I am now told that I am recognised as a terrible character who is being hung up to dry but I always am until people stopped indulging their side of the story I mean we are talking about the destruction of my academic pursuits, a link between me being a big softie and a society that fingers bums so it did not have to speak to people, with an interest in the profit margins of a company that I built, about which there is a link between my income margins and the idea I am big softie. They have not explained why they do it, the Politicians were worse, they lived in a world where project 2 must follow project 1 and project 3 must follow project 2 but when others have career projects 1,2,3, they would pick out project two and build a crowd on the door step of the victim, it was an honour for a Government operative to handle your concerns while running the country but it runs you down for a decade and a half to ensure practical jokes kept your income margins beyond your reach, it has not been explained as per reasons they do it either. It says I am hung up to dry and will get into trouble, I think it is talking rubbish and I will end up on their doorstep to ensure I ceased getting help from the local authorities to survive naturally. It is a simple question that clearly cannot be answered; is my life about my Home and my work as much as their own or is it about their practical jokes? It had since progressed to a two-part story of a society that had delayed my Book sales to build a disposition where they could say it criticised them and some new life they built themselves, about which the civil rights idiots were entitled to make me fight for their future and they were entitled to my earnings and on the other, a need to set their social and personal lives as stage by which they ordered my steps and fingered my bum, moved into my right hand like their families were doing the National service in the Country or they were Jesus Christ who died for my sins and sits at the right hand of God, it will not stop, it wants an alternative future, the big softie story continues to apply.

They claim they had difficulty coping with social life complications associated with a sense that anything done public and administrative, always involved some pain for me and is likely to into the future all utter rubbish naturally; on a fundamental level, it was their civil rights to shower me with the abuses and then we arrived at a stage where there was a personal and social life emergency where the insults and abuses got worse, the more important the people I got involved with because their stupidities were making their own money. It has now become one of those issues which express a sense that they were a group of people who could only make sense of extreme violence, that there is an attack on my health as though there was a thing they could do about me in this place, which was never likely to cause some disease that will take my life if I did not kill them first, because they were fundamentally in need of career projects that I had not yet published or exposed to the general public, to make their own money by, which effect is a need to build a community of hoodlums that fingered my bum and a certain interest in my physical appearance that was abusive in every way, coupled with a Media bubble for those who did it, to claim that I had homosexual tendencies every time I tried to access something they had gained access to and finished off with famous idiots showing up here to stall my career while failing to find solutions to the problem because some of their stupidities in person had died. The purpose of this was to set a stage where an abusive way of handling me produced market success and yet we know that marketing was something people gained degrees for at university, leaving also the question of what indeed we were doing, fighting the corner for the so-called poor, like people who only could make sense of violence. Finally, it not only maintains the whole gimmick by working an abuse on my health with a big mouth, which crashes my finances because people think it is not a safe place to read Books here, it also has set about a series of activities which effect were that it regularly got to attack my employers until I was made to comply with its needs, runs music CDs to support its self-exhibitionism narcissist crowd by tearing up public interest in my Books and its career is now generally maintained by statements, comments and activities that wreck my Bookshop which is now adding up to a list of things I must respond to but their slipperiness on the matter was rather quite incredible, such that I could not pin it down. The whole thing then builds up to this case where they say that it was not clear when my own narcissistic need to attack the Media would end, whilst it was rather obvious that they had chosen to do their jobs by doing damage to my Bookshop and since they will not stop running their career that way, we have arrived at a point where I needed to begin providing them alternatives as a calm before the storm which it usually is, needs to organise the career another way, I have waited five years for their stupidities to do that so far because somebody had to. It cannot do its job by damaging my Bookshop naturally unless I ended up in an environment where it was exhilarating to see me do something that gets me into trouble with the police and may go to show that I am tough no way I could do that without first having academic pursuits completely wrecked and my way at the jobs market so well trashed that I was hanging about somebody losing my temper over the direction of the wind, finally now arrived at the stage where it could damage the Bookshop to run its media career, claiming that it takes 15 minutes after it gets into the hotseat as a media anchor, for its stupidities to feel as if it wants to go home, but had not yet decided on a date to stop doing this and pay for what it uses at this Bookshop. It does claim that the society trouble makers gained access to projects I had not yet published because I gave it to them but I did as a matter of public control, which was well under control unless an idiot got off building them a media bubble where they could claim they had stolen my career. It then suggests that the main problem was a matter of me living in a completely different world whilst the problem was to do with their insults I am an Arch Prince for instance and I had to think about the roles that came to me from the executive, considering that by the time legislation got to the local authorities it was completely drained of all its power and the Executive was the last line for people who worked in those areas, to provide leadership associated with the way that people wanted to live for instance I would build up a buffer zone for enforcement officers when they were doing something to prevent ethnic minorities building an atmosphere for racism and white people picking up a sense that enforcement officers had to build and or rely on support for white hoodlums, so it becomes a case of dealing with ethnic minorities and if the other side comes on then there is buffer time before they got to issues listened to, what then happens being that the Media idiots were so important, they wrecked my finances to get me working security in their service because they were incredibly important while clinging to my earnings and will never stop picking up my social life and public work, no matter how many times it was told that it crashed my finances when it did, either way which it is now set to become important enough for people to channel its insults back at its famous stupidities as well and then will we have come full circle on the matter but for the time being it needs to select the option to reorganise its career in order to avoid handling me, considering the option where it stopped doing damage to public interest in my Bookshop, especially the welfare for those I had formed a partnership with had completely failed. Eventually we hear that the famous were not my problem whilst I have never said that they were, just an inability to make use of things the correct way and the need to pick up my public image and public work which makes a mess for everybody and they complained about it more than everybody else, as I mentioned before, like a group of people who only understood and could only make sense of extreme violence there are celebrities here getting on well, an act that is not their social and personal lives and does not interfere with my public work, my diplomatic disposition allowing them to run the show business career while staying in contact with their cultural roots but somebody had to turn it into a process where I am a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy, then leave it for sex workers and hold diggers, to show up on media and crash my Bookshop and finances everyday in order to run its own career. Overall it is now a matter of stress from idiots who picked up areas of my career I had not exposed to the public and communities were built up to finger my bum each time I ventured near it linked up to media where people attacked my employers because of me and crashed my Bookshop to do their jobs it complains about me all the time but there is now a question of whose health is not good enough to cope here, a question of who is set to lose their lives over practical jokes next. It claims like it puts up an act where its need to build up a media bubble for society trouble makers it knows were in league with criminals gaining access to areas of my work that I had not yet published as public control mechanism was due to a lack of awareness and information, that its famous stupidities does these activities because it liked to see me hustle and it loved to see the way I responded to the hassle that it caused, since retrieved my public control processes for 'Big Mac' to make new abusive entertainment, when it had not yet killed itself.

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