I understand it is said that I never believe anything I am told, which is not really the case, I do believe what people are saying to me, I simply do not think it has anything to do with me. For instance people need local criminals so they might work a system of civil rights that finds a way to share peoples income with the crowd through Politics targeted at those who dare to have what society goons have not yet tasted but if I take that from them they will then go off to see that white people are doing some racism and that will make me do whatever they wanted concerning anything I owned. By far the biggest problem is the Journalists whose activities these days are all about picking up everything concerning my Books and then putting it up on Media to live their dreams alongside their society tramps and it is something they will not stop even when they ask questions of what I want and I made it clear everything they wanted from me can be found in the Books and everything they hear me say need not be explained to people as intelligent as they are, is my personal property; what they wish to do instead is the media insults – we find they want to raise their children to be real people and avoid the dangerous and public violence that claims lives, need my help but not my Books and so on and the Media is at the heart of providing this leadership because they say their power exists when they control how much money I can own and this is a terrible insult that will never improve in my view unless I did shut down all aspects of Media that is doing this with my company first of all. It is never the case that anything they have said or done has interested me like they claim it has. It has all developed from practical joke to practical joke, now settled up on their need to decide I cannot gain access to money, alongside insulting accusations that will be resolved to fix their personal problems ; something about the interest in being able to show off their car if I dreamt of having one because I had none or their Celebrity mansions and so on, because of which they have now damaged my academics and finances and expected forgiveness that will bank roll these kinds of intense stupidities, only to tell me that they are the ones that can get me out of my financial problems and I am rather lost as per which part of when I say I do not care what they think or want , they had failed to grasp ; they cannot do anything about me and cannot do anything for me if I beat them down so badly they were forgotten by the world, gave myself 6 months break after and faced the world as a new person with my Books in hand - I do not need their help, I have never cared what their problem was and have no plans to start of recent and I will fancy they just got lost.

It is the same case all round like it was at the University. The lecturer ends up telling me I look like I have seen a ghost on three separate occasions of their stupid black girls walking into the lecture room to target me over my public image that they want to get rich with. This nonsense has not stopped, the money they have made from it alongside their foolish Celebrities have not moved them on, so I need this situation they are in as well due to what I had gotten up to since, where there is time to explain and there is a perfectly logical one for each of their civil rights stupidities. It is the same as the case with Hollywood producers – I say something about barely criminal goons and they pick up my asset equities to make films and completely destroy my finances in the process; now they have decided all together that it is the barely criminals that are buying films and that I am an insolent low life who gets involved with what does not concern me and should be showing respect to them, which I think is all going to end very badly too alongside the case with the media, especially now that their bottom hurts and my Books should never be sold if a better purpose such as it being used as a secret place where idiots like these could feel safe became its purpose instead.

We hear I have been badly beaten down for going up against them all the time and it is utter nonsense; it is rather worth all the tummy ulcers in the world to let myself be tormented so as to build up a picture of the link between their godlessness and racism; so as to make a clear statement about the reasons ethnic minorities enjoy having racism in the society, the reasons it is always all about money. They speak of people like me starting the superiority games and then getting all hot and bothered when others are winning it and it is really never that cheap, I am sure most of the world have heard me warn them about a need to control my finances and tell me how to exist in a way that will avoid the return of racism – they are all out of their depths as well now, fighting for their lives too. I was there when my whole life came to a stop so they might build their counter measures and win some superiority competition, it did not happen when I was a child and could easily grow out of it anyway; the threats are usually good of course but it will never change the fact it relies on a process where people are not ripping up their access to media as well, so they will tend to deploy it to build a public image for themselves that is all about somebody else losing a job and or a career and livelihood, so if the victims react positively they will have a career to steal but if they did negatively then there will be controversies and violent forms of making money for power to play with on Media – it is really all they can do to back up those stupid threats they throw at me, the only way they can have revenge for having lost the second world war. They are all the same forms of evil, they know I know they are all the same forms of evil but it seems I have to take special measures to keep them off me and yes I do get asked why it happens anyway which is an old story that sets them out like animals i.e. if you do not have a cut and a bleed that causes them to smell some blood, you will not find yourself in difficulty but then again I do not care, cuts and bleeds happen all the time and they can go to hell. So the ethnic minorities specifically say I never recognise what others do with civil rights, even though I have explained it’s a process of abusive ways of being career criminals showing up here to wind me up 24/7 but then again the explanation is rather very simple i.e. they are not in charge and we see it all the time, a need to wreck people’s lives and finances in order to lead, to lead when their own position is a threat to them all together and soon after we find it has made a mess of everything and decided the safest way for extremists to kill people would be if those who know what to do died for everybody and I am supposed to make out that this is separated from what the Bible described as evil; they are not in charge, I am – so it does come down to the question of what I am doing to lead if I am in charge and yes so had I written a Book and all the help or support they want from me is located in that Book, they will get none anyway else, about which they like to say they have my asset equity at Industry to play with and we all know if it damages Public image or Canopy emporium like it already had before, or damages a Royal Estate or its Literary Empire, I will sack their own as well. It will never get a straight job and if it gone one will never do it straight and people’s lives have to come to stop so they might be trapped at Politics and crowd games for these sorts of nonsense; ethnic minorities familiarise and make a mess while racists explain what they have to say to crowds over the fact I have a Public image and like Magic they have a new one for the generation, a new one for me, talking rubbish at me about which things I say that I cannot back up.

People who have spent their whole lives building themselves a trap Public image of campaigning against extremism such as Tony Blair and Nelson Mandela who at the time of my pointing his case out was an old Man, are doing it, so you are left wondering what to expect from the two bit either way scum telling you how to exist every moment of their time; at this stage they say I am done for but I have only had to tolerate their insulting practical jokes making out that all I do adds up to a way they can get around in the world, which if I say it is not means they run off another public image that means I do not want to sell my Books and have lost potential customers that can now go somewhere else or buy another Book and this stupidity is starting to build a crowd as well all together, while they claim that the way I have responded to it is rather surprising. We have reached a point where it’s a two way story beside the one about the carnal evils of Sodom and Gomorrah ripping up my health because they love to complain about my response while saying I am not homosexual is never enough for them; it has reached that point where it wants to tell me I am a trouble maker and need to move outside of the Community which insolence I have had enough of as well after years of being told how to exist of which we all know works in a manner where it cannot keep its hands to itself and always finds it up my bum all of the time, which really exacerbates the outcome where being told what to do by their society stupidities means the deviance start paying attention to my finances and personal life and family all the time and if I hurt him, they will then say he was too big for me to hurt while it carries on like a bunch of arseholes blabbing about a health I do not have anymore and the things they need to keep doing to work towards the dream of topping up their stupid manhood.

They say I talk but am not making any progress because people find my attitude insulting; first of all which I am not making any progress because they really enjoy complaining about me when I rip up that culture and society and become confident nothing is going to happen which it never does most of the time and of course - I mean we now know they cannot do the drugs an celebrities well if their identity vanishes too the way their behaviour causes mine to, with such serious effects as a process where I am picked on in public and any wise words by standers say is just painful, not to mention this business where women just start to become very annoying as well -  my attitude will one where they have had need of whole civil services and National Media and Parliament to ensure they have arguments with me and are not wrong because their civil rights looks like that but it is not enough even as we speak. So, people do ask about the reason it happens, which reason will surprise everybody if I mentioned it i.e. I listen to what people are saying to me a lot and they decide that they want to be respected and have need of the guy who just listens – now they are learning that dropping out of University changes people and we are talking about dropping out some 10 years earlier while their behaviour persists when they are complaining as well, telling me I am not making any progress. They make up that other story where they say that the problem was rather that I thought I was famous when I was not which is why their involvement with my concerns is so annoying; I was walking around the streets one day and it was in the City centre where I had gone off to attend a Job interview and I ended up with City Centre people playing hide and seek with my entire existence, so since it had persisted there was likely to be two reasons and one of them was going to be that I looked like them and they had something to lose if they did not point that out, the other was that I had talent and they wanted me to join them; either way, I was pushed out of University a decade ago but as devastating as that was, these goons claiming my attitude is insulting are still at it as we speak.

I. Uno I

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