We are informed that I got the treatment that I did because I am a coward, of which cowardice had nothing to do with it, only the fact when the Armed forces fraternised with me because they were handling my order, they did too to get involved with security services and fight my battles for entitlements. Every time it puts up this point that I am a coward, it faces the information that there was state provided security doing my National service, indicating I had no need to show that I am not, so the assumption on my part is that it wants the Politicians to pay attention to its feelings whilst it gets on my nerves engaging in a series of activities that suggested I only need spend a short time apart from my cultural and national identity disposition in order for somebody else to grab it. At the end of these kinds of conversations, it makes the point I had been forced to give myself away naturally which is utter nonsense, as what really happens is that its unusual interest in my affairs gets it tangled up with areas of government activity that concerned the constitution and this is what drives them well enough for them to sign up to security services in a bid to secure entitlements fighting my wars, thereby making it easier to manage any situation in which they were a threat by decisions that could ascertain if they were better as memories and not persons. We see it all the time, the public had a disposition in which should they get caught up with criminals, every decision, every position, every action would be aimed at being better off than the criminals, so it was entirely normal for unusual interest in government affairs to end up in such a manner. It does also make the point I can only tackle the poor which is not actually true as it needed to cease stifling my Bookshop if it wanted the rich to cease stealing property and asset equity from others. I completed the job in 2011, my finances have been a mess and my social profile attacked by them and we are having this conversation over a continued daily struggle in 2023, whilst the wealthy had gone on to train their children into a mindset that is incredibly skilled at lies and the theft of property and asset equity, at the same time that they drove around their abusive saloon cars, passing on stupid subliminal messages at me about ways they are putting their foot down on grounds that majority of the law was about property. We understand that most of these gimmicks were inherently corrupt and at this stage it was clear its main aim was to infect HMRC, considering we have already seen instances where the money Celebrities spent controlled entire neighbourhoods and their need to resolve criminally, the fact some people were bigger than they are and others were smaller, has never been more intense. It really does need to understand that if I felt they were a threat, especially to HMRC and at HMRC, I will link up the abusive activities of their community mothers to their careers, so it may enhance the idea that the only thing they learned at school were the insults, especially when it becomes more profound because there was government function nearby, safe to say that for the time being, it all seemed like a big joke.

They do suggest the main point of these activities was that I was incapable of looking even after myself which is all rich coming from a bunch of goons that attack me because I possessed an amount of manhood that should not be kept to a single persons existence, so I suppose at this stage the dynamics must have changed because they had obtained an acceptable amount of manhood to satisfy their appetite. The reality is that they were just a bunch of narcissists getting into some clothes to practice the art of keeping up an appearance and later one gaining access to Media by which they can run down other people all day it is set to arrive at a stage where it claims that my social profile facilitated the kind of lifestyle it wanted to have with its girlfriend and then I am going to explode, for the time being there were two persons in every story it had to tell, itself on one hand working clothes, appearances and a media presence and me on the other, it needs to show an amount of regard for the other character in the story it told every day. The Celebrities were the people who were looking for some real trouble here it has been stifling my Bookshop for the best part of 9 years so far and will not cease interfering with client interests to achieve a process where I did not get paid on account my partnership with clients and the applicable services had been detached from the Books, leaving them to read it only on the basis of how they felt about it then gets off telling me each time I told off their stupidities that it did not see there was possibility of anything I could do about it, whereas all I need do is find myself a really good famous example that I can make my point with as it were, showing up here to sell culture media and sports on my public image abusively, gather money to buy private security that it cannot stand up for itself without and had since turned to breath stifling blackmail and economic abuses where it could not keep its stupid hands off my body bits all day. History is that the idiots had ended up with a publicly displayed profile that showed them to be characters that performed incredibly stupid activities with other peoples lives and careers, they had been so badly affected by the public profile they built for themselves unwittingly, that they complained to an extent where we all ended up in a situation living as if we owed them a debt of affection, it needs to cease interfering with my client interests if it is keeping its own income, if it is getting paid by people who are employing it, if getting paid was so important it had become a bully because it was. It cannot be that difficult to finally after 7 years of hard work, get it through to a bunch of people, no matter how stupid, that there is a huge amount of respect and decorum for the way and the fact that my Books were tied to client careers and personal interests and so their interference, comments and involvement for what they claimed was good feelings and popularity, meant that the clients only wanted the Books because of any feelings they may have harboured about personal decency. It always makes the statement on what I am supposed to be afraid of but it is nothing but immoral society gits who pick up my public profile to get paid for being popular, blurring lines to ensure they showed up here to stifle personal life and finance because some members of the public may have convinced their stupidities, that they were more important. There is a suggestion that despite my feelings, the media had always been an important aspect of society but the same persons would like to tell me I suppose, how the business news and analysis compared between 15 years ago and the current date for example, never mind that compounding the fact none has ever been able to make sense of anything they were saying, they had jobs to do industrially traumatising people all day. I mean it is causalities that people were worried about but there is none in my view: we know we have been here before where it rips up my career to make money and put the feet up in a tourist destination, passing insults at me that a bird would carry around the world, the only people that would have been likely to build them those tourist destinations, were the same idiots fingering peoples body parts on the streets to cause a stench it claims that if these famous fools show up to make a mess of my career with some social disposition they offered from Asia that amounted to power, should I respond, would damage their religion and I simply want their stupidities and that of their gits to make media comments about their own careers and keep their hands to themselves, it cannot be that difficult. Then there is the issue on the ground where I might want to tackle them, to find the main problem was that they were sexual narcissists, so the cause of most of our issues was to do with certain women who understood this and would not allow them a hairs breath of social life without pushing them into a complicated mental corner, tackling them might put the women at risk, so I must focus solely on the fact they were narcissists but then the other gits they got around with will show up with ideas I am meant to get into trouble with the law to make sense of the point I made socially and to show I am a man that was able to protect women and the same idiots they could turn on at any time to make the most of what I would lose for messing with them. There are no causalities, its famous stupidities needs to keep its interests to its own career or I will stop this nonsense painfully. They speak of ways that I had dug myself into a hole ad I could never tell anyway, it should not be a problem if I had considering these are a bunch of narcissists doing their usual civil disobedience gimmicks but I want them to keep it off my career and cease being such a troll if they were failing to solve the resulting problems, never mind the lip flapping and the big work that now awaits them at the Monarchy. It is a story of some young people years ago and then a particular group that always feel so passionately entitled to other peoples affairs and property and had no limits, to which effect their victims are now the persons being accused of involvement corruption, whereby the outcomes were all the fault of victims as well, had decided at the time that they were supposed to get rich and others were to fight for civil rights, have since trashed careers to get paid for being popular but the abuses and narcissism continues, which need to be kept off my career especially the civil rights bits or their parents get a feed back as well, so I could fool around with their families in order to work economic abuses like they do. In retrospect, they were always doing this, understood their own stupid servitude and its insults better than those who wish to make use of it and need to keep getting on my nerves.

It is not a problem for me as such, just picked out a neighbourhood infested with these goons, to place myself in a position needed to write the Books I am working on, so the other git did something with it at the Monarchy once she was done being a Royal home wrecker, the part which had caused all the problems involved the Media, as none knew what they and their famous fools were doing with the matter and for so long whilst I complained about their involvement with it. It claims I am not the victim I make myself out to be but we also know that it was normal for any person who was losing money due to an involvement with somebody who wanted nothing to do with them, to move their interests away from such a person, instead what I have faced is abuses, insults and more entitlement to my personal space, garnished with a need to feel good by handling Royalty, lies and a crowd on my doorstep. I am wondering at this stage what exactly they suppose I ought to do, if it was imperative that I solved the media problem, we know this has always been a matter concerning their criminal civil rights and a need to say that people had died because of me at the same time that state provided security provokes them whilst they were performing these activities, so I stopped tackling them for a while and am now facing instances where telling them off ripping my Bookshop after a decade and a half of doing it encourages them to issue threats that will progress from a sense they could decide what the public was thinking about me which decided how much money I could make from my own work, to threats of wrecking my Books all together, taking it off the market over claims I provoked them and this is the part where I statement needed to be made, about the ways that the media and celebrity gimmick was only supposed to be something we got to see happen in our society, thus whilst I am dealing with threats to wreck my Book and take it off the market because it provokes them when I wish to eliminate their access to my affairs, it had become part of my personal, social and private life all together, a statement that will be strong enough to ensure that I had an objective to meet where I solved the stupid media problem and at the end somebody had to regulate their behaviour to prevent future problems. So, I am not the victim in the matter as suggested but in terms of the fact that none deserved to end up in a situation where the public interest in a product was being delayed, the creator of the product will have to continue building it as the public was actually interested, whilst they had created a PR for the product which made the owner and sellers position unworkable for gimmicks, since I would abandon the product whilst the public still required it and therefore required me to do what I am best at, to pick up another profession, I will be lucky to have seen my 60th birthday so it needs to keep its comments to its career and restrict instances where I got to experience more of its ageist insults, essentially keep its mouth shut and read a book for its interest in this place, the famous stupidities. It claims the word Equity and other such words I have used in my work causes its insolent stupidities discomfort and encourages it to try and get rid of the Book as per it was a threat to the public, whilst we know that if the Book was a threat, the public would have wanted to know what the threat was and I would not be living on social security so the living on social security part got to make sense of the way it claims other peoples children who worked the same problem it creates for everybody had been successful because their parents sent them to privileged educational institutions, the difficulty was to do with showing enough respect for me as a writer, so when I worked Intellectual property administration with a company and spent my assets to build equity for product aesthetics, image and functionality, they spent resources to develop the products, their insults were such that they had trolls on social media to proliferate my career publicity abusively, up to the point where they can spend money to replicate the product and pillage my income margins doing so, whilst the purpose of mainstream media was a series of events everyday, in which I was victim of misogyny, looking for more of what it is complaining about, when it says I am not necessarily a victim.

Same as when it is said it was remarkable I did not break a sweat on the matter which in my view it is an example of those instances where some people are said to have been swallowed up by the Country so they could never smell nice and did not have a social profile as a consequence, with another people on the other side who were able to hold their social profile these idiots are neither and so they believed alongside their famous fools that my person and property existed in an environment where rules did not apply, such that even if I responded, I could be stopped at will. What it meant by the idea it was a ruthless person would refer to instances where it thinks that if I lived in Africa I would not dare screw with them and it began when they travelled overseas to bring in people that will turn out at the University and make a mess of my academic pursuits, I will have to pick it up from there and work whatever I wanted to do with them up to date. Nothing unusual, just the fact people were men, so some possessed a society by which to decide that the state of my career did not matter as long as their dream was to get me ending up somewhere, so they may sell prerogatives of my concerns to an idiot who spends their money to make trouble for others, to solve their problems others were simply middle management twats but the biggest of the idiots who crossed religious boundaries etc were the fame poofs who picked up my career profile and publicity to perform a different task with a big mouth blabbing about their size compared to mine, once it is finished with the consequences of previous personal decisions, after which it joined the other racial pricks to fight my battles and entitle its stupidities to something important by handling security services matters with a sense of corruption. It is apparently just huge big fun, such that my state provided security provokes them and there were words associated with my Royal Bookshop such as equity which was a threat to the public and since they were guardians of the public, alongside their liberal idiots, needed to ensure the public was protected from it, hence it was only people who did this, that were the same who thought it was okay to be bullies, once they realised that others were not attacking their incomes which therefore provided them status, claiming the Media was an institution concerning which it was a crime to attack it on my part.

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