They do claim they will stop bothering me when they stopped which they believed was a great crisis but it really isn’t – an example of the bothering, aside from when they complain about the fall out from their insults and abuses, is a process where I set out means to meet somebody and settle down, when they interfere, I will find that I dither in terms of changing something on the financial front or omitting something on the financial front, both of which usually develop into a sub crisis, so the original plan was still the most workable, the problem with the original plan is that the idiots interfered and hung about especially on the radio waves, running me down all day on account they were going to marry and have sex with any women who took an interest in me, as part of their immoral society sense of entitlement, the females especially are not complaining yet, that I had done something to show that I hated homosexuals but my whole life had stalled never the less currently and their stupidities were mocking me for it whenever they were not complaining. I do not think that resolving it was a crisis either, the situation they were playing with was one in which there were thousands of people with marketing degrees in the Country but their society gits had decided coming into possession of something that was precious to me and forming a community that got energy from mocking me and churning my tummy because they did was the way to secure market success, so deliberately or not, I may have allowed a large amount of work here that should have been protected by patents, fall into their possession, as part of Intellectual property administration campaign, but we are facing the death dealing stress because an average famous idiot and media twat only thinks of my career in terms of the idea they should be the one doing it and have not yet sorted out the smaller issues where they claimed criminals were nice people while I am a low life who spends time trying to rub shoulders with them, for which there were consequences. It therefore seems that the way to proceed was to ensure that I did not control the degree of harm that befell people from the whole society stress and media gimmicks scenario, whilst I got onto the enforcement part, where they stopped attacking my employers, instances where I felt sore because they could not keep their stupid hands and imagination thereof to themselves would be met with consequences, it was made to stop running its media career by doing damage to my Bookshop and prevented from picking up my public work to make out its own version of what it meant while complaining of a lack of normalcy which was the consequence of doing so, the normalcy that it will not allow up return to as a society all together thereof. They claim it is to do with a woman at the Monarchy who always gets involved with my concerns but she has always gotten involved before they did; for instance, I would deliberately or not, allow a large amount of my work end up in the hands of the society gits as part of an intellectual property administration campaign, building up to the way I managed a society stress and Media abuses gimmicks while the quasi criminals made sense of my public office with their insults everyday but she will likely set out a small business and employ them to provide the security, therefore there is no way that people could stay on her pay roll while being seen tackling and or attacking me, those who work for fair lady really need to stay away from me.

We find this claim pop up at some stage, that I considered myself deserving of good-looking women. I wouldn’t know anyway, I am aware it was an issue apparently because their looks was not a criteria here – we know that if I detached myself from the society trouble makers they complained of endlessly, I would be separated from National level public work and therefore cease to be who I am, so what they are actually worried about as a matter of existence is part of my sex life, if they did not want it, its hard to make sense of the part where their looks were a factor. Even then we have seen them detach from it so completely, they would not get into a relationship with somebody that was unwilling to get into a fight for them and they show up here every so often to sacrifice me for their boyfriends as abusively as possible thereafter. The sensibility really is that I make such a thing out of people whom I know are enemies of the Crown but I am aware of this as well, the point is that they were enemies of the Crown, showing up here to complain and make stupid statements about their problems and the way it was linked to State mismanagement, each time they were seen doing a thing about state mismanagement they were pursuing other people’s private property, shows up here to pursue mine every day. I do not think that the matter was largely so complicated; we know that people have asked the question about the massive social crisis we faced while it was possible the entirety of it was linked to my private life and this is actually correct – there is no problem whatsoever, save the fact I am single while these matters are part of my sex life, something in my matrimony that people from creative and entertainment industries cannot stay away from and finding a wife to complete the process of providing an Heir for the work I am doing with the monarchy would be the end of all problems, we have also seen them use the opportunity to suggest that if it was that important, I had better allowed them enjoy some matrimony as well, at the same time which my Bookshop had stalled financially, so we can clearly see they had no intention of resolving the matter.

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