So there is this talk that I am not an emotional person and am completely unable to feel a sense of care for others, reality of which is more a case of a collection of people whose involvement with anything means that others cannot be paid attention to, their involvement with me means I am unable to care about other people Ė time wasters you see and we are now at a season for getting rid of them. We see every time that the blacks want to get involved with me and factorise me by my anus all the time because it is likely to make me pay attention to their needs but the insulting comments they make after especially when they want to feel like real girls was never in their view the reasons they are seen complaining about me as the process of addressing me in the first place is usually called for all together. We are heading towards a point now where they will lose the jobs for addressing me and I think that making this happen will be the beginning of an end to the problem, since it is obvious itís about abusive and violent practical jokes that are safe for them to practice and because it is channelled at Royalty brings about such great benefits for wickedness and must not be stopped at all cost, when we try to explain and understand the nature of evil all together, garnished with boys from the neighbourhoods beating me up if their plans for how I should be used is disrupted. So I dropped out of University in 2008, writing this blog in 2018 and they have not gotten the gist with strange cultures where they do not have trouble with strangers fingering their bums because they have a culture where they wallow in the mud and have sex at random as a community and here in the UK all black people are the same thus their abuses are well hidden; comments like to me they say thank you but no thank you for example and what will happen before it stops will need to go beyond barging into their alternative lifestyle pleasures, to say the same thing or check up on my Books and ensure they feel me as well if there has been any damage. The fall out is of course that I am having to push forward my agenda, the agenda where after 15 years of Reality Television shows involving their Keeping up with the Kardashians here and housewives of rich neighbourhoods there, have left what happens with Fashion Models who appear on Television advertisement over equity brokered with this Estate lies almost ruined and I have been left only with the bottom hurting bits of the work I do here to settle hospitality and so especially for the Americans and Eastern Europeans, I am now ready to start using their own until people can hear them complain as well, with all those terrorists they have got running around City centres. They say I need to keep off the Media but I am not getting involved with the Media at all; what has happened recently is that there is a part of Media that wants to be friendly, so the other part that wants to make trouble is up in arms with that which does help to make my point all together i.e. the problem with the media is that they will kill somebody elseís precious Arch Prince because they feel sensations of envy, by getting him into areas of society that is really bad, where they can then abandon him to his fate Ė no idea what it means when they are fighting for their lives each time they cross me, out of their depth all together as we see them try to seek an exit for it with a job they claimed was their dream job every time I have to deal with those insults. I am aware of what happens behind the Camera on this matter i.e. they get inferior news slots or even get news slots that pay less, so if those that are friendly with me get better news slots they attack me out of revenge but they have continued to insist that their behaviour was because people struck their bums on my account with no consideration for the number of times mine was struck on their account in order for me to drop out of University, such that while I am thinking about which aspects were my fault they would not give it a rest for a decade, no regard for the number of times mine gets struck whenever they pass those stupid insults or incite their local fools to it; so it has become a story of whether they should be treated in a privileged way because their temper was greater than that of an Arch Prince anyway. I do come across this question about the bum striking thing which they started by the way i.e. their insults are usually coupled with a need to get criminal communities paying attention to me, right up to the stage where a whole life has been built for me to fit into which works for them as well and now their main problem is that of my temper every time they suggest it is what I am really like, right up to the stupidities of black and ethnic minority idiots who have been given the opportunity by Mr Obama to get all over my Public image and finances and to get involved with me whenever they want as insultingly as usual, it is not what my life looks like and people need to get a job or go away. As for the question of bum striking itself, that was a story of many forms but the most typical is when there is a lot of criminal behaviour and confusion and you are happy the Police are around, so it is usually something women want, unless they were the ones curetting the lives of the criminals themselves. It feeds into this case where it is said that my support for local communities is needed, which is precisely what this is all about; the goons that keep building the popular culture and celebrity culture up my Public image are complaining that they cannot do anything even the criminal activity when their identity has vanished too but for male journalists especially, it is a form of treasured idiocy to keep behaving as though it is a Public imageand public life that belongs to them to use as they please, looking for trouble: so we find that a teenage idiot with a need to stab people will always want to target those who have Public image on which popular culture and celebrity culture can be built on especially considering that those who own such public image frown on crime all together, so if I am dead, there will be no one to tell people how to use it; so we can see that the media fools did say that their jobs were dream jobs, now itís nothing but a headache for me and the lowlifes will not stop addressing me as though we were mates all together, while the writing is starting to appear on the wall concerning consequences if bad things were to happen to me because they would not stop telling me how to exist so that vices might pay all their attention to my existence as well. They do claim I am most vulnerable to the Media which is utter nonsense like that case where they say I damage peoples fame and want to be famous while the fun bit was when the built up my public image to avoid showing some respect, the serious bit therefore became what would happen if it was ascribed to somebody else Ė I am not vulnerable to the Media, we know racists are murderers but these Liberal bullies like to think everybody would be out of breath chasing them and I need to make a show of myself for I can handle the fact there is a perfectly rational explanation for every one of their insanity without there being fame based financial benefits associated with the processes; I mean processes like when they build some band Aid and it was the Popular culture that exists after the little girls ones has their fill destroying everything I am and own and itís the older peoples version which runs only on breaking my heart to pieces and making their songs good enough to let them run around the corridors of international community - so itís always been a matter of the fact parents never listen when I say I do not fancy it, I will always need to be forced to until they have their heart broken and strewn for that and as usual it has no reason, it has no meaning, it has no purpose, it has not happened because they were provoked. This has been the way that society has been kept in balance for years they say but itís an old case of not behaving a way that allows one group to feel they can dominate the other when you come across people that are as childish as racists are because doing so means that invariably somebody will get killed - likewise is it important people kept off me as we are not social mates.

They do say mine is the way of cowardice but reality is more that itís the way of eliminating my enemies without getting myself into trouble, I mean, somebody would brew up violent social problems for another if they had experienced it because their minds were extra strong that is as it were; so it seems that the only way to get away with brewing up violent social problems for others and then seeing it through would be if you had such a good reputation that nobody could say anything bad about you and then the question of how you got the idea when you have such a good reputation that nobody could say anything bad about you, hence you had no enemies in the first place? Itís important they learn not to get used to threatening me as the probability is likely to be that the idea I will fall victim to it is a theory, while reality will likely be that they will and I will get away with it.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland