I am not insane and when people say that they expect it to cause me a lot of worries. The truth is that I am a Royal Prince and I am a Writer and my specialism is Securities and Equities, I have enemies and or rather elements of enmity that do not like others to live a rather safer and normal life, as such are always attacking and ruining my finances in revenge for my Books and indeed anything else they want to have revenge for (those never seem to run out anyway); they are of course sociopaths that Politicians pay Tax payers money and thereof get off inciting to do strange things to other peoples property in public places with insolent impunity, then realise as time goes on that those people are taking revenge or doing something about them too later because their opinion of people they have hurt in such ways are so low they do not expect people to hurt them as well. It does not apply when they have been around me for so long and I get to describe these mad individuals in the course of managing my property, especially those of them that have access to media, I myself have become them; this kind of prognosis has no bearing towards facts.

Their condition was a lot better before they decided to pervade my faith to have new secrete society powers that they can use to bully people to get rich-which has led to the results we have, then set me up as scapegoat for the repercussions and social effects and more so as they wanted to do it with my life but without my consent, which has also ended up in a condition where they also think that when racism gets out of hand for example, based on having absolute control of my life they will force me to fight great wars for them and die for their health, safety and wellbeing and all these things thereof and the things they cannot do to me with their bragging has come together blended with my faith and its effects on them to make their insanity unimaginably worse, which does not change any of the circumstances any of it has created. I am not one of such.

Case made there is about my lack of professionalism at the Office which Politicians latch on of course but the reality is much different from their claims - the reality about how what I have tolerated is a daily incitement that means people are permitted to do as they like with the backing of government with my person, my effects and possessions, they say it makes them feel their home but if we dig it a bit they do not bring their families into government business and is something they do because of some pleasurable evil they feel a need to practice. Where it got beyond my tolerance was when the sex industry was involved by them and their abuses had grown into some new found sexual libido they get together to share regularly with their mates and partners and extra marital affairs in Parliament, hence I needed to ensure there was enough sex for everybody, which makes it possible to measure my professionalism at the Office and their Offices too.

There is talk of how most of our British problems comes from trouble makers in the Middle East but I have rather been aware of that for most of the time anyway the question is one of to what end were I meant to have been doing anything about it as such, bearing in mind we all want to do a little bit here and there; young people should drop out of school and play truant over a few years to facilitate celebrity culture that we play games on Media with, then return to school after, pass exams and get a straight job with a sense of respect for money making parameters ageists should own then my bit is just too delicious to stop doing, so I dropped out of University in 2008 and since then there has been a new abusive test by which they can get it from my personal life and public image along with abusive journalists, building up to business with Germany where it comes to a need to build up Public life that is all about others losing jobs and livelihoods, in order to express something of economic dominance and power based on a premise where the victims respond in a positive way to get an outcome where their career suffers piracy, they respond in a negative way to end up with controversies that are making people money and conveniences on Media running wild in their lives, so that it seems as though the future that people have is one where they will lose their careers if they do not co-operate at least in part. So its a bit of a grey area since it is equally just as difficult to control our own local playboys and irresponsible Men, to think about problems being made for us by trouble makers from the Middle East. It has always been the case with my Family as far back as I can remember, that all is well with academics and finances and Career provided I do not Familiarise with these; they are never really as important as they want to be treated, just prove that those who ensure the existence of culture means others cannot be allowed to pass exams in school, always end up complaining about it as well.


They appear to have fallen deeply in love with a business of making claims concerning occurrences that I happen to have been guilty of taking part in, which does not make any sense but the one that works for them the most is the claim I am guilty of betraying Armed Forces Personnel or not acting in a way that facilitates their work but rather opposes it and I could never make it out anyway since I have explained many times, that it is a matter of finding Russians playing with their Muslim friends on my work, especially concerning the matter of spying on me, right up to any cases of the Trump Administration saying what Liberal America is getting most Americans to say and do about the British and American Allies anyway I have explained that this was what I had to tackle and not a process of accepting Liability for what happens with Armed Forces Personnel on the field, concerning which unless people do have processes and consequences associated with events I am guilty of taking part in, I suggest they do shut it down already. In any case of which about 24 Hours to the time I wrote this piece my question about what is so important concerning the work of the Armed Forces being opposed by surrounding it with lies, it meant to serve, they made out that people like me have befriended members of the Armed Forces and that this makes me dangerous but at this point they do not really have answer for the same question which I have put here indirectly just 24 hours later; so I have to assume it is a blame culture with intention to harm and hence need make clear there is nothing they can do about me, especially with respect to their Liberal America Politicians who never give up the lies and are a threat to conservative young people that is next to paedophilia but cannot keep it squarely in the USA its a blame system alright but there is nothing that they can do about me as such.

Ikpe Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland