Recently they suggest that they were engaged in an activity that would curb my childishness and it is so annoying as the main problem is the way the need for celebrities to pick up my Public work and redo it as a matter of their personality for recognition and industry endorsement, serving up punishment for rejection on my part while it is not part of their contract to abuse me for public media presence which they do with every involvement at the same time, ripping up my finances the way it did my University studies, recently finished off with a need to take up my service processes and build a version of me that they would be able to tolerate. The problem here is that these fools consider themselves important people whilst reality was more a matter of their parents getting about with all sorts of nonsense that will add up to an outdoor activity that those who considered themselves other peoples fathers may engage and take pride in engaging with, whilst they were popularity twats hanging about with a personal and social life inundated with heaps of expectation that had not been met, to such an extent even criminal were using it, through which they got paid for being popular by what is now a process where an idiot at the Monarchy prevents my childishness by sharing my personal life and public work with them when his stupidities are not dead yet, claiming it is the consequence of having fought my wars; so they are currently one face tart famous idiots sent out by the Prince of Wales to tell me what to do endlessly, and I think I am going to make them two face tarts before it gets better.

The Prince of Wales whose leadership people claim I hated while reality had nothing to do with hate – more a matter of the way the rest of us turned out due to HM leadership compared to the way he did i.e. taking side on matters regarding the sexes, then when he did, a bunch of gits became his friends and showed up at top industry Offices to fulfil the dream their stupidities have always had, of selling my status when they are asked to devise profits for a company that pays them well enough to ensure the job was done. To this I have responded by setting out how they could get about bothering me and doing it properly, alternatively get about running companies that secured Royal endorsement properly. Then there is the part where he brought the alpha male lifestyle into the Royal family and got his second son to try and grab my career, which got Prince Harry abandoning his family and declaring hatred for his father – the alpha male lifestyle will work out how it wants to eat once done getting fingers up my bum to chase an effect where all I did was put to academic proficiency and A grades were achieved on it by his sons that will become superior sons but there is no prospect of success as his precious Prince’s Trust is run by the Celebrities themselves. Then there is the understanding that people in government are usually capable of incredible things, but we all always put it in check since it is considered that it was not the thing that everybody was doing at the current time, the only person really stirring things up being the Prince of Wales himself and where I am misunderstood was that if I had duties I performed them with respect to the Office applicable regardless of who was in it. The Prince of Wales so called leadership is not leadership at all but more a form of insanity, garnished with make unusual personal decisions and get stuck with social issues I can waste other peoples property on celebrities that turn up here telling me what to do, the insults get worse at the behest of scumbags who had to try and seek campaigns for a republic Britain by burning my Assets to get everybody sucking up to their famous stupidities, lest they ended up finding out that those who ran the Country were doing the best job in the circumstances, blabbing rubbish about curbing my childishness and looking like it wants to start another provocative republican gimmick that botched my academic pursuit over a country which existed in their Heads the first time. So it has been a 7 year process of negotiating with the famous idiots as per whether my Bookshop was a real job rerolling public work to make it their own for industrial endorsement and picking up my service process to build a version of me their stupidities would be able to tolerate and they are still at it, somewhere in an environment where the basis for claims that my childishness was being controlled was a matter of opinions about the way that armed forces ought to work, meaning that they had to add to the expectations that have not been met in their bottom chasing public lives by picking up public security issues somewhere around my privacy, repeating public work I had already done, never to stop until I built it into a platform to say I was at war with the famous. They do claim all I could do is talk but this is a process of getting to find out what their problem was, fighting outright would mean I took steps to ensure their activities did not affect me but suffices to say they were one faced tarts currently and I will make them two faced tarts before it got better as it were.

Eventually they claim it is a problem associated with bottom chasing issues which it is, we know the bottom chasing issues was linked to their alpha males and females lifestyle running people down to get rich fast and the fact they needed to ensure other peoples careers and finances suffered for it is not news – needs to find itself a real toy, lest its idiots claim my childness was being prevented and I ended up with blood on my hands for such nonsense, practical jokes no contact, keeps away from my Bookshop and we can all get on. They do claim they were certain that I am finished and done for which is utter rubbish – it is likely to end with a process where I picked up their careers to make myself a pervert among other things, just to ensure it was clear that it was impossible to pair up vouching for publicity that benefitted popularity gits with a process of playing a part in Publicity associated with National service. They do claim I am being discriminated against which I am and am aware that I am – prevalent gimmicks mainly come from Muslims who never listen when they are not doing Jihad, to issues raised about perils of an intellectual property administration business, having to contend with the idea I am a character whose careers get stolen for the Celebrities because my so called people according to them provoked the, always a gimmick they were certain I could not respond to, in a bid to get rich fast when it is not being forced to do Jihad – the blacks mainly spent their time dreaming of me ending up with a reputation were I was said to engage in a process of wrecking peoples livelihoods, whereby if we do end up with one of those, we will in a condition where I wanted to find out what their popularity stupidities could do about me for me for it too. They do suggest it was all a fight with the Media which I am losing and it is utter nonsense as a fight with the Media would mean that I wanted to control their stupid staff or they were in no doubt about it – we are talking about the difference between freedom of speech and the role of public media in educating the public about the affairs of the day being the main struggle when Politicians and Public leaders want to keep Government affairs secret, so that it might actually remain fit for purpose, this is just a bunch of idiots punishing me for providing a service for the public about which people wanted to reward me by reading my Books, to say they had a media presence and wanted my money and I think I am going to do it some real harm according to current trajectory. I mean I am not even in the region of making myself enemy of their advertisement revenue yet, the reasons they attack and trash my career just in case, out of luck, somebody rewarded them for it – that will be the part where they learned advertisement revenue was most earned by people who spent some time in the public sector and the private sector, so they knew exactly how to get into the good books of trading standards.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland