Now it is suggested that the complaints people lodged about me were growing and since I had an idea what it was, I might want to clear it up but clearing it up would change nothing even though I would anyway; what has really happened is an abusive behaviour from Celebrities, Media and society gits, which has gotten so out of hand that we have reached a cross roads, the cross roads whereby I am said to spend time rubbing shoulders with them while I had no money or property for it and the bullying which is meant to make me ashamed of myself, now has such an effect as every office space, office bloc, office window criminal wants to make their own slice of popularity wealth using my public image and social life. What I have done with it being to get society people running their show business, media, and celebrity for them, so that they got to spend a lot more of their time, minding my business. I would never have had it that way if I asked for it – process where Celebrities and Media take the responsibility of managing those who cause public problems off my hands, to hang about on public platforms, complaining of bottom chasing problems.

They claim that it’s the same way I interfere with their concerns which is utter nonsense – what happens is the same stupidities we see at the fashion Industry where it picks up my Bookshop publicity, to be precise, the exact publicity that was created by publishers who were building a stage to place patents on my Books, then set about building me their own version that suggested I should be spending time getting into a fight with people to protect them because they were terribly important and had since developed a fan crowd for it – to top off, it then set about playing me over work I had done to facilitate environment for secret service operatives to do their work, in order to get around with communists and suck up to the Americans where necessary and has now settled up on being the mouth piece of an incredibly stupid bigger power, talking rubbish at me every day. So, this is what becomes of fashion when the idiots working it had eccentric stupid characters therefore this became their idea of how to get involved with a Bookshop and overall, all pretty much share the same sentiments, so most people think I am working a labour of love with a Bookshop. I mean even if the Prince of Wales had decided he was going to run a Government facilitated by Celebrities, it would still have had nothing to do with me, regardless of the fact that it meant city centre riff raff and barely criminal gits who trash people’s lives to get social issues running off really fast in order to buy expensive things, were untouchable, it would still have had nothing to do with me, when their bullying stupidities and popularity madness had decided it should, they ought to get out of what is making them complain, not blow off their big Celebrity mouths at me, looking like they had lost their way and were in need of somebody who would provide them some proper leadership for it.

I understand it is an example of instances where I had taken up a fight that was too big for me but we know this nonsense is facilitated by their view of what should become of the experiences they have had dealing with the rest of the world, by which they made money to pay high taxes that facilitated National wealth, the reality on the other hand being that these stupidities are simply being exhibited around matters that the Head of State considers when making decisions on National security because it plays into facts on where people worked and had Holidays among other things. I am certain that should I drag them into the same debacle that they have created for me, with intent to get them beaten up, they will tug tail and run. The Celebrities, society gits and media are always the group suggesting they were tough enough to take me on at my turf in Government buildings and they were my responsibility in the first place, whereby the outcome is that I really do think this business of being obsessed with me is badly misplaced.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland