I have been told people think I am a wimp, but I am not. I am not a wimp, what happens is that these goons are always getting on their gimmicks about International diplomacy-based influences on which they want to get rich quick, and it makes them incredibly slippery, but the abuses never get better as it is a matter of various factions of global stage influences playing out at my expense for all the wrong reasons. It will show up like so to build me publicity as a bug that people want to squash and then I have to take out some time I could have spent on my Books, clearing it out which is incredibly annoying too; in the end we find those Public transport and society goons playing practical jokes on me all the time as an Arch Prince who has no money, with respect to which I had delayed my finances for a very good reason which their gimmicks has been a barrier since the last time I started picking it up, for the best part of 2 years, very annoyingly so far, that said, we don’t know what part these goons are playing in the matter, we know they love to cause the smell and threaten me for it and have understood my position to be one where they can challenge me over it if their stupidities were finally mad enough as it were. It is like it wants to create a condition where I am a bug people want to squish but it had to keep its mouth shut and let those who can talk about doing so. The other issue is that I have done it all by myself which I have not necessarily – the issue is that if the Crown or the Government talked about these matters, it would get very violent very quickly, I am simply talking about my Office as per clearing out the reputation for being a bug people want to squash is not what I do for a livelihood, however the support of the Crown is a small backup I have, which is why the Celebrities are always complaining about hurting bottom issues. It plays into the Obama Legacy where they hang around settling a position as a bunch of bullies, whose future relies on abusive things they can do with a history of prolific key-hole peeping. So all is well around here at all times, save society idiots building up means by which people run me down on the streets all day while the idea I have lost something through it eventually makes them money at the market using my public image on one hand, as Celebrities hang around on the other hand to run off abusive publicity that sets out a stage which suggests I am always having my clothes taken off my Back, so people may get imagination up my Bum, then there are the low lives who spend time on such things to hang around at the other end of their sordid personal decisions making trouble with their entire self-worth relies on buying things they cannot afford because they saw Celebrities exercising possession of such things, blowing off the big mouth at me all the time.

I. Uno I

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