Now I am said to be in denial of what people have ample evidence is proof that I will find it impossible to recover my finances and its utter nonsense Ė the only difficulty I have around here is a bag log of years of inaction with respect to people experimenting their stupid ideas on me over the business of having what is beyond the privilege that is due to people at their level of society, so the idea that has been put forward is that if I do not respond to such things, I become a dehumanised character, complete with features like threats of insulting violence every day. The reality is that you might say you want to respond to the distant violence of society people which has affected you but if you did and were taken to a place where young people had no restrictions on the business of getting imagination up peoples bottoms, then the questions become what you want to do about it Ė that said, the matter is not Royal domain itís the Parliament, its Politics , the Royal one is the bit their stupidities have showed up here to get rich and privileged bullying me, to complain about i.e. getting imagination up my bum means I prepare them to be the next people whose bums others loved to explore and in the meantime they are feeling the benefits of what is to come only the future, they may challenge me for the smell if they were mad enough. Generally, however have I warned them to make their stupid comments about a Book that they wrote as it were. It has become rather obvious that the matters happening around society has nothing to do with me as a whole, when such facts make it clear itís a case of me supporting women that work on society problems, the way the women support me i.e. the goons involved love the security guard jobs but it always makes sense to them when they are making a mess of or fooling around with the person of an Arch Prince, so it has so far brought about clashes with these women and I have heard rumours of the women losing property at Industry, so I had to help. That said, the way matters have turned out is a case of people showing up here to run my life paying off; the Politicians have stopped saying these are good people whose only flaw is that they needed money because their bottom hurt as well and that is what I took to lay off such a story but itís still the abusive process of how I can be used to make others more comfortable which gets violent every single occasion it is applied, deserving the results and responses it gets from me, while those who continue to support it, have been allowed to run their course through inaction on my part.

Itís much the same as the other story they tell that the main problem with me is that I am always being seen interfering with women that are out of my league and then when those women find other men, there is a score to settle with me and I could never make sense of it myself anyway too, we all know that I donít have sex with them but the anal sex that I have had is all over the place as a story in its own right. It has no sense of direction whatsoever but is constantly talking nonsense about me handling women that are out of my league, reaching this stage where it becomes more obvious I am a Hermit who would likely get a House and dedicate a Room for a Hermitage, likely to get into a relationship with somebody who does not fancy their insanity, its popularity and LGBTQ insults, in which case once we had put into the context of this the fact that I still am unable to take a liking to people younger or the same age as me, it would have been obvious exactly what this sort of conversation meant. It has become quite clear the main conundrum here is an inability on my part to set out a connection between everything I did and a process of having a relationship with somebody I had decided to settle down with Ė then there is that stupid lesbian on the radio waves who never keeps its mouth shut, it does not have a sticker on its stupid face to say it will wreck your academic work at University if it suspects you to be assisting women it is trying to trap in a sexual relationship, so you are bound to fall victim to its insanity from the highest stage of academic excellence all together and live with it for the rest of your life, as stupidly as possible.

I have been told itís a case of me having to deal with the consequences of constantly wanting to dominate the world around me which I donít; itís a matter of these ageist idiots playing with me all the time and each time it is vicious and churns my tummy and feeds into their society gimmicks for getting rich quick Ė so it caused me to drop out of University and I got my own game together and played with them until I got a response as well and itís this response that is most annoying because it is not the one that stops playing with me, itís the one that continues the process of following me around with it using a business of unpicking everything I did to keep Celebrities off my concerns. Then there are the others talking about me criticising Islam and selecting a diplomatic route for my response to the consequences which is utter rubbish; what happens is that I find I am not criticising real Muslims if I think I will of the way people practice Islam and that is perfectly okay, that said, when they blab about the diplomatic route it brings up old facts about the main reason I dropped out of University being a matter of a Muslim lecturer that went on and on and on about the business of people chasing money at my expense, where as far as characters at whose expense people chase money is concerned, mine speaks for itself, then the sirens from the Police cars which express my state provided security being a matter of surveillance will send it through the roof and over the years the idiots had gotten into league with some Americans who deployed the secret service in the USA to help them adopt a peeping tom status that wants to ensure I felt like my clothes were being taken off me on the streets so they might get imagination up my bum where we should all imagine what will happen if I prepared them and took their clothes off their backs as a community as well. Then there are other facts that are more in keeping with my authority i.e. people showing up here with a belief system that makes such a big thing out of the times that people had failed to do what they should be doing on any given 24 hours, that it reaches a point of killing others but the root causes of such things are the ones they practice most, complete with features such as the repression of women, so there might be no community of people that become most concerned when men failed to do what they should be doing every day. It then applies to me with respect to a business of talking nonsense around here like they are in need of help from an exorcist while another group of gits who are actually in need of help from an exorcist especially when they live in the land of the free and home of the brave where their constitution allows them practice Satanism as a religion, blabbing nonsense about the last time I fasted and prayed being a provocative prospect but because of the help of some Muslims twats talking nonsense about the diplomatic route people chose due to fear, the fools are now blabbing such nonsense over my Books and finances instead Ė the question of how it begins, when their entire belief system is about killing people because of the effects of what People had failed to do in any given 24 hours, while Christians that hear the voice of God were the mad type of infidels and those who just attend Church were the mainstream infidels. The getting imagination up my bum is supposed to have been the pinnacle of it all, assumption being that nothing would come of it because of the way their society works, reality is rather that it will end with carnage that makes me comfortable or war without end.

So we find a question show up strategically here, that I must have an opinion about what is happening when the Government is axing bits of the BBC and yes I do, we all know the BBC has been supplying up news that is only good for the dust bins and if we subscribe to its services we get the means to grab property from the Country and travel to tourism locations where we put the feet up and pass insults at people that birds will carry around the world, then blame the victims for Brexit which is incredibly annoying. They have played this game for the last 15 years, where the news is a given and so they must look to other things that they can do, I have been wondering when the Politicians and Fat Cats were going to pounce, and it seems they have at last. It feeds into business at the Monarchy where each time The Prince of Wales is done with his games involving Celebrities, the health of his Father gets worse as a matter of the Country not having a King and dying for one, while people want to decide what becomes of my Books all the time Ė the whole business of making sure the media is only able to handle parts of your Public and private life where you had done something that they can act like slaves over in a need to feel protected and wanted, which is the leadership that the Duke have supplied in the Country for years, being something that I on knowing what it is will be responsible for everybody elseís part in the matter with a big mouth.

Eventually we hear I am an example of a talented person who wastes his abilities, while reality was rather that they have not stopped making stupid comments all over my person and Books which changes what people think of my work and keeps people from reading it no matter how much they wanted and I believe I had issued enough of the warnings especially about those stupid ideas coming from Europe where they are all insane from years of lying and stealing and my personality, my place in the world or my public image is something a higher authority ought to retrieve as a tool that is used to help sick people like their stupidities feel better. The society scum then being better placed to sort out Brexit for us all while getting behind our backs to work with it at our expense, concerning which I have made my position clear too on what will occur if it so happens as it were. It does need to get medical help and keep off my case, shut down those stupid comments and make them around its own livelihood only. Otherwise, it is rather clear the business of pretending I am unaware that this is meant to facilitate the sugar daddies and sugar babies living a life of laziness at my expense and making it profitable at some stage, will give rise to their families being informed of the nonsense I have to put up with every day, in a manner that will ensure they had stopped it the way that I would want them to. It thinks I had written a Book that helps with its mental illness but it must work with a society to handle my person, personal life and public image to make it better, rather than get a Book - a matter of the importance of how I am being used and it adds to the annoying personal decisions concerning the constantly lying and stealing which drove them insane in the first place and I believe I have now put out enough of the warnings it needs to stop, I have had enough and will be providing them a response to it in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia as well.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland