded in – the other part being their violent orthodoxy community croons who would establish their own religion if they could and the purpose of such a religion would be to get people doing violent things for them as well – it is never clear the sense being made in sending out a bunch of idiots to share the decisions that another person made concerning people having fantasies on such a person being made to commit crimes with existing abilities, this nonsense had not stopped with excuses being made to invent new eventualities for it in 2 decades, running off every day while they found their narcissistic stupidities in Government Offices to be amusing but they were clear about what they hated, every time they did not have to complain about me so much we heard them blab about these idiots showing a certain respect for power that was pleasing and we know the threats were usually issued when their bottom hurt and need to ensure their Political interest in my career came to an end.

There is a sense at this stage that I had need of therapy but I really don’t – I mean therapy is not a bad thing as such but I am part of the process of what is happening to me; if I said I wanted therapy to be free from the effects of building publicity for abuses a bunch of idiots levied on me, I would need to devise a way to get back to the business of making sure they were updated on what I did with my own career because it was such a business of theirs that I felt sore all over all day long, if it was important they felt sore as well, which it is. The dynamics of what is happening is that a bunch of idiots with a need to play community ownership and turn up for a money making process which involved running other people’s down with very violent, abusive and relentless lasciviousness, as capable of getting people to lose their minds and do something that will get victims into trouble with the Law, even though it will land them in hospital as well, so losing sight of the facts behind how they do it as mentioned is one of the way to end up with a state of mind that is prepared to take the risk – the minions they send out to run me down were equally a bunch of incredibly stupid people; 20 to 30 Year olds who needed my personal space to have their beauty sleep, I was noisy while they were trying to get on with finer things in life, they were not rich but their lives were finished, I am a 40 year old (their twats on the line) whose mind when he gets out of bed veers first towards things that need to get done for the day, so I am not going to calculate them into a position and do something that got me into trouble with the Police like their Celebrities believe they will make me do, I will simply wait for instance where they go too far and then will I brutalise one or two and the police will let me go as well. This is apparently how they create the neighbourhoods that cannot exist without people doing riots but hopes and dreams, they will someday bother me over problems they did not create for themselves, especially considering how much effort we saw them put into doing so (this is the funny part). In the end it seems that those who had this lifestyle going could always make the most of the activities of gits who spent money making trouble for others and therefore could make any personal decisions they wanted but running people down with violent lasciviousness that is more profitable the more they owned communities from which victims had been alienated, making a self-portrait from it and trashing peoples social lives and careers to suck up to rich people, came with risks, it is not my problem. I do get told that talking helps me out as well but it does not, it is incredibly stressful and demanding but I had to because of another group of gits with ideas on how to do wicked things to me on account they had a media presence, these were the people who worked in the information business, when they do end up with more of what is happening here than what they really needed for their career, then will it all get incredibly serious. They do claim that people such as myself claim that others were spending money to make trouble for me but I was the problem – the truth of it on the other hand is that I am working property equity and intellectual property administration as an enterprise here, I picked up the business of CEOs taking me and my work like a thing they picked from the streets to play with around 2011, I am writing this, cash strapped and living on Government support with a Bookshop that was established in 2010 and a Book that was published in 2009, in 2022 – so they do need to play with something else, like when I say I am a private equity intellectual property administration solutions provider and they claim it is a career I have invented to invite violence into my life as will put me in my place, provoking people by suggesting I had a career that was too big for me, fooling around all the time, when their sales armies return with the goods it gets worse.

They do claim we Libras cannot do a thing without engaging with wealth but we never set out to engage with wealth, like we know they cannot make sense currently of the reasons my state Office Courts, Covens and Industrial consortia needed to be diversified with people that do not come from the UK, engaging in a personal arrangement with me that benefits both our countries, so they attack my Books because they were more interested in nepotism. We do not set out to engage with wealth because we can do the wealth by ourselves, the problem is the abusive behaviour and the lies that are told over it – we all know its purpose is linked to the fact those who do it do not speak to people, do not take a no for an answer and the abuses were a follow on behaviour but they tell lies about it and now needed to tell us all what the abuses really accomplished. They have been warned many times that Libras were claimed to be beeline but are likely the worst enemies they could ever meet, and it will never listen – currently, I do not feel as if I needed to embark on the lifestyle to solve my problems, otherwise in my view, the abuses is where the money is, the abuse makes the money i.e. if they see us as bottoms they can chase and finger, it suggested that we were all hungry people, so hungry people are usually handled in three ways – either they were sent away and you do not bother them further as well, you gave them a job or you gave them a handout – chasing the bottom therefore in my view, indicated people who had a lot of wealth and probably wanted to lose it violently. They do suggest we do not get along with star signs that were not part of our air signs and water signs world and it is utter rubbish – an average Scorpio will ensure the bad things happened first before you were allowed to keep your moral high ground and had no qualms about the abuses that people who endorsed criminal activity levied on your personal space, just had a problem with the smell is caused and the abdominal discomfort, so when it all becomes too much for the women and children, somebody got stabbed and sexually abused, so the way to get along with Scorpios that do not engage in these gimmicks while being supported by secret services twats, is to organise an Office to deal with or prevent issues that build up to Police brutality for instance – then there are Virgos who were champions of self-care at the same time we knew the best way to curse oneself was to get things done cheaply with or at the expense of a Libra – Capricorn always had fantastical ideas until they realised that they did not prepare for child bearing and raising then abusing a Libra became an alternative, leaving me with a sense that it was the influence that made them my enemies (they were the reasons I became unnecessarily interested in the gimmicks of popularity culture, always House proud and narcissist; so if I said I am a Libra, I was able to handle matters on the left hand side and right hand side comfortably, never mind the fact I had the health and the body type for it, they will soon be seen resorting to sex Industry to get by, so I always have to be really nice to Capricorns to cater for those that were being nice to me) – Cancers do not bother us much but the business of ignoring us is usually done spitefully, claims we are busy bodies trying to control everybody and they are usually the first to tell everybody they hated women and the females are usually most likely to engage in the violently abusive orthodoxy that laid the foundation for public place sexual narcissism which was meant to create a dominant male sex in social life, career and financial matters (they are the main reason that the largest part of my state provided security had gone towards work I did on the food market – we still remember decades ago when the Queen cooked for the Royal family and even did the Dishes as well, we saw the videos and she was saying things that were akin to ‘check this out’, we also know the way the Royal family was attacked after that was unprecedented and on record but the Queen had no regrets – all making sense of the destruction the Prince of Wales is now engaging in over what he claims is the rescuing of the embattled male population, the assumption his Mother cannot pass the Crown to someone else).

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland