Now they say I am losing everything I have going round in circles and it is utter nonsense as those who peddle such things do not engage with my Bookshop, so goes without saying they were better off spending their time on more useful things than myself, more so in such ways all together as it were. The reality of the matter is a group of very stupid individuals about whom it is quite clear there are people who had stopped them inflicting pain and suffering somewhere in the course of performing a job which gets to their stupid heads, the contracts on which that job is based of which has nothing to do with hurting people and I plan to find out how they did it, so I might as well, since its impossible to communicate to these idiots they needed to stop hurting me and just lay off my case. They do it all the time, especially the women, they cannot keep their hands off handling others and their imagination veers off very fast towards the direction of poking, prodding, punching etc, so what happens when they end up at the mercy of somebody who does the same to them is that they find a way to inflict further harm to those whom they had already done it to over money issues but I am not responsible for any of it, it does not even come in, considering I dont make the laws and the Politicians are the ones responsible for doing so. Then there is the other part where they have to be neighbourhood bullies and people who inflict obscurity on others 24/7 to enjoy throes of suffering inflicted by their insanity, where you can say they do it because they are ill but that would not solve a problem but if you said they did because they are stupid it would solve a problem, except they have those foolish rules which say that you will end up in a difficult situation if you described them as a handful of bloody idiots. The rest are the media who have now run off for a while a story about the price I had to pay for my position as they cannot tell if the Monarch loves me more than the Country while what happens is the question at the Monarchy of what to do with my work and Office, recently being settled as an understanding where I am is a place where should the state get involved, is the stuff of civil war, so I have been given permission to delay accessibility when necessary bearing in mind I already used to take a while to get things done in the first place it has already developed questions on which one HM loves best as stupidly as possible on the insane media. Then there is the part where they say that I have ended up with a state of mind that makes a mess of their culture and society all the time of which there is no such thing, just like the other fools spend time blabbing to their women whose brains had long taken a holiday, of the people they will attack to make others comfortable, so the foolish women show up here with girls dormitory bullying, looking like a handful of mean cunts all the time in their case, the time between 2014 and 2016 which is three years in total is what they needed to build me a reputation that says I dont get paid for the work that I do and everybody knows about it, complete with quasi criminals that hang around somewhere with my concerns to tell me my life is over, whom they had allied their stupid selves to. That said, I have allowed it run to such a stage that their stories I mess with the culture and society is now real, so we are about to find out what it is exactly they can do about it.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland