Now I am said to be in total denial of the consequences of Brexit which is utter nonsense – they have been at this for years; the UK is a Country given away to migrants, so the Germans will co-operate with racism and if not the French will and if all Europeans don’t Russians will, they have done it and elected racist governments into the Spanish Government, elected racist governments into the Danish government and there are many others – the Politicians have responded it to by spending every tool that allows them prevent these idealistic nonsense from wrecking their government work living on attacking those who attend Church and any smaller persons that have pushed back when attacked and managed to survive in the process, allowing the racists to grab some education off people and to mobilise, the rest as they say is history when they could not settle up on what they wanted to do with Migrants. In terms of the migrants however, it was a crisis to do with the fact that before the EU had recently began to grow its influence in the world, the unspoken status quo of migration was that only those that had an alpha mentality were to travel to the US while the rest were to travel to Europe but after it became a matter of where peoples trading interests with wealthier Countries where and where they wanted to go – the result in the EU leadership was that the abuse people levy on those who want British reached a peak, while other EU Countries expected the British to get along with what they were doing with any trouble making migrants, which the British have been handling for years before they noticed that it was a problem, the outcome then was Brexit and where I fit into the matter was the part where I cannot stand their Popular culture and feel as if I need a break from the 1980s all the time.

They do claim I am unable to see what fans get up to but we all know what happens is that the Books I have written have taken care of society trouble maker problems and they have stifled my earnings to first build up their own culture trouble maker problems on it, which will deal with the society trouble makers – same as we see that whenever I set up structures that allow young people to make some money via other people’s music studios in a manner which supports young people in school especially girls that are never allowed to study by the Boys, and it is copied and bastardised, the reason is usually how it has affected Class A drugs traders, same as Fashion where I have a Models Coven because Fashion Operatives set out these models as Characters that have something in common with me that they can work some vested interests by and each time it is copied and bastardised it is usually for the same sort of reasons and in the end we find these goons have a part to play in copying, extracting the money and dominating because they believe their problems should have priority and that when they are unhappy it should matter while it never should matter when others are about their behaviour, so I believe it will continue until it ended badly too.

The boast of some great reckoning here is nothing unusual but that is not the truth; the truth is that I have done nothing about their abuses and vandalism of my property, of the process of stifling my earnings until society trouble makers recovered the footing and of spending my resources to replenish the stock of community croons that spend their time abusing people in sexual context so they might make money off peoples public image to escape work and chase conveniences – their problems then as a matter of how their own bad personal decisions have affected them, which bad decisions I have not made because I am superior to them; a disposition I have adopted because the need to stifle my finances with media, telling tales about my work and Public image is based on making sure that the way people saw them due to these bad decisions were completely changed at my expense before I am allowed to make a living and will not desist even when the need to tell them about not following me around and keeping away from my Books had become a little psychotic since, especially the Americans. The Media simply happens to be the place where people had become addicted to running off matters concerning their public appearances on publicity I have built for my Books as it would stifle my earnings while making them look good in the eyes of the Public, which we all know will progress to a future where they sold it on to the Politicians, keeping their salaries the whole time and their families being completely unaware of what I put up with each time they get off to the Office.

The other story is that I am not in synchronisation with my audience which I am; these goons have gone one direction and I have spent some time building the sense I am in a relationship with them, to facilitate a process whereby people were able to see a picture that involved me on one hand and them without a sense of commitment towards the fame and personal life we cannot be free from on the other; so I am in need of a total quietness that facilitates the process of running a Bookshop and they are always complaining which serves me because they obviously need the quietness too, although it is important to set out too, that I need it more since I am a writer; none of my Book work outside of this environment and those who think they want to read it need to think about the importance of commitment before they blamed me for what they found. So the matter of their position as Celebrities fits into this, where I am told that I think Celebrities are bad people while they are not; what happens is a group of fame freaks wanting to get rich quick and had decided that they will sell videos and music on the basis of helping crowds feel a sense of equality with me and then once they get the money, they discover that they needed more money and then they needed to repeat the process over and over again despite having been warned before they began, about grinding their show business at me the whole while. So the Republicans claim they want to give me the suffering on the matter which I understand perfectly but so will I delay their Politics or even government until I am prepared for the fighting so they might make up Politics and pick off what their competitors are doing while we watch them deploy the electoral system as a tool for the gimmicks they wish to exhibit until they got a country of their own – having a Country of their own had become the reason for all sorts for some time now and the Politicians have continued to cling to my career, seek out ways of splitting my Empire with members of the Public while they got the fattest share, and need to ensure they were providing some leadership that ensured others were used and abused by extremists.

They always say that people do not like me at all even though I think I am some sort of Bees Knees, which is utter nonsense as what they like is irrelevant – what happens is that I become a Christian character that has a lot of Christian things to say but nobody wants to listen, to a stage whereby I am bursting and my personality can facilitate fame and fortune and then when I write a Book, I had ended up writing a writers Book and they had ended up starting a fight with the quiet environment that lets people read it. Then there is also the part that they take it to another level and end up wrecking the career and academic work by chasing me around over what I know, only to start a mini war because I had written a Book that will help share it since they considered me to inferior that they needed to get it free of charge and then their Celebrities and fashion idiots show up here to race each other to the millions on the public image and issue regular threats at me to test the water and find out if I had enough security to take them down and stop it. It does seem that making me uncomfortable makes them feel good about themselves and allows them to carry on with the jobs that got to their heads but we are here because they show up here too often seeking a response from me and the effect of the abusive and violent activities are that the insults are so intense I cannot concentrate on my own concerns too – I fancy when they talk so we understand that even when they are getting involved with Church concerns, there is usually an irresistible need to masturbate whenever I got involved with them. I have no idea why it is so difficult to understand I am a bit of a perfectionist with respect to the commitment issues I have written and written about in my Books for example and I do not know if this has become a crime all together as it stands; what I do know is that the Big businesses broker equities with me and whilst we all know that if somebody was friends of the CEO, the CEO would never draft a stranger for the sort of things their children would do to support the job, my Dad never did and it was how we got our pocket money but it will still run off all sorts of nonsense that means while it keeps its salary it had made a mess of everything around here, claiming there are questions about it when there is a description attached to a Book that they did not write from a existence that is not their own – while the smaller businesses tend to make sense of the property equities and assets, right the way down to the Publicity that my Publishers had built for my work that lets me work in peace at an Office due to the patents working for me as well and then once they do, they got what is coming to them, looking for more of what they are complaining about and making out when my tummy gives up on me I should be threatened because none else is aware their family members were responsible for it.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland