As we continue to become more famous and important the more stupid we get as a people, due to our insatiable desire to furnish foolish Men with support for a desire to undo other people’s work and redo it along the lines of how their Money became important; although we protest about it, we must then learn to live in equal measure with the fact that we have become a generation that knows nothing else but the sensation of convenience - however my concern is the intensity with which people seek to secure these conveniences through the means of financial and career distraction which targets my Book sales and Targets any means I raise funds for my needs every day because Men and every goon that support them, tend to think the world of Careers and Profession is wholly theirs - this is something I have set myself a time table to break and what I will do will be far reaching towards the City Centres and World stock markets, so that their Politicians and the Industry idiots they wine and dine with might keep off my Book shop in like manner as well. The idea therefore that any Labour Party squander and Conservative Party foolishness that culminates in interest rate rises - year date 2016 will end up being worked at expense is either deluded or looking for some real trouble.

Of course there are those endless questions of why I block off people getting any inspiration from my work if other persons lives depended on it; it is the kind of conversation the Politicians want to have all over media which yet again has nothing to do with my Books getting sold but all to do with squandering it but then again it is not as if I am not counted among the poorest and lowliest there are, at the end of the day however poverty is a line and you can get off it if you wanted to. The problem of course is that while you are, if another has Media to play around with, if it tends to mean that every new thing you do is spent by a stupid woman who also thinks herself a celebrated idiot taking pictures of herself with the boys to splash all over magazines and finding ways of protecting this source of income which involves hurting and threatening you to keep you down all the time, then you have a problem that needs to go away. In my case the conspiracy factor has now moved to that of involvement with the Royal Family and telling of tales about how they set out to deal with stupid people who create problems for the realm but each time they are given freedom it is all about dealing with me and provoking me into resisting them to create this argument I am standing in their way. So it’s a story of these games all day long every day to see who has power and control and it’s always all about money and the part about rounding me up in order to set up a small business which is one of the clearest indications they are not interested in their endeavours if they can as a community become interested in fame instead while I become the prime rock from which they want to quarry a future then all will be well; it is a matter I now need to let them plunge themselves into, so I can cook beyond recognition.

These naturally happen on one hand while on the other, for some reason we read in the papers that the Tory Government is denying people who blew their lottery millions access to benefits and support; so that the paradox is that when people cannot handle the change to their personal happiness on coming to sudden fortune, they are denied benefits, when others want to get into people’s establishment to observe if they are being served right down to the smallest possible detail as that will be an indication of how wealthy they are, then the claim poor people turn their tummy inside out to prevent them getting along with their own crowd becomes a fulfilled truth.

We hear now that most Americans think that the British are their biggest problem and I could not get my head around it anyway, these trouble makers as we can see spend their time on nothing else but these sort; so we find that whenever there is anything doing with Americans from Europe, the outcome has to be the AL Capone Characters and the street murders, usually we back off and then they had to get whatever they were after from Italians where they work their Mafia thing or the Germans from where they work their Localised racism; this time however it looks as though they cannot be paid off, looks as though they are only interested in how we will respond, so they have ended up in this difficult situation that is set to open up a case on how they are about to respond as well. Much like the discovery of the ‘G.Spot’ around 2002 had for some reason become a part of mainstream living but has not made short Haired women in Office work any friendlier than they were before or the way that my talking about barely criminal goons leads to outcomes where Film makers pick up my Asset Equity and deploy it to get rich then start a Global Campaign to attack me because the barely criminal I claimed so were the ones buying films. They love to think I should never get to stage where their classify their activities around me as damage of my Literary Business and Royal Estate, so I might attack their own as well, claiming their Politicians will get me eventually which is really difficult to consider as a form of irresponsibility stupidities theory which is actually based on fact - especially as their Politicians are wasting the energy on somebody who has not committed a crime, wasting it on somebody who has not even committed a quasi-crime, so we find their stupidities talk about the state of the left hand side as if that was even a quasi-crime let alone a real one.

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