I have been told that what is going on is a test to find out whether I will be willing to do what is necessary for the women and its utter nonsense too. I already have a history that is not savoury with the goons who make these kinds of decisions over the matter. What they do is spend a lot of other peoples time allowing the scum who spend time working on how hatred for women may be profitable, to get away with it, then show up to express something of what is correct about me leaving the academic work and finances to hang around on the streets looking to get into trouble with bad people in order to prove myself. The entire time, the problem of wealth and social equality which is based on abusive and narcissistic happiness at the expense of the talented, giving way to financial misogyny, which is always better in the hands of women has been left to rot as the women have no security, while the goons they have allowed get away with the business of hating women as stupid as possible, are now the only ones who have access to Credit facilitates, to decide what they want to work on each time they are given a job to do and set out a hierarchy that involved celebrities at the top, them at the middle and the scum that are deciding what I should be doing with bad people to make women feel safe in order to prove I am a man at the bottom, which has nothing to do with me and everything to do with Politicians who believe that beating down general populous means that eventually we had nobody to do the jobs that had to be done but we see it show up to handle my Books and make comments around my concerns with media exposure looking for a response it claims will go to prove I am not a coward, wrecking everything around here. The entire time, it was up to the women to make their own decisions as per whether they wanted to sacrifice freedom for security, which again the idiots say is something that the women will do while I provided the protection or lost everything. It goes without saying there will be another unsavoury history over it, and I should aim to make a second event the finale of this matter as well for my part.

Its an old story of how they acquire some manly needs associated with me showing my manhood by getting off academic pursuit to chase violence on the streets and I dont know human beings believe that others should be forced to live that way either, so it is starting to develop into something of a proper response that ignores the embarrassment of Police involvement, immediately after which the parents of victims get involved as well. They say its the tummy issues of mine which is the main case here while the reality about it is that my tummy has always done what it does, I remember I was 14 when it really kicked off I fell ill for two weeks and then I was never the same since, the fever that comes from missing breakfast became more frequent and got worse, taken full advantage of by my monster mom who appears to be their biggest asset here in the UK. Of course they claim I had developed something I can drink to make it better since I put together some vitamins and food supplement to help manage it but then will I drink it if they ordered me to with a big mouth as insultingly as possible; the reality has always been that the whole tummy issue is something that takes about 4 hours to deal with each day, between 4.00 am and 8.00 am, to get myself on passive activeness which prepares my mind to deal with the pain and once I had been done with the loo, I wait to feel hungry and five minutes after hunger kicks in, I have my breakfast and during the day, eat a little thing here and there to avoid any sharp pains, so the most difficult thing they find in the whole world since the last time they travelled off to Africa to gather some idiots that play their games with them all the way to Buckingham Palace, talking nonsense about being superior to me and more deserving of my property than I am, soon after which they found I had taken up a bad neighbourhood which allowed me to keep abreast with matters of a Hermitage and decided it meant their stupidities had hit the jackpot, has to be a business of not disturbing me at all between 4.00am and 8.00am every day. I really do feel as though if they challenged me for the smell, I am going to try hurting them seriously as a statement of their stupidities too.

They do claim they find it easy to push on others but not me and there has to be a secret but there is no such thing the reality is that every Federated fool has this plan to abuse somebody that is diligent about a personal concern in order to get rich quick in a big market somewhere else in the world; they then come up with unfathomable insults and abuses that suggest they were the epitome of what beauty means and is, soon which it progresses to the case of leaving me with smell issues associated with the involvement corruption of the stupid men they are familiar with and will be the first to hang around somewhere encouraging people to do violent things to me over it, the insults being the most distracting thing in the whole world. Their case at Public transport, Fashion and Celebrity culture being that there are people at the Monarchy who hold shares in their businesses, allowing them to develop a theory that says they can do whatever they like with me, as I have shown on social media.

They do claim it would be easier if I just said what I was doing to make women more comfortable in the Country which is not the real problem, as the real problem is their insults that whilst it is clear if the women develop the finances and the career and the academic work, they are unlikely to get attacked by anybody, they had come up with ideas that say only those who have been bruised in battle deserve to support women in such ways, only those who have been bruised in battle deserve to be me, lending me pure misery in the process just for their stupidities. Its not the only one either, there are many other ideas that make life very difficult for civil service staff, such as the sense when people complain about relationship I have with my Court while doing something Publicly unsavoury in the eyes of Law enforcement, they were actually making sense and it adds up to this idea the question of whether either myself or the women had made any contact with them, would be doing them favours as well. It seems they think it feeds into how they want to work evils of conservatism and greed naturally and I have issued the warning well enough too i.e. the scum they allow get away with processes of exhibiting their hatred towards women are now the only ones with access to Credit facility in the land, hanging around my Bookshop to inflict me with expensive rejection while building a hierarchy that involves Celebrities at the Top, their stupid selves in the middle doing to everybody else any unsavoury things that Celebrities were doing to them, which means that these manly fools consider themselves to be the people who rule those at the bottom this is the stage at which I am being helpful.

They claim its those who bitch being increasingly intolerable which I understand wholly, except what is really happening is that we are living in an environment which is a consequence of popularity gits taking part in National service, now completely out of their depth. They do also claim that others found it easy to blame them for public problems which I find difficult to believe if the excuses only run out when it is replaced by a mini war on Human resources because their stupidities were famous, and it was never enough. So what happens is that they pick up my career and set about show business projects and as long as they had those projects going or the public engaged with those projects my entire life came to a dead stop I intend to do the same to them as well and replicate the same gimmicks where they always had to lace it with the big problems like the racism, the civil wars, global wealth distribution and overseas conflicts, the extent of the stupid ego, when it relies on them as well.

I. Uno I

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