I am now said to be incredibly nave and its so annoying when people say it because they are generally referring to the sexual bits and whether or not I have been laid recently, as insultingly as possible what really happens however is that they build me publicity for a life spent in a Hermitage which changes my personality into something else and then we find them spend time on media simulating processes of moving into the real me, living there permanently and establishing themselves, so we find it issues threats once it has worked out the process of showing up here to spend my time working out how to ensure I did not do the same, while it did it to me and then tells me if I suggested they were very stupid people, I would end up in a difficult situation and it carries on like so on the assumption that there is no way I could do something prejudicial in their direction and there is no way I could get violent about it to show how stupid they really are. The media ones do love to claim the problem to be that I run an Office that facilitates activities of service personnel who have killed somebody but so do we see them show up to run off the competitive parts of service personnel behaviour especially the ones about being counted among, keeping up with the herd and getting ahead and we know the reasons they will not compete in their own civilian manner is because they think it will get them ahead, at the same time of which I cannot get a moments peace because the Public Office was such a bad thing in their opinion, which is again incredibly stupid but above all I really do find those tales of me being nave very insulting, its as such a very bad scenario they have brought it up here thereof.

They have always suggested that I am unable to gauge exactly what republicans are doing and that I am afraid of them, which is utter nonsense what happens is that they show up to contest elections that help them legitimise their position and abuse other peoples professionalism to win, claiming the needs of the many who want a Country to be invented because their laziness could not invent a product if it wanted to target ethnic minorities and get rich quick is more than the needs of the few, that then shows up here to damage my property and make excuses linked to the fact the Monarchy exists for it all the time, hence what I have done to them as well, point being I am not in any way afraid of them, as mentioned before, assumption is that I cannot do something prejudicial towards them and cannot get violent about it too. The truth of it is that these are very stupid people, we have ended up in this scenario where they want to invent a new Country because others are ethnic minorities who have over time gotten comfortable with the hole they call home, on which they have spent everything they had to make the majority comfortable at the markets, because they have taken the business of rolling the eyes and doing something to mock me whenever I said a thing about public service to a whole new level and the assumption I am afraid of them is built up on the idea that I have been able to make sense of anything they have said in the past decade and a half, especially the bits where they are pricks that never come up with ideas for stable government while they want to invent new Country on account others would be fundamentalists but do not want their superior selves to lead and the ethnic minorities have grown comfortable with the homes they have spent all they have on. It eventually comes down to the fact the power house of everything they say and do is based on ideas about what to do to other people the threats from their silly Celebrities and media in its own right has not yet answered the question of whether those foolish communities of gits they have gathered with ideas on what to do to me, really have a purpose whenever they blow off their big mouth at me issuing those stupid threats and clinging to my earnings for it. It therefore goes without saying that their need to cling to my earning margins and put up their own products on it until the idea I had lost my career to somebody else becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy, cannot be done without me tackling the wealthy gits that enjoy spending money on such nonsense as disobediently as possible they are in my view seeking utter carnage for making my whole life and work toxic with it everyday and then telling me if I took a look at the state of my career and finances to describe them as a bunch of idiots I would get into trouble with a big mouth they have got.

I do get told that I am always tackling those I should actually make friends with which is not the case; its for them I do most of what I do; I mean its like when they say access to me and my Court systems is free for all for example, while reality is that everybody I have in a Court has a specific role, some just do mistress routines that help me feel good and others protect me from sexually abusive people, others just play some mothering role when I get involved with the diplomatic world all together, what we then find is that some Men will get off making statements that sound a bit controversial but is really just a test as something about getting involved, then some involvement corruption goon who is either a media twerp or a Celebrity fool will get involved of their own accord, decide whom my friends will be and punish us all for getting involved with each other I am them left with activities that tackle culture and society trouble makers without the protection that those who keep me safe from sexually abusive people offered in return for using my work to look after their career and the five figure salaries and the same goes with all the rest too and this is usually before they had started issuing the abusive threats I have listed above on account it made them uncomfortable at some stage as well. I mean they conduct their tribalism raids and will not buy my Books to invest my equities leaving me cash less while I lose assets to their stupidities and self-exhibitionism until they claimed to have grabbed my career and exacted some revenge with respect to what somebody else had done to them, adding to the history we already have about getting their sugar babies and women to make money off the publicity I have built for my Books and then finding out I hate the tourism economies they go to put their feet up and pass around insults that a bird will carry around the world thereof, thus hate their holidays for it and therefore ensure they can never relax while at it; they conduct these tribalism raids to destroy everything around here on account they think themselves superior enough to be complicit with extremists and then when they get to the top end of industry a little test they face and they had ruined us all to preserve their bottoms at the same time the republican twerps they spend money on have been picking up ideas about people working at Government and looking flustered being annoying as the Country could be stronger; the part where there isnt break up of leadership at Industry between the top and the top employees and then between the top employees and the consumers, which when the Civil service begins to get involved with service provision processes allows us to live in a place we can call Country was apparently what other people did to look weak, tired and annoying, before they took over and have since showed they have a foggiest clue what they are doing thereof and will not let alone my earning margins to prove some stupid points all day long.

So it still comes back down to the basic issue of being an Arch Prince who sells Books from a Hermitage in which he dwells and I would fancy they showed up around my concerns only when they needed my Books I am about to shut down everything else that is happening otherwise and I am sure they recognise if I do not tackle and shut down the ones the wealthy people who employ criminals in their neighbourhoods give people money to perform in order to get elation from my reaction, it would have been completely pointless. The involvement based stupidities and Industrial espionage performed on my work and Office is currently such that whilst I do not stop their idiocy picking up the mental illness to get around with some equally disturbed sugar baby fools darting off the insults all over the place, to build business empire with Fashion goons and Celebrity gits after pillaging somebody else's career, the business of making sure they know what I know, so I do not have to pay the price for their stupidities all the time has on account male idiots have media jobs and think they always get what they want without sharing the salary that gets to their heads, become the means by which to ensure my life and career ends up in the hands of Celebrities and Media and I could therefore never recover it, stifling my earnings around here in the process and spending time even on social media to get rich quick by pillaging my property.

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