The fun now is that I have been wasted, dragging people into the false hope that I live in, makes gits look like real boys, ready to mingle and get popular but we know I have one precious little bookshop to raise much needed funds by and that their insults and stupidities have always played out on the income margins while a group of industry scum enjoy spending money on them to ensure they looked the part and built publicity for a suggestion that insults channelled at me makes people successful business twats, which is currently the only thing we see on social media, none is being caught dead keeping away from my Books and their mouths shut yet so far as I have demanded over and over again. The reality of this is that they live off a process of being able to push your business into difficult management matters because they want to pile high and sell cheap to get rich quick on the little things, conveniently so they donít have to do anything about the terrible upbringing and habits as such and itís easy as though I am their relative, theory being I cannot do the same with what is left of the contraptions they spend most of their stupidities on as well.

The threats are usually beneficial for their purposes but it tends only to continue because I do not think that responding to some gimmicks which involves a process where I got them off rounding me up like sheep because they wanted a fight with me that involved a process where I lost something important, which when stopped only means they got off to build themselves communities that get imagination up my bum as a way of introducing their stupid selves to me. Most of the time, it really does not matter as such unless the Celebrities and Media had gotten involved to give them highly paid security guard jobs that are supported by process of spying on me to collect my work for their famous stupidities to work contracts they have already acquired by Ė it as ever it does appear people are insane when each time they have public problems they think it makes sense to attack Celebrities and Media but we can see this is an example of a condition where there is little choice. The myth is always that I had something to fear from them which I donít Ė the older ones who spend most of their time insulting me and inventing presumably eternal punishment when I have a piece of their own as well, have jobs and careers that are used by hoodlums and ruffians deploy for whatever purpose they wish, hoodlums and ruffians that slip off each time they are sent out to tackle me and I started thinking of handling them like it, only to start again whenever I show up in public places to chase my concerns and run me down for their criminality all day long, so itís really difficult to settle how they came up with the idea I will be the one suffering the most while they were busy with such nonsense, especially when it is clear if I built them Publicity for it, the way I will completely destroy their lives and show up with a bright future at the other end will certainly build me a reputation for being a bad person. The threats however are one of those issues about which I will have to take the business of getting them to keep their mouths shut over my concerns and keep away from my Books very seriously indeed. They always claim these issues are coming through from the Monarchy where their stupidities had developed from a business of getting to blab nonsense in public about being a better more superior, more worthy and more deserving person than I am, at the behest of Politicians for every single stupid public appearance that they made, to a business of hanging around somewhere at the Monarchy working what is supposed to be a high level gold digging campaign at my expense, which has now been finished off with Media and Celebrity fools deciding that people may get involved with my Hermitage whenever they wanted, producing this outcome where their bad upbringing resulting in the two part crimes against me where the big one involves moving into my right hand and getting imagination up my bum while the small ones involve being seen all over my public image shoving their stupid ideas down my throat from the various disposition that Liberal stupid USA had adopted all day long, had begun to develop into a very serious matter indeed.

Their society gits have been claiming for their part, that I am a prolific fare dodger which is utter nonsense; first of all which when people dodge the fares they know they have but this was another case where I had taken up a private security Industry job and my entire time at the job was spent on abuse that will be used to develop links with Politicians and Celebrities, explained with respect to the stupid problems in their lives. So it immediately started developing into something of an outcome where each time I showed up to take public transport in order to attend it, the transportation gits will abuse and insult and I will become so blindingly annoyed I had failed to touch in my Oyster Card Ė on the very first event, I paid the fine in 48 hours, after that, I paid two other fines in about a week which had been doubled and they had soon realised I had been made into a cash cow and never stopped chasing it, so did the security company I had worked with set out their own problems as well and decided they were going to send me to areas where there was a high propensity of getting into trains between stations and therefore choosing between being later and avoiding fares, never mind the insults and pressure mounting with practical jokes over a job developing into a history of insults but then again this can be excused on grounds it was probably a test to see if I can do the security job all together, so theirs did not count and I have to say what really happens is that when people dodge the fares they know they have. That said, I have been hounded for 18 years over this stupidities whereby what Daddy wants daddy gets and its eventually developing into outcome that will be more serious than their stupidities have been able to ascertain Ė so far they followed me around to wreck the academic work a decade before I picked up the security guard job, talking rubbish about kid on whom their foolish future depends, while their ruffians secured somebody from whom they stupidly got self-improvements at will and their politicians claimed they were nice people who only needed money and now itís about my diet and a community that gets imagination up my bum in public places despite reality where I have only stopped short sacking that stupid popular culture; fair to say when what daddy wants daddy gets developed into an outcome where I got my hands on that stupid culture one more time, I can promise it will be the last time they saw it for the part I will play in their stupid lives as well.

Mostly beyond this, it is just idiots who stop complaining about what their lives had become and seeking my income margins; when I future out a livelihood, the foolish middle management parents will get imagination up my bum and their stupid children will wreck it, needs to stop threatening me as there is nothing their stupidities can do about me.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland