Should the question have been about the reasons I did what I am doing, then by 7.00am 3/3/2024 and it was obvious my public work and public image, about making sure the public was able to build products for a market occupied by gits who spent money to attack them with the work and products market and a state of affairs was to be settled in upon whereby Celebrities showing up to tear down my assets and get people doing their bidding would suggest they were chasing sexual activity 2 hours later and we were dealing with a completely different state of affairs whilst the gits responsible were complaining that the 2 decade career mess they created for me as undeservedly got me ripping up their 5 decades patriarchy work which they took up decades to build, lest it be integrated into the Kings reign, to which effect the insults abuses of their famous gits who pick up the public image for narcissism which obscured its meaning and the work I did meeting up with the PR whilst the complained about the existing rowdy state of affairs they appear to have appreciated, just the sort of nonsense I had tolerate everyday but then again it does also appear that the famous would like a 2 decade career mess. History is that each time they engaged with a conference crowd, they read my Books without paying and shows up to rip up my public image to make a crowd comfortable with show business over superiority issues, then finish off getting on the red carpet to explain their personal problems to the public which they were too stupid to explain in their own words by breaching my patents point being that there has been currently no prevailing amicable way to put an end to it so far. There is no antagonising the patriarchy as suggested, I trashed it lest it be integrated into the Kings reign because it trashed my career over two decades to create the integration, they have suggested having read my Book previews and testate to a sense the Book was alright but continued to suggest they will wage war on my finances because they had a problem with the title, the threats have become intolerable.

It is never true that there was no way out for me like they continued to reiterate, but the fact is that there will be no way out if I allowed this nonsense to continue the problem being that they always picked up my public work and public image, each time they did, the meaning of the public service was completely altered and they were the people complaining about the effects too, so it is incredibly stupid and needed to stop as soon as possible. On the matter of relying on their behaviour to make progress with myself, if I want to attack the communities of insane gits with a need to put themselves in charge of other peoples daily affairs and make themselves into bullies whilst they complained about the law and the system, they did not have a chance but I would fancy it stopped picking up my public work to make everything here so rowdy if they were complaining about such effects on National media, the attention being put towards my affairs were clearly so stupid that the Bookshop is not doing anything it is supposed to, it had simply stalled, we can even measure it from the idea that I was the cause of public problems whilst criminals were alright being pushed until they did damage to my career and turned out with the same crowd to make me do something about the way the criminals responded to their existence for a living, something they have also suggested was an issue because I wanted to ne noticed, I wanted them to pay attention to me, whereas it was so stupid, they looked like they needed to be attacked and if I attacked them, the law would be involved, so I would want to way lay them on a street corner, bag their heads and attack them, so they could not tell my concern however has rather been that I created the process, feed my work into the way crime was resolved and widen it up to the point where crime can be deterred an avoided when people followed up a business of helping solve the big crimes, reporting crimes and making deals to get out of crimes, up to the point where the law did not need to tell them that crime does not pay, they destroyed all of it and turned up on Media to manipulate me into following up with what they wanted on the basis that doing so was a justifiable response to what was a coward option towards public matters, at the same time they have now been able to make sense of which one was professional law enforcement that could tell what a murder looked like before it occurred and how my work was useful to prevent the murder before it occurred, my career and finances having paid a great price for human beings this stupid to acquire such knowledge, I am in a situation that I did not wish to repeat for the future.

The idea they were more successful is not an emotive one, as mentioned, the attention showered on my work was so stupid the Bookshop had stalled, hence it needed to stop; failure to do so is likely to encourage me to take up an issue with a civil rights that is allowing them to do whatever they wanted at great cost to me, which means I will solve the problem again by means of the idea I am being objectified and their idea of self-care was self-destructive, up to the point when they killed themselves, they would link it to me in order to make me change my mind about my existence to no avail and it would be hoped that a Book a wrote which had nothing to do with their stupidities were the cause of the ways they responded to public problems causing deaths at homes and on the streets since they were successful and incredibly clever for their position and class. Here it is said the main concern is that my work had stopped but it had not, I usually ensure the society gits whom on allowing to get out of hand for a period seem to have achieved a process where their stupidities had eclipsed civil activities and the entire country was seduced by the way criminals got about solving personal and social problems, to get fed information about what I am doing which they carried about like PR I did not need to fund these media fools with their communities that had suffered a brush with the law and wanted revenge for having done so, as if I made their personal decisions for them, then set about building a narcissism media for the society gits in question, whereby any who came into contact with my person and my career made something of it it is naturally very provocative nonsense and should be stopped as I am now determined more so that should I stop it, I will stop it very painfully and we are not talking about the opportunism upon which their entire existence is built, where they constantly always needed somebody to pursue a cause and get betrayed so they may get on the side of those who possessed money and power, complaining about tummy aches around here because my successes were rather late, considering it was also late because of them.

I. Uno I

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