I am told that I never talk like myself which is not linked to reality in anyway what happens instead is that people have copied the way I talk and gone about making a mess over it, especially on the way I tell jokes but its a matter of what my personality is like, added to a business of being covered from the abuses of society by a Court of Female Journalists, which is not what their lives are like hence the amount of trouble it causes them. Besides I am a writer, talking is not alright except the above mentioned platform is the stage on which I am talking to people. They say I did pointed out something about a Society Court and yes I did but the idea it clashes with the Court of Journalists is entirely wrong it feeds into Status instead, and matters around that I think may be fully developed when I had finished my academic work in 2023, it is a Court that is meant to ensure directives that have developed from the Office become matters of Crown Authority very quickly the big one for the time being is the sex and sexual context abuses issues, which clearly does not augur well with a Hermit but people insist and find a way to make it the premise on which they made money for instance. For my part the way the Society Court is working at the Office presently is the prospect of having people hang around overseas after years of abuse aimed at looking after the interests of tyrants producing an ever growing sex Industry in the UK to harm people on my stead overseas and make me breathless, giving way to gimmicks I want to put up at their expense through pornography and because I will not be using any of the sex, they will be getting the full fall out for it.

Now it is said that I am facing a grave danger from all these, but I am not, its just a handful of goons building me publicity which leaves me vulnerable to social issue practical jokes. I dont think much of it, just that they appear to be working very hard to prevent a reprisal on my part because they know they are doing something terrible i.e. if they have racism and other forms of violent discrimination in their society but have decided to spend my time exposing me to civil rights practical jokes, building loopholes around my concerns to make me a civil rights pariah because they consider themselves to be superior. It likes to say I pretend to be tough when I am not while they build communities that come up with organised forms of abuses at Street corners that they levy on me every day, claiming I had gone up to fast and too far at the Monarchy and that they have been offended. Same as the Politicians like to say they are acting in good faith with respect to matters of wealth and social inequality while what they do is claim rich people are not bound by rules whereas what happens is that 20 million pound earner will meet with three 4 million pound earners and they will decide what they want to do with their products to earn what they want to everyday but the Politicians will be busy tearing apart the lives and property of those who have any slightest potential to work themselves into such a position as well, looks stupid and self-destroying but what they really get is an outcome where they have thinned the market and the prospect of getting donations for their Political career is no longer something that has to wait for the next day they do say they act in good faith, so there is not much reasons to become very fascinated with the facts. What then happens being that it all gets to the stage where all is going as it should save the Celebrities and society goons develop tools that allow them set me up as a civil rights pariah the Public transport gits do it because they have interests in High street shops, high street shop workers do it to please their bosses, the women do it because they are just greedy and the young people do it for social and sexual corruption that helps them to money without work but none if it has a major effect on me save the activities of those who have jobs on Media, going on and on and on about what is happening on the ground all day long. I do get asked if I know why they behave in such ways and I suppose its a matter of the idea that when they rebel against the right and the left, tackle me all the time because I have a lot to lose while I am weak, their freedoms are boundless and their energy levels at its peak but then we also know that soon enough they get into trouble with the Police and we dont have to do or say too much about how that happens either. So the big idea is that I act as if I can handle the matter while I need a lot of support but I can handle it comfortably it is all a product of some corrupt Politicians making out that if I had no money I wouldnt be so confident when defending myself from sexually and socially corrupt idiots who want nothing else but to decide what happens with the career and finances of religious people, what has happened as a result being that they are wrong. So we have ended up with tales of how the way I live and work being an impediment to their popular culture but my actions are not intended an impediment, I intend to wreck it; there are no other means by which they develop societies that build violent lusciousness that hangs around abusing me on the streets, following me around to jeer and mock and get imagination up my bum while Celebrities blow kisses at criminals and build their own communities that establish a link between doing the same and making money save their ability to engage with the general population through it. Its the same old goons who show up here for the same purposes of looking for trouble all the time i.e. it has gone from informing me how much it needs my personality to make fame and money by following me around to steal things at the shops when I get there to buy my supplies, to building a means by which they get imagination up my bum, grab public image and blab insults all over the place which makes women happy about their stupidities being a handful of brave idiots that get into a fight before dishonour overtakes them and I have pointed before that hurting it will mean I am told I was busy harming something that was brave enough to fight the battles I was too much of a coward to deal with. So, for the popular culture, its the same story concerning the same group of people over the same matter for ten years being pushed around every day, so I believe its a legitimate action to seek out a means of wrecking it. Its generally a matter of the power and global stage influence people believe they have and this one is about the Media; everything that shows up in this Country to get imagination up peoples bums after a history of lying and stealing and grab Public image is about the Media; handling the Media never works when thought of in terms of individual persons since whatever they are doing to lend you misery is something a colleague will want to steal from them, save if you think of action in terms of the big picture where employers have to be responsible for their workers and we know that the Media Establishments always tend to chase the same items with respect to the biggest news in the land, which is a vulnerability that can be taken advantage of to make them civil rights pariah as well on and on and on at my expense all day long, telling lies so people do not reason with the idea it needs to stop like an education on the reasons murder is committed in the land.

They do claim their behaviour is a product of wanting me to stop what I am doing, which achieves a process of misogynistic narcissism for a community that builds Celebrity culture at my expense and generally asserts its stupidities in the form of dominance by wrecking everything I do - it has not yet tried reasoning with the relentlessness of its community croons, mooing and cooing and booing and imaginary slapping all day long, it wants to reason with my feelings about the stupid Celebrity culture that has emerged and whether or not its community croons feel dispossessed when they spend their time on me and we see the sense that they are at war with my career emerge from it, with very insulting and abusive features they claim sets out the idea that they were important people and their Children will be into the future.

I have been told I appear to be struggling with these matters but I am not what happens is that it sets out its violent lasciviousness while clinging to my social life, which it suggests would make it rich at popularity if it could own it or own something like it, ripping up my studies, work prospects and personal relationships and then it gets abusive enough for the gimmicks to extend to an interest a mentally ill person showed in what it does with my social life every time I step outside of my door and it takes that up to ensure I did not attack a mentally ill person if it did not want me to, bangs away at me every second and sets out the mentally ill person to finish the job getting fingers up my bum, although its stupidities has not yet gotten to the part where it attacked me because I smell, about which I needed to move on since that it appears will never really happen unless I compromised my position and made me into the aggressor and then it sets out the idea I am a bum and it would make sense if people attacked me for no reason, a mini war having since broke out over what I have done to control such a stigma. I am not struggling at all, just the abusive gimmicks that had gotten physical and a need to explore my private parts with it having an impact on my health but the work I do does not cause me any stress whatsoever. It is the same story we saw on the claim that Mr Putin uses me as proxy for decision making whilst the real issue involved Americans wrecking my social media platform for gimmick that involved attacking Russians, so the Russians got involved in the exploration of my state provided security what I built up as a social media with holes that affected people who did most of their business over the dark web, setting a stage for Policy that made the internet safer for younger people is now a complete mess and I think it was an example of things I ought to pursue with a need to ensure they made a mess of my career for the last time. We know the same applies to the distant violence and the idea that I had lost sight of my objective the distant violence first starting out with South America being a place where my career may go to disappear and it ended badly, featuring such good outcomes as holes that affected organised crime markets producing outcomes in which organised crime products were cost ineffective and those who needed it had to find them, which was better than armed stand off with the Police. I never lost sight of my objectives either, just a world where the interest in my Books was about the way it wanted people taking pictures of its decadent self which will be displayed on magazines that were sold at corner shops, endearing themselves to criminals and securing a way out for what I can be made to do to serve its stupidities according to what it had found from the content of my books, regardless of how much it was paid which is usually enough to mitigate such issues in the first place, regardless of the interest in my Books. So I have had this need to make their lives incredibly difficult, about which we know that they picked up contracts with my Clients and Brokers and their faces appeared on marketing campaigns for weeks and months which effects on them can be amusing like the mess they make for others as well. It does claim this was a mens world problem whilst we know its stupidities had spent a 12 years of my time running me down with verbose insults that made a complete mess of statements I made on people having fantasies that I was committing crimes with my career and office and the stupidities wants to be able to avoid responsibility for it but has not yet learned the lessons associated with making a mess of my finances and public image, making it entirely a crisis of their making and the fact it should be approached as a wealth equity and crime control awareness, especially when they handle effects of working for my clients at my expense, cheaply by taking abusive pictures to display, which is okay as long as the pictures were available to all.

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