I must tolerate those gimmicks endlessly, where it turns out that they would fancy a process where people stopped listening to what I say which allowed me to secure a way out of the predicament my behaviour has caused me. There is no link to reality on it naturally, which was more a matter of the fact that they are such a handful of people who were interested in civil and criminal disobedience, to such an extent that my finance and career had stalled due to the intensity of their abusive behaviour. The Public effects of their actions is to be seen in terms of the way that Politicians handle my work i.e. they will pillage it to build their own careers to a fault and when they stopped a rival party will take it up and if both stopped, they only will to make statements that I didn’t deserve my career because I never took part in National service – so it has become very important that these self-seeking busy bodies made the comments they had to make on media about social life, about their own social lives that they have gained by being more famous and more important than I am.

I do get told Politicians were the cause of all these problems and yes, they were – they claim that these goons who cling to my property and finances over a need to solve wealth and social inequality problems while being abusive towards me, upon taking their agitations onto the streets to loot, damage and destroy property, were a feature of democracy. From here what happens is that they claim I am at war with them but they cling to my career and explain their actions on claims that it was competition and equality that they were applying themselves to – it has become such an opportunity as they tell so many lies that the whole wealth and social inequality issues have been paid bare for them to do their best with and all they want to do at this stage is avoid work, hence it had to be explained the reasons that they were doing everything to avoid work, at the same time which others couldn’t sleep well because of their wealth and social inequality agitation. As for the war I declare on them however, we know they loved to cling to my earnings while spending time on this nonsense and would never trade or work save it was suggested that they were nice people, and I was a bad person and the stage set by such claims was the only way to seek money. The most recent effects are this incredibly stupid instalment of the latest ideas that their Politicians have had, in the sense that when they rip up property and torch streets for their agitation, the Politicians decided that they were good to go when it came to the business of securing a social life and a public image and a process of getting paid for being popular on my reputation.

The very fact they rip up people’s lives to complain about wealth and social inequality but are now working so hard to avoid work, now that they had a great opportunity to have it sorted out is an example of what they believed was a threat to me whereas I could use it to inflict a lot of suffering and then leave it for others to play with too. generally however they keep saying that the abusive cloud of lasciviousness that facilitates the way their communities get imagination up my anus to cause a smell and damage the social life and public image will never be stopped until they were powerful and rich, which I do understand but each time they blow off their big mouth, need remember that nonsense is still being worked by their stupidities and it suggests the way I chase my concerns was so amusing I didn’t deserve to make a living from it, so if they wish to cease complaining about me too, they better get rid of it. The Politicians have always confirmed they will do no such thing because I was being tackled for revenge taken over the destruction of my University studies, whereby I too got them to lose everything they built up to help them control tyranny which they exhibited most of the time that is, which makes sense of all the facts listed above.

They do claim it is an issue concerning power which it is not, it’s all tricks being passed off as power issues as nobody is denying them the power all together – they rip up my career and cling to my earnings while claiming they were engaged in an act of competition upon doing so and it is so annoying, I could never imagine I will spend more of my lifetime waiting for them to move on without consequences. I am vulnerable to this nonsense because it was meant to be some sort of attack on Merit society on their part, where I was given Publicity and structures for the work that I am doing but because I had to build applicable financial systems to do it by and work my operations from a Trust system I created, they have built a civil rights movements and media presence where they may decide at will that they could avoid working for money to release money from my Trust system every time I needed to pay my way and therefore attempted to. I am not necessarily fooling around with it as such as it is rather dangerous but they do love to make those statements about the problems they speak of but which people never really paid attention to until recently: the reality naturally is that I am no longer known as a writer after all my work because it is preferable for me to be known as the subject of abuses and mooing and mumblings from their community croons, the reason being that the need to show up where I had done the best work for my career to bully me into handling the women for them has now produced an outcome where they understand that there is no law against women behaving badly like there isn’t one that prevents them from behaving badly as well, and this had become part of their mainstream living especially when women hang around somewhere feeling the body. So what has happened is that they never tell the Politicians that I have done 16 years of financial vandalism because I had failed to co-operate with their stupid need to get paid for being popular on my social life, they never tell the Politicians they have followed it on with an abusive cloud of lasciviousness that suggested the way I chased my daily concerns was amusing, but we know that there will have been an attribute of accuracy if we suggested their gimmicks meant that they had lost control of what the crowds that took part in that nonsense got up to, that said, while they are still doing it and have not gotten rid of that cloud, churning my tummy all day which is quite painful, the ageist idiots are blowing off the big mouth at me endlessly, looking like they gained a professional qualification in the art of bullying, whenever what I did with my career explained the reasons their stupidities were bothering me. It is about to stop according to my devises now apparently, the consequences of this need they had to put themselves in charge while they did not know what they were doing, leaving me to spend years clearing out consequences of their popularity without enough success to allow me to proceed with my real career. They do suggest that my actions will likely develop into a push for more attacks on women but we have been there before, this story of the relationship they had with their sugar babies, compared to what the female community did with work, family, and civil living, the part where people will again suggest I put a gloss on terrible facts when I mentioned most of these abuses and the damage done to my finances are a function of their need for extra money in the joint family account to engage in immoral activities that the wife will not have noticed, so we are about to get into another phase of it and this time it will be the finale.

It is the same as they claim my actions on racism are unacceptable and we know it is the gimmicks about putting themselves in charge, running me down to run off my achievements as their own on media for the purpose of pleasing a Crowd that will be linked to their popularity, claiming it is governmental accountability with a big mouth. We know that they pick up my work to complicate further a process where they clashed with white people who suggested their white people response to provocation had to be racist, while the law decided which crimes were committed and what payments were due, the effect was that I had opened a Bookshop and they were more interested in handling my civil and public leadership to make use of Books and the services contained while their Muslim idiots steal my time all day telling me what to do abusively, the stupidities whereby doing something about bad social elements was the process where Islam is disrespected and not doing it was the infidel, when it is not fighting for me as well if it gets caught up in terrorism – what they then do thereafter with civil rights and an outcome where my civil and social leadership brought about high consequent results is quite amazing, the way that their civil rights now made it quite clear my Books were bad things. So, it is another one of those blabbing where the outcome is likely to be that I ended up in a position where my situation was best explained as one concerning which enough had not yet died as it were.

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