I am aware it is said that I deny the fact that I am having to deal with a lot of racism but I am not having to deal with any racism, its a collection of very stupid individuals on Media with an unnecessary habit of wrecking my Property to put up a hope that someday they might be able to make my Publisher see the right in thinking that my Books should be shut down and the reasons for this behaviour that gets me sickeningly engaging myself in damage limitation every day is because they are so important they want to see me being forced into a condition whereby I did something to serve them it has always been this way with the emptiest vessels making the loudest noise scenarios and I want them shutting down all media stupidities pertaining to me except they have it written in their contract so I might take it up with their employers. They do say my behaviour scares people but what they leave out is picking up my Assets and its equity processes that I brokered with film makers, brewed up a story about me selling Royal position for money which brings about equality, got their goons running off an equality campaign that meant they enjoyed the films and started a hate programme that set me out as a trouble maker who suggested reality films that ruin peoples lives, then finish off claiming I dont buy as much films as criminals do while I criticised the criminals instead of serve them according to the problems I have, garnished with the business of patenting my property and public image to their stupid names this behaviour never scared them, my response does. Its how I have set out my career you see, to avoid being vulnerable to culture and society troublemakers; the idiots have spotted it and all hell has broken lose already. It is however the part where they expect to continue this process of insults that set me out as a Child to allow their stupidities become more profitable when they think I should know of them as bread winners when they are not bread winning for me, giving way to a business of hanging around somewhere to cultivate their need for involvement with my concerns into a means by which they may ring their friends to stop me from getting a job, I will go from making sure their Politicians were inundated with society idiots when my finances and academic work have been wrecked to ensure I spent more time with those and the business of getting into a fight because they will not let me be, which leads to outcomes that mean their Celebrity and Media bottoms hurt endlessly, to a process of doing what I must being that the decision to rip up their career when they damage my own is difficult for me while their stupidities are not difficult for them, having the fun at their expense the last time we checked as it were, to teaching them a lesson they will never forget all together. Nothing about these matters are unusual; we all know whenever these idiots make the money they make by making people happy, no other professionals in the land in safe and this is why they place so much of their insulting emphasis on those who serve their stupidities especially in the security sector being professional. The point being that there is no racism and if there was, it would not have been something that their stupidities were able to help with.

I am not in any way trying to make this into a conversation; it is not a conversation at all the power these goons have involves getting involved with others, to such an effect that their stupidities damage everything they handle and they need to give me my space as soon as possible I have always been aware of this behaviour in society but now I have had enough of them showing up all over my concerns, it needs to stay away from my Books and stop following me around, it needs to solve its own problems without bothering me and if its stupidities are easy while ripping up their lives and careers is difficult for me, thus giving them boundless confidence, its difficult to make sense of why they keep complaining about the little measures set out to effect deterrence. It has always been the Media and Celebrity 24/7 them and me and the local communities have no peace and this behaviour is not part of their contract. Their international friends will be the one where this nonsense means I show up at Industry for my own business and wind up a complicated corner, hurtle down a Rabbit hole and show up at the other end stuck in a war where those who gather the most resources will win, with a big mouth, nobody knows what it is exactly that the scum want from me. They do claim like the Media boasts of how I was incapable of doing anything about them, the same way Industry goons boasted that their money will never run out, that I have an issue I can never be rid of while I need prevent cracked up out of my league giving my wife problems like I provide support for other women from my position, prevent the stupid controlling Men making a mess of my mobility and right to feel relaxed at home and ensure that since they never listen and the pee, pee, pee show up around my concerns, fail to buy a Book and move into a corner of my life to extract money from market is followed by a process where I twisted them into a difficult situation and got off doing the same as well. As for the sense that I deny the damage they have done; it is more like Liberal America led idiots said I have written a Book that causes nostalgia and should not have been written and its now becoming a big fight because they want to own it the idiots do nothing save put up money somewhere and when the pressure they put on people over that money is right, people part with money over a product and they add it and repeat the process, will never run a business properly or get a job, only pee, pee, pee extract money from the Country and yet we would be okay with that if the behaviour that caused the recession had been stopped but it has not, the fools always know better, hence the Politicians ought to get everybody to work if their money was needed to bring about economic recovery, as stupidly as possible it appears to be easy for them while ripping up their careers for leaving me with nauseating financial complications on account every involvement with me is a pee, pee, pee process of extracting money from my markets is still a difficult decision for me and their stupidities rely on me to do nothing about it apparently.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland