They have suggested I should not be doing what I am doing which I understand, I was rather led to believe that I had no choice on the matter. The case had always been that they lived in a world where they trashed people’s lives to pick up the social life and public image as tools for popularity and those who do not do it were persons that saw the little prospects of being exposed to the same opportunities that those who made the most of it had, with this they had no respect for the way that other people lived. Since last they built the lasciviousness that communities can take part in and spent most of my time getting imagination around my private parts and sharing my personal space, everything around here including my love life had stagnated and they were the only ones complaining about social problems, more so as a matter of upstaging me. It becomes clear when they claim that there is nothing, I can do about it, which is what we are now about to find out, as I do not think they would be tackling me if there were no communities behind them, urging them to do it, the stupid communities that can never have enough acting as if somebody was making their personal decisions for them, while their insults were getting personal enough for their families to get a feedback for this nonsense too.

They do tell me that my needs were vague, but they are not – what happens is that I work property equity on an intellectual property administration basis, so if the girls made use of my personal space, they got more security which was everything apparently and it is now so big that they can take their clothes off on my public image and leave it open for sex workers to play with. So what happens with large companies is that when a tribalism raid goon becomes CEO, he sends out his gits to trash peoples careers and employ criminals in the neighbourhoods, then dispatches his or her sugar babies to pick up my social life as a tool for security or pick up my service processes to build my publicity that suggested I should be fighting people for them – normally the outcome ought to be a case of people getting hurt frequently but since the Media got involved on account the public effects of such nonsense was news, they ought to have reported facts from both sides but didn’t, now in league with the side that had the money, to give them short insulting videos their stupidities claimed added up to advertisement, to target me and engineer market at my expense by all the time. This is one part of the story, the other part is that I had brokers and Clients who had to grapple with a process of employing or awarding contracts to these twats, so when the media gets involved, they ought to report both sides of what their stupidities thought, added up to news that had to be explored every day.

It appears that the myth of my vulnerability to them dies here but I never was – it was an old story about running off those gimmicks where their goons wrecked people’s careers to employ criminals and their girls trashed people’s social lives as food and water literally, while at the other end, deciding how to suck to Americans on the public image of their victims if there was any. Their careers have never been handled as abusively as they handle mine, so it leaves me wondering where they get the ideas from since it was not a prior experience for them; therefore it does go without saying that I want to earn myself a reputation whereby I was seen as the biggest challenge that their financial wellbeing faced, in which way it will likely end, not as they would have loved it to go away but the way that I would have liked it to. The reality of it is this clash that has now existed because they cannot stop handling other people – between them and a Hermit who is essentially separated from the rest of the world to hang about doing things in the interest of the Church, they think that their ego was so important, the Hermit should be crushed if they faced smell issues associated with a need to dig people out of their homes, on account they were chasing market success. I have taken responsibility on my part and built a Trust system to thrown in on the matter naturally and they too have developed a need to trash my income and trust system every day, which disposition leaves them the means to be the ones complaining beats my imagination. It is supposed therefore to be a three-part result – when I work the society suffers, when I write my audience is happy, when I talk Celebrities and media get it hard, put these together and it will certainly ensure I was the biggest problem that their financial wellbeing faced.

The business of society suffering when I work is meant to have been developed around the fact that there was no way to stop them trashing my career and building lasciviousness that whole communities may take part it, communities that bumped into me and reacted stupidly and abusively every day, each time I stepped outside of my door while their stupidities issued threats on smell issues. They were told to lay down this nonsense a long time ago, so now we are looking for solutions on the smell issues all together and I need to ensure I gained access to their finances to remove the money they have made at my expense since it is such a problem, since it is the period of time that was the only favourable one for them to live in and it is being done at my expense. The part about the Celebrities involved the business of the way I made sense of popularity idiots not wanting to get a job because they could get paid for being popular on my public image, on the same public image, so Celebrities may plug what they like into it, tackle my health and social life, block my love life and finances, set a stage for me to fight people to protect them because they always had what they wanted and seek more decadent existence, it does seem that the effect meant that I will be talking a lot more often too. They do claim that these are things we British did and yes, we do because it is our identity - when they do it, the purpose is to ensure those who are more important than they were, worked for their financial wellbeing, about which we will sooner or later have to bear the stories about slavery. The Social ugliness usually develops rather fast, from the business of the hurling abuses at others for existential purposes, to ideas about who was worthy to show up in their neighbourhoods or even Country and then grows into despicable ideas on how other people should be made use of. When they suggest I am a great servant who knows things I can tell those that were important, it does go above and beyond.

I. Uno I

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