The claims that have won the heart is that I loved chasing matters that I had no authority to which is utter nonsense as what really happens is that the work I did at the Office allowed some Celebrities to engage with a process of preventing criminals following them around, which had since been taken up by another group of fame idiots for a money making racket, so the process by which they made things happen in their lives was to tackle me when selling entertainment products that are made to prevent criminals following people around, in order to sell it to the criminals; so it picks up my Books and shreds it like it did with my studies following me around at University, so that it might get around to an involvement with any employers I got a job with in order to get fellow employees abusing me while it made use of my social life and public image, when it wants to sell the entertainment products it blows kisses at the criminals on my social life to make magazines as well. I am therefore unable to ascertain what their problem is, consigned to take action which ensured it ended badly. It’s not that the actions taken are a threat to me as such, we know that if they trash my Bookshop to get around to my employers and get follow employees to bully me, we are looking at instances where an interest in me that took this form because the process of hounding me on claims that I am an effeminate man who was in competition with them for men that will fight my battles, gave way to me working in the private security industry for a few years, all without my knowledge as such, now I am proven to be capable of defending myself hence the destruction of my career to make me work protecting them for a living, had finally produced results – the outcome being that employers were saddled with duty to look into a process where each time employees secured approval or attention from them for work done, it was because bad things had been done to me, which set them out as characters that were at war with everything that is positive in the Country: so I could make this available to fundamentalists, revolutionists and racists, hence it is not really a threat. They could always try to ensure that fundamentalists, racists, and revolutionists were a threat to me as well, but it will only get me working the process a lot faster, leaving them only the choice to put their bums on the line and spend money on bad people that were stronger than the bad people they had created. That said, I cannot work out what their problem is, so I have to assume these activities are performed by idiots who think me a punching bag, so I need take steps which ensure that it ends very badly too; the yard stick is that they had so much money I could never deplete that money to get them off my case, so I need furnish them with as much warning as possible, as I am unlikely to stop if I started as well. They love to claim that it is not going to end well for me either which is utter nonsense; if it turns out that a people whose are influenced by Celebrities had such an attitude as meant that each time that they did something that got them approval by an employer, they were doing something bad to somebody who had to be bullied to secure attention, thereby putting them out there as people who hated everything that is positive in the Country, how do we suppose it is likely to end? I mean the products the companies put out are being sold in communist Countries and we know that some of the worst behaved communists are not even that destructive.

What is happening in my case is a matter of practical jokes performed by idiots that are a law unto themselves, as applicable to the way I respond when people damaged my career and finances which they found exhilarating, their sense of entitlement needs to have this all the time, to such an extent my finances have been destroyed and they have presented their own to a crowd that gets imagination up my bum for them as a sign that I ought to serve their needs. So I am now doing my best, setting out intense consequences for each time they had failed to make the comments they make to bring this about by making the comments concerning their own social lives and careers instead of mine – the attack on my Books would easily have served the thermo nuclear option literally, as I am likely to tear down everything the Police does to help them safe because I wanted to access their famous idiots careers as well. Then we hear them claim I ought to take responsibility for some of the results and it is never clear which part they would like me to take responsibility for. There is the part where they have ideas about the Country not being run the right way when they put their ideas into the system and it burns up at the other end, they put my career in so that they might continue claiming the Country is not being run properly, a classic case of a sense that when they were unhappy it mattered and when others were it did not – then there is the follow on from this, where they claim Politicians steal people’s ideas which never actually happens; it’s a group of people from Political parties which are voluntary organisations elected by the millions of people in the Country to hold Government Office, they work those offices by a consultation process and have debates about Policy with other people who did the same, for your ideas to be stolen, it had to have ended up in a self-harming bastards position where you shower people with insults and they at the same time felt that you probably had half a clue what your stupidities were doing. Everybody on the other hand thinks of the Country being run according to their ideas and we live in a world where half did not mention their ideas for fear it would be embarrassing while the other half did and had to look back at the way they embarrassed themselves later. Maybe they want to talk about me networking for family life and coming across some female journalists hanging about shouting at the top of their voices to make the news which educated people about the affairs of the day and then they worked out that I had a lot of leverage to support them and chased me about for it, as it was good enough to support them, especially in terms of what their Children saw them do, while they also gave me some publicity to work my Office by and we did it like so without spending money or time on such serious matters, but they decided that they were entitled to get involved and leverage it for money without permission because they could – after which the Celebrities could say that this was the source of my Problem, the country I lived in where they are not given a rebate for the fact that they wasted their lives, not knowing that a medical practitioner will have to stick two fingers up their bum to feel the baby’s head in their womb during Childbirth, at the same time, since government work sets people in a position where something somebody said or did could set off gimmicks at a backyard which puts your life at risk, women always notice that Government operatives could support them on the raising of very young children and have been chasing me around for mine as well, which the Celebrities have again set out as a tool to tell things and make enough money for their families to be proud of them by. Maybe they want to talk about the follow on where the bosses of the female journalists that picked up my leverage decided they had to choose between work and me, so I stepped back, about which my University studies really had to be destroyed, since doing so was not bad enough, we are not working on a new destructive history with respect to my Bookshop. In the end since these women were predisposed to society gits building communities that got imagination around their private parts and this was the problem they wanted to have as well, they have now got it and there is nothing for me to take responsibility for. I mean the problem, the problem; I have in a decade and a half watched the women reach managerial positions where they did not need me anymore and even watched some of them retire, I am only 40 at this stage; so the assumption is that somebody is forcing me to burn the body on these matters since the business of talking like I do which purpose was to stuff culture and society gits with what I knew, so they carried it around like PR I did not have to pay for, rather than risk them follow me around to make a mess of my career and start a mini war when I wanted to trade in the commodity market, had been picked up as part of the practical jokes people needed to exhibit at an Office space to make their jobs exciting and I have been attacked over their need to keep it and trash my finances doing so, right up to the stage where the society gits have been built a media presence where they can say each time I put something in their minds they could claim it as their own, I thought I had to burn the body and get down to the smell issues for them, which is where we are, nothing like it all being very uncomfortable for me but I placed a brave face on it to please women. Maybe they want to talk about their stupidities leaving me to bump into all sorts of nonsense when I step outside of my door, as per my nature and what I am doing in itself, which decided how I am to be attacked, over the fact they made sense of the reasons the Head of State lived in a Castle and want a life like that, last time we checked which we saw their mentally ill stupidities building and scattering Castles and Chateaus all over France for example, where they steal government funds and build, so when you try to have conversations with somebody financially well off psychopath makes a comment about the extent of your power, if the Government retrieved some of those buildings they could not retrieve all of it, some being a real monument to their mental disposition all together; for my part, my nature and what I am doing being that when I am a Hermit, moving into my right hand meant looking for trouble as promises about keeping their hands off peoples private parts are never kept if they made them, when I am an Arch Prince, I am thinking if I had a Goddaughter she would be doing well on the mobility front because I had business with Government, so the fight is still on and I am going to end up teaching them a lesson they will never forget for it. They claim I am being pushed out of my own concerns and it is utter nonsense, it’s the hassle of clearing it out when they are done with one experiment and a process of doing another immediately after,  which ensured your life does not mean anything to anybody no matter what you did, that prompts the health destroying early action but I can track it from the fact my first job was to do with a factory, then the next to do with another factory, then the next to do with door to door sales and the next to do with private security and so here we are making sense of all the abuses and insults, the media presence helping them claim when they built it up to a stage and get their millionaires who are just as abusive and insulting as Celebrities who disobediently plug gimmicks into my social life to make and sell show business, their tribalism had become very profitable, looking for a comprehensive response. The truth of it is that they believe they will win but will do no such thing – five years of my time have been wasted, process being that the more I worked on the career was the worse the effect of their stupidities were, so I have ended up cashless like we see them give their own to the frugal regardless of how insulting and the bottom chasing had not stopped, while my personal life had and I am unable to find a wife because I smell – so I had started paying attention to them from February of 2021, we are writing this in first week of October 2021, so it is going to end rather badly, contrary to how they believe that it will.

Eventually we end up with that case where they speak of the UK being a low skilled economy, which is utter nonsense, as we are an economy with skills set and skills mobility envied all over the world. The problem being the same as ever, that they thought if they got qualified with a first degree, they would get ahead of everybody but the problem with first degrees is that they are professional qualification, the Bachelor Degrees are first professional qualification, they are a package of learning which gives you a skill to create a job of your own or work a job that somebody else had created, preferably for himself but did not have the time to fill, such that competition in First degree work environment is one which is about being good enough to fill a job that another person who created it had been doing for years, which abilities you must have shown right from University. What then happens is that these goons are caught between a rock and a hard case – they are first degree qualified because those who said University is not something you speak of as that which everybody should take part, were indulging a form of discrimination, now they are having to deal with the fact employers are looking for people they can customise and not people that are qualified but they on the other hard are not good enough to cut it in a first degree competition environment, so instead of work harder like they have messed up their lives and made their beds, they decided they wanted to change everybody’s destiny into something that was similar to their own – I mean study physics at School and enrol as a fireman, to find yourself studying fireman Physics that is meant for fire control purposes, achieve an NVQ unless you want to go back to the other Physics you studied at University, is how it works – whilst the first Degree environment is one in which an Employer who has first degree as well employs and pays you less than he pays himself for the work that he was meant to do but did not have the time to do, because although you can create your own Company, it is his Company that exists at present. The reality of it is one about which people will always learn of whether or not they needed to work for themselves or work for others if they had a feel of the work environment and this is what the UK workforce has and to spare, in my case I found out I needed to do the University part which they decided to wreck so they might get ahead of something, because for each time I stepped outside of my Door to attend to anything employment, it was a battle between me and the criminal backyards featuring their popular culture and concerning mainly how my personality ought to be used for the benefit of others, hence if I could not find an employer that would protect me from this, I had to do it myself. The other story we hear them tell is that I had no boundaries and I probably didn’t have any but this is not a matter of boundaries, it is a matter of their need to work on me and achieve a process where their stupid women could hang about somewhere pinching my work to get rich fast and there were security guards to protect them from me, while their stupidities had a way to make me get stuck in with what the security services were doing. I do not know why they need to work it on me anyway, I feel sore all over because they were unable to keep their hands to themselves, so if they are looking for boundaries when a Prince who is also a Hermit had none, they do have it now. On a more general matter, I do not think it is useful to whimper about it as it is a Country and people have to learn to live with characters such as these, however it had since developed a Habit of executing some form of sexual context violence on me while its popularity idiots clung to my Public image and is now so full of it that it gets off making stupid statements about my boundaries, while it is surrounded by low lives that will take advantage of me to share their money each time I pushed back – not really a crisis as such if the tendency was to end up with a situation that meant those who stole my ideas to frequent expensive dinning venues and shoot off their mouth at me ended up complaining, while the society gits ended up complaining to the Unions. They do say that it was not clear what I wanted and I could never tell anyway, if the process of building their own German influence stupidities from what they saw of British Diplomacy relations had not ended badly for them – the people who worked Diplomacy that was so bad it was entirely about popularity faced their wrath, then there was the part where our Policy was looking good in Africa and South America, to such an extent that the Government Trusted British Companies with Olympic Legacy for instance but they wrecked it, then there is the part that hit home being that it was impossible to meet people to whom you wanted to sell financial service at their homes because they were usually likely to be at work, so the place to meet them was their Holiday Destination and the Government had to develop a Policy for that, some of them had moved to the UK along with Children that they can work with and have left their money in the financial system to join the Military, the risk is the level of trust and what must be done; the Crown had developed diversity in the Military for this and they had turned out with gimmicks they claimed they developed to do the same with their German influence goons, making a complete mess of it and the list goes on. My point is that question of what I want which is to get it restarted as we do not know why they pursue and damage it anyway, neither do they give us alternatives, if it is then said that this was about the biggest Country in Europe pushing its influences through them, then I guess the assumption is that we are finished here.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland