The usual excuse is that I appear to be on a path to Conflict and I really have no idea why people think such talk makes sense, as it is rather a matter of the fact that as far back as history goes, working ethnically at a profession, predisposes career owners to the risk of losing all they had earned by retirement time, what we are now dealing with in the 21st century is a fight on two fronts, with popularity goons on the left that is. I am an Arch Prince and therefore do not work my Office in a way that builds violence for others, this is a given, but I still must contend with Public place pressures that are not of my doing and it is a problem, the most important part of the problem being that people are constantly in a state of concern because they are seeking, sometimes desperately a basic level of Trading Standards.

So, we still have a case where some people have the time to start off campaigns about the importance and benefits of Men they can bully having existed, right until they took their raids into big business and then each act of abuse, abuses a lot of people at any given time, hence are now required to look the part as it is also the case that they are not dealing with the so called money issues anymore all together.

I do get told I am in this very difficult situation that appears to affect adversely the lives of any who associate themselves with me but there is no such thing; we have seen that should I say something about mistress characters who like to get people wrapped round their little finger just so as to get around making money, the men will get comfortable and rely on me for it wrecking everything around here and that the reasons it has happened this way is because of a group of fools who have access to media appearances conducting experiments on me to see if they have power over me, leaving my career as a plaything for social gits, right down to homosexuals who are not sure of themselves and eventually topped up with secret service twerps issuing background threats about wanting to see me fry because my behaviour is one that communists have been taking advantage of. I have been running off my own Publicity which ensured that since they wanted scandals from the wars their Political leaders engaged in, they were able to get as much of it from their media as could be spared but I have done nothing yet to ensure their careers are a subject for peoples practical jokes which bottom out their finances like they do mine, so I have no idea where this victory over me and beating me down which provides the confidence so say people can get rich quick at my expense by practicing industry based culture of narcissistic happiness, has been brewed up from all together anyway. The Celebrities for instance a great big story on the matter – they get involved with my concerns without buying my Books until they ended up with tummy issues the same way that I have on account of their involvement with my academic work and finances since 2002 and then start a campaign of hate on grounds that it was my responsibility they ended up that way, which no soul can explain; we then hear them claim I brought it on myself by getting involved with them while what has really been happening is that of Film producers who loved to broker my equities employing them and their problem being that of a twerp like me being able to boast about employing them thereof, so I had to drop out of University, end up with a five year history of insults and not be able to sell my Books because of my mood and the needs of civil rights gits. When the producers complained about it some years ago, there were stories that will never go away especially during Oscars, about some resurgent racism and sexism in Hollywood, now even though they know I have been allowing them mess with me because I want them to build the true profile of themselves for the public to see, in order to ensure people had stopped questioning me about my position suggesting they were purely evil, they are still building this bad reputation for themselves and seeking out Politicians that will beat me down to ensure they got a good reputation instead for it all together – another completely unnecessary one just like the media experiments, before their secret services fools speak of wanting to see me fry.

In my view however it has always been a simple matter rather of making sure that for each involvement I had created a system that others could get involved with me by, it does mean that people can take away from them whatever it is they are getting from handling me and they are naturally frustrated about this which tends to suggest this is their lives and that I am writing their Books. The part about me being a talker while they can handle me is good except reality is that Celebrity is not a career you make from being educated and going out with a portfolio to win contracts, it is about sharing people’s lives with the crowd and being powerful enough to do so whether the owner wanted it – this is therefore some blabbing they cannot really back up even with their secret services operatives. I mean if a group of people have a way of getting involved with me that is wholly built on taking away the academic work and the finances and whiling away my time every day so I end up thinking security from evil such as their own will fall on my lap when it was most convenient, it is I suppose, left to them to tell the world what their business with me actually is but all I can say is that whenever they gather up those civil rights movements and target my property with it, they know there are criminals in their midst and the day they took responsibility for that would be the day they had become responsible people enough to avoid the social ills that beset them so. I however had decided to put what I am doing with Industry people and Celebrities and Media and even Politicians out there is Public because they always claim that I am involved with wealth and social inequality, the price for this is that I get to demand their discretion which they are not giving, making everything about their rights and problems irrelevant to me.

In the end they say there is nothing I can do about the way they abuse and destroy and persecute me but then again if I realise I have no time to work for my pensions, they will find out they are not the only ones that can show up around people’s lives to count pennies until they made millions building excuses for criminals and whilst their short sighted stupidities claim there is nothing I can do, most people would think the probability was that I would get away with it until I ended up with another reputation that they could run off again as a reason for globalised civil rights movement. We have seen the way they respond to the conditions being to tell me if I lived in the US I would never have lasted while if I did, probability is that I would think of how to ensure I lived the way I did in the UK without expiring – then there is my party piece that means my finances bottom out all the time on account they are superior to me and want to handle me, so they stifled my book sales and bought shares with the company that published me and having been they know nothing about publishing business, we are now in a fight to ensure this place is quiet enough to serve my Clients  as a bookshop library - about which they will claim I have made a mountain out of a mole hill, yet their opinion of me translating into physical contact, like the reasons women get sexually assaulted because they are irresponsible people, has not yet diminished, let alone ceased to occur.

My Public image is obviously so delicious they cannot resist deploying it all the time and so when the involvement stifles my business the frequency of doing it is one that applies every 24 hours, while the damage done is one about which I can get the business working again in 2 weeks, then the Celebrities also have a type that do not carry through with this, usually set out a different stage of involvement that means they think I matter, so I tended to have put that up publicly as a break but would have preferred they read the Books and blogs instead all together. The point being that the use of my public image cannot be done while my Books are being read by the audience, so they are going to stop making use of it and yes they have also always claimed I am angry people are happy while it’s all narcissism built up by their stupid politicians who help them discuss their problems with respect to my existence, never mind the mess made of my public image getting criminals to rely on me for their government concerns as well. I do make a case of it by making out I am in a relationship with some of them through social media and so each time I wonder if people are able to note that they have no sense of commitment with respect to the fame they make trouble for or indeed their own personal lives and yes some people do say I have no sense of commitment to all together which has no basis on reality as the fact of the matter is that my Books were relevant so they made a mess of it, built me a history of insults and some other social and cultural problems that will match the effrontery to write them and its much the same as when I said I found attractive women that were older than I am and they put up the younger ones to tell me how to exist and then when I wrote the Books ended up with Publicity that was not intended for it, exposing facts that got history of sexual abuses spilling out all over Hollywood, which their stupidities then followed up with a Public case of a problem with the idea I am writing on something I am good at and to know what I know they will need a copy of my Books, in order to ensure that no matter what happens with the sexual abuse issues, they relied on me and the outcome was that they kept their careers and kept their money, rather than buy the books they needed, as insultingly as possible – same way we see they are obsessed with getting me into a fight and the joy of it is that I have been stuck with their community croons for years, idea made out the only form of abuse in the world is rape while they get on rooftops to berate me all day long, their sons insulting and bullying me at the world place to claim they were important but none tended to notice and the rest raping people in Hollywood all together, they think I am so tired, I will be pushed into it, I will agree to do some violence, detach myself from the will of God, do the bad thing that ended very badly for me because others were stronger and that would be where it all ended; ai am simply very tired and completely fed up with it as this stage, wish to ensure they left me well alone. So the commitment issues is that they found my Books relevant and set off to all these activities anyway, then pretended they deserved to do it while they kept their salaries and relied on me not to do the same to them as well, hence I have built it all up on my websites as a tool through which to sell the Books and we now know they were complaining about the fact I shut off access to the Popular culture if it bothered me first before they set off to invent the new one that they have here; the part about the idea I have a Public image and I am afraid of them and a combination of the two was the exit for their behaviour is simply going to end very well as I do tend to see it as another business of publicly clowning around at my expense.

Their excuse is that I treat women the same way while reality is that they have always been very proud of the effect their involvement corruption has on other people, so women do this thing where they say if they give their heart to people, then such people must stay where they are - I had it with the women I got along with and they had since run off their mini wars over it, what we now see is that they expected these consequences but did not expect it to affect them - as far as I am concerned, they had invented the behaviour and have suffered it, so we are waiting for what will happen with their attitude next.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland