It is true people damage my intellectual property with their plans to get rich but so is it also true that I damage their decadence and wickedness with gospel I force on them in my absence, the spread of panic based on my being beaten is not founded on fact. It has also become a popular story to claim most of my actions are extreme cowardice to facilitate regular bullying from those I might consider not strong enough, developing insults that facilitate some form of notoriety that allows money making and feelings of relevance with Media but what is rather more obvious to a telling mind is that what they are complaining about on the right hand side is only the initial album as this sort of abuse will only lead to outcomes where I perform another one and for the money this time on the left hand side as well - since the fact that some people do not think that the great Academics and Career routine is as important as just sitting about contemplating fame except when they are ripping up other people’s lives in the process stirring up public dissension as well, is not necessarily the point at which others should have to drop out of University and other academic institutions.

I am said to behave more like a woman which is utter nonsense – I believe people would solve their problems of suppositions about my case if they read my Books and blogs and not if they got off being a part of the stupidities we see Media fools exhibit because they find a reaction from me to the damage they do on my work and earning margins exhilarating, having been they spent some years earlier explaining their activities by telling lies and mainly linking it with the fact I had attended an academic institution and the whole point of doing so explains their behaviour – it has since thus become such a clever form of bullying that people are unable to tell them off. I do not behave like a woman when my work and property is now being handled by all sorts of idiots, facilitated by stupid Politicians who complain about me all the time but will then set off to build crowds and set out statements that suggest those things I complain about is still on until poor people become rich, especially the Americans; so we find that whenever some young women pick up matters at my public work to go and make some money at popular culture, they give money to these women to build up the idea that my career was lost to them, bearing in mind that the music made usually supports young people at school especially the girls that the Boys can never allow study as it were and that was how we built it, having been they had continued to assume that there will be any more trouble over it when these women had become exceedingly rich, besides the business of the women taking the money until a problem arises which suggests they should not be doing the popular culture anymore, then maybe they may shut it down. I mean the practical jokes these fools enjoy is something they would claim makes me a victim but I am not a victim, yes it is a matter of discrimination but the business of discrimination – non-discrimination – protecting the self from discrimination in order to discriminate has always been a fabulous use of my time, wherefore we have a history between us and the Americans have already built me one that ensures I am never to be successful until my Literary Empire was split between me and them and because it is the business of taking from me an environment my publishers had built me to work in, I intend to ensure any time in which I end up looking as if I am working on a Hermitage that operates in such ways, will end with a result that is such as when I tore up and completely destroyed their popular culture as well, as this is not the 1980s; so it has been a matter of discrimination and where it’s between whites and other people its racism, when it’s not, it’s nepotism but the biggest practical joke is still being led by Liberal USA and the Celebrities, who claim that not being able to extract an income from my work and Public image makes me a threat to their freedoms and continue to wreck the finances in order to bring these nonsense back into my concerns every day, looking for more of what they are complaining about. The work of being a writer is to ensure that I need to sell the Books for a living instead of give it away, to ensure my best made plans are available for people to access as cheaply as possible, to ensure that I have a Library quiet enough to provide a service where people buy the Books they read around here and after that I must run the numbers at the market place until I am able to earn the £25,000, writers salary threshold, we all know media fools will never mind their business or abandon the idea that doing damage because my response that is exhilarating is something they were addicted to, never listen to what other people are saying to them, I do not behave more like a woman on account that whenever you put pressure on women on a certain direction, they are always likely to go down exactly that way – would be nice if they read the Books and blogs and kept their mouths off my concerns, kept it firmly shut. They always do say that they have told their silly children strange things about me which is meant to scare me but does not in any way whatsoever – the first time scum like these hated my guts proving themselves to discriminative communities at my expense, it ended with a serious matter the Politicians had to pay attention to, concerning the fact I don’t fancy their sugar babies or anybody having sex on me – so this in my view is just progress from the fact they never mind their business and are always looking for trouble. The Muslims will be an understanding of what people mean when they say that people should try to avoid getting involved whenever racists and Muslima are fighting each other, due to the fact it’s a two groups of people who never really listen and never get it – so we find that by being a Muslim it’s very important and the question of your life is one of how you are to grow from one stage to another and develop from one level to the next, soon after which it gets into a habit of provoking you and keeping an eye on you to ensure you never got over it, catches up with the whites chasing you around until you were unable to concentrate on what you were doing over what you knew and then put out a product on it they can take home and end up with a mini war because they should be getting it free and in a condition where you were waiting on them, just like that randomly, complaining all the time but has no plans to stop doing it; the Media obviously foster it and ensure I deal with it every day because they love the obscurity of doing damage to my Books and finances due to the prospective outcome of ending up one day in a situation where they could say I had a fame that existed in the past, a career that had been taken by somebody else, I am forgotten and not modern etc, their stupidities therefore loving the obscurity bits so much until I had built a Public image on it all together. As for the reasons people target me however, the most common example is when Football people are not buying Aston Martin if there is equity brokered with me and then it will reach a point where they have to deal with somebody starting trouble because people were claiming to be familiar with wealthy persons and that will turn out to be a problem they can only solve when they are connected with Politicians and the Royals – while at it however on the other hand, I am simply not entitled to my earnings and they have made up stories to suggest there is a link that may support the idea I am responsible for these things too while there is none, in the same way that it was obvious that it would make no sense tackling their need to make my life toxic all the time and run away with the income margins, if I was not tackling the wealthy that are building semblances of such things on Media every day.

I get told that on one hand whatever I say, the outcome is always that I win, while on the other hand I am addicted to being served – for the former of which is a matter of behaving anyway they liked because a kid had a public image they would secure an exit from, for the latter it’s a matter of being in charge of what is done in my direction as a service to the Crown, usually of which those who do it as a matter of protecting me directly do it due to the fact they want me to exert authority where it mattered and they do it to wreck the state provided security and make plans of their own to be important. They always boast at the end about getting out of me those things that will ensure society was cohesive while those who were superior to me maintained their superiority but it’s an old tale of their lawlessness being directly linked to an obsession with money while wanting others to take responsibility for the consequences and do not want to smell because of it too; how it makes them important beats my imagination every time, but we have reached a point where the pestering needs to reach an ending. They speak of what originally happened all the time but what really did was the fact they have no respect for other people’s personal and thinking space and always tend to justify it on grounds that the Monarchy exists i.e. I walk around like I am Royalty for spending all night reading or paying attention to a Career and the fight begins pointlessly and never stops – then they build it up to a stage in which I am now sharing my personal life and bed chamber with the imaginations of their Community croons, society goons who now have somebody to depend upon for all the wrong reasons and culture trouble makers who ensure that people are softened up to be tackled over money issues by making sure people are damned if they did and if they didn’t; this is what really happened, their version of the truth.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland