On the contrary, there is only one secretly popular statement they are known for i.e. getting on public places to tell me and people all over the world, i have enough beauty to sell to ensure they are having a future and so need to get out there and give the market what it wants so they can get jobs, notwithstanding which their even poorer and struggling idiots do so, to tell me to sell myself, to get money to feed them and stop robbing people with morals, which becomes the basis of their poverty and charity campaigns and publicity, which for the most part ensures those their problems are good to know for the purpose of demagogues they will become soon, which shapes their stupid insolent distant violence that every idiot wants to get to use on others to get rich.

However whenever a politician makes a statement about how the economy must never be allowed to work that way because they cannot enforce it, the matter moves immediately from the fact i am being punished by those who have newly found themselves to be more important than i am and need to settle long standing grudges about which somebody must suffer at random, to claims it is about wealth distribution and social equality - which also justified constant character assassinations against me to a point of desperation with what they consider to be their publicity powers.

Bearing in mind that when a media firm buffoon and his social activity idiots all over the world figure somebody that will take away the pain of working for a living from them and lift the burdens of their lives whether he likes it or not, as god had sent him into the world to do, which they have their reasons for, but their provocation never seem to take a turn for the better. The prognosis is always that of visits to the homes of celebrities with their stupid camera, which creates a real prospect of becoming intellectual property brokers for them and therefore means i will never get my books sold because i stole my job from them. Claims of such things with media power changes nothing of course and this is where the bullying and the abuse never goes away until they have what they want - which then becomes the real and main problem. Obviously it is only possible to do so much to protect my privacy and dignity but if they are determined like they currently are, they will acquire my privacy and complain about human rights and what is happening with respect to it around the world, making up their own excuses to seek privileges of injustice, of which the attempt to be things about which nobody knows what idea they will have next on my right to have my livelihood continues, in what they will continue to make around me into a very dangerous world.

In the end i suppose that i do deserve my reputation as they and their politicians are just too keen on extracting subservience and servitude from others that it has simply become the violent obsession of their lazy, vile, and evil celebrity culture and the racism that it breeds with all that violence and wickedness is out of this world too. They are too obsessed with getting expensive attention and i rather need it for the economy.

There is that deeply evil thing of people with products at the warehouse and customers at their door step demanding to buy while they cannot get on with it if their advertisement does not cause me physical sufferings of violence of which my response can be used to measure out relative and comparable states of privileges but it is the fact they address me frenziedly when they know I am not their equal that will become the crucible for how it is settled because I have had enough and their Politicians seem to be very good at hurting people to find their reaction in order to make arguments by which to hold them accountable for their actions; now I shall hold them accountable for these insults and the violence with it too. Their excuses never run out of course since last the Politicians helped them to whatever they needed when it comes to hurting me and then explaining their actions away with my work to ensure they are not classed as evil people which brings poverty; the ones I am aware of however is that the women are sexually perverted and cannot have enough of having a go at me which is desperately infuriating but for them has become the meaning of life with the help of Politicians who like to make public statements that suggest they have done nothing to provoke me but for the men on the other hand, those are useless idiots that recently fancy themselves a handful of bullies and their bullying has become the meaning of life itself and develops into the operation of market on my personal life- the bargaining and the hustling etc and ends with plans for globalisation which they think I should be good enough to recognise as their civil stupid rights: the Politicians however do understand where I stand on the matter of what it means for them to have money or run businesses when this continues to remain as the state of affairs - so we can find out if I am really unable to be a man by stopping hurtful things from happening to me and in the process of which my reaction will be the one they and these their idiots plan or desire (with a big mouth).

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland