The idea naturally is that people believe they can do with me as they please each time they do it is a show after show after show on Media, to express their need by pouting man kisses at me, looking for more of what their stupidities were complaining about. They had a civil rights that decided when I am done with my career I ought to hand it over to a woman and go to an idiot who smokes marijuana at in the morning to teach me how to be a man they have a civil rights that decided I ought to starve when I am not seen getting into a fight with people, a civil rights that never stopped insulting me with gimmick that suggested I am an effeminate man that their women can beat up, after years of chasing me around to be real Men because their own was shameful. Then there are other goons with great ideas after I dropped out of University being stopped when I defended myself, after they made a total mess of my Public image hanging about at Hollywood to claim they were nice people buying show business while I spent my time trying to measure up and rub shoulders, shooting off their mouth at me, now that I had other priorities, because they were caught between a rock and a hard case, their contribution being a follow up from the destruction of my University studies, to cling to my Public image teaching their stupid children to describe me as a bum it wants all the safest places in the Country but will not as much as look at those that are fighting for it, as stupidly as possible. Then there is the part where they claim that they did these things because I had set myself out as somebody that can take them on; will never acknowledge how annoying the business of their local idiots seeking to get around the streets and have somebody pick them up and make them famous on my Public image, cross from the other side of the road onto the side I am walking on in order to be with me and my personal space, instead of seek medical help for what is going on in their stupid minds and the way it plays into insults that are used to ensure that they made comments about my books and public image endlessly on media, thereby stifling the sales of it and leaving me cash less will never acknowledge those stupid communities where their parents hang about all day changing what the Public thinks of my social life and public image which made a complete mess of my career, to shoot off their mouth as though what they expected of me was the law of the land or the way they discuss my attitude with the Politicians thereafter, was the biggest problem that I faced, it prefer yapping that I bring it upon myself by setting me out as a character that can take their stupidities on like an idea, never mind the need to follow me around and make a complete mess of my concerns, then start a mini war if I put out a product for it. They site this process where people got imagination around my private parts as the indication of what they claim showed that they could do with me as they liked but it is an old European big brother gimmick, something about the way they ran their stupid communities and it was fun to stagnate the finances and social life and personal here, by picking up siting of me in my personal space with no clothes on and making something of it on Media to run off abuses and life changing insults everyday so I suppose they need continue to shoot out the idea that they did because there was nothing I can do about them, the fact they do not believe it will end badly, playing into a reality where I got away with whatever I wanted to do it as well. I mean the problem with the idea of getting rid of it like so, is that I had nothing I could way was messy enough to clean up using the lives and careers of modern insulting fast twats in the city who pick up my career to go and meet some millionaires and get rich fast, showing up thereafter to shoot off the filthy mouth at me, which is what this is all about it must have made some money recently and wants a response for it, so here is another milestone on those stupid rights, which I guess is beginning to grow into something of an outcome where their stupidities were mad enough and I was angry enough for it as well.

I do get told most of these matters emerge because I am still single and yes that is the case I am still single and the Queen thinks badly of it as it was clear that involvement with the Monarchy generally meant that being married and settled was a main requirement; it will then show up like to so express the reasons it claims people could not stand its stupidities at the Monarchy, where it wanted the safest spaces as insultingly as possible, all the days of its life but recently wants to marry into the Royal Family because it made money, which effect is that since none is likely to simple walk into the life of somebody who had a responsibility to look into culture gimmicks where idiots came up with plans to get imagination up peoples bums and bend people to their will, I organise my personal life in terms of grooming people into an arrangement and maybe picking one person from the lot, the last 15 years spent on gimmick after gimmick where the idiots want my wife, later get a divorce, I end up with a mess and their stupidities ended up with freedom, shooting off the filthy mouth at me any chance they get and especially on media where they got to express the full range of how bad they thought they were, alongside the stupid modernism behind it. So, the matter of how it becomes such a crisis are the things people do with me, especially the Celebrities who come to say they were just a little lose and if I had reached an arrangement with them, a future where they were not getting what they wanted could mean they turned on me i.e. how it mostly works, the problem being that the idiots do not yet believe that it will end badly and their stupid parents have trained them to describe as a bum, a requirement for fulfilling their stupid dreams, such that being a law unto themselves meant an involvement with my Bookshop every day, shooting off the dirty mouth about people insulting their money at the Monarchy and the reasons they thought I ought to suffer for it, at the same time, claiming they were more important and fought my wars, could never stop telling lies about who is getting indiscrete with whose concerns especially when none is asking and their stupidities clung to my social life and had a Media presence to fool around with. So I am not lose or anything, just a bunch of Royal idiots being my wife for a while to make money and keep it lose like their narcissistic fans, they have come up with a way to ensure that if I accepted responsibility for applicable suffering, they were due to get away with it and continue the same behaviour to any extent desired, without having to abandon state duties and their families.

I am certain they can understand no matter how stupid and financially well off at the same time, that they have had an involvement with my Career and social life for long enough and I would fancy they shut it down as would make them comfortable to or I will, as will ensure it ended very badly. So far, its currently a simple matter of European big brother communities and the bottom chasing gimmicks through which all finances, social and personal life had shut down here, which outcome is that I play them against each other, when they get together, I play them against Russians as well. Saying I want to assist them, then what to make clear is that there was nothing to say that I had to author a Book to win an award, just write a Dossier for a Trust and I am fed up with their interest in my income.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland