So why do I get involved in Politics when I know it has nothing to do with me? It is because the entire purpose is to keep up my thing of making sure Politicians are unable to protect their privacy from community wickedness that get into it because they are too distracted to, this is since last they realised these things always hurt people and that people always want to move away from it, then spend tax payers money to help those who work it move around uncontrolled which was not their right to do so and continue to think of it as fun and power. I have also made sure bullies cannot fight Politicians over what they want when they are being corrupt. Now the both sides get involved with each other regularly and seem to be made for each other, when the bullies cannot fight Politicians no matter how corrupt they get and Politicians get corrupt because they are unable to protect their privacy from community wickedness and this is what it is about; if you have a bad thing going on make sure other people are twisted until they end up where that bad thing is going on and get hurt for your pleasure (currently of which I have an obsession with the truth and telling them it all the time because I am a Christian), then follow them around and make sure it is where they live their lives, it is about the power of making sure if there is a thing about me which is not good somebody elseís Child is ending up there over excuses that never make sense and amount to bribery to get people off noticing I am hurting somebody, until I kill the person without reason and without knowing their names. So we end up with the evil community goons on the other hand wrecking my finances in order to ensure that when I have somewhere important to go, my heart always feels like exploding because I have been trapped by them with the help of Politicians, who wreck my job and make sure I donít get another by chance (and did so for a decade to ensure they had succeeded because they were determined), in order to move into my right hand have glory and then use the glory to push forward their Political careers in a way that makes them rich and great and their children prominent, which is what led to all these in the first place-so what we have for it is information overload because I never stop pumping them full of it and the result is then the connection these wicked community goons have with backstage media and how they use it to do my information overload thing on everybody. As for the celebrities, I have taken steps to ensure that they have a tight evil relationship with their evil managers, with whom they have evil relationships that they attack me with all the time and this is what I will now set out to manage for a living and as for their abuses and threats, they want to get seriously hurt before it gets better.


The ones that get away for now is male media fools and their destruction; for each time I get involved with my working Court, they barge in and help themselves, so that when I make sure they have heart disease if they are not fighting for one thing after another, it does not affect them so much and this is what I will find a way round and all in good time too.


So if it comes to doing things for people to keep my stuff going then I will, it does not necessarily apply that the primary purpose of getting involved with Politics is doing things for people. I do hope businesses and get rich cultural idiots especially the abusive and daringly insolent females that serve them will try not to push me into one of their own. Its all Men developing their lucrative lawlessness, corruptions and theft that are never wrong in their eyes because they claim to be earning a living with those activities, especially that which is based on seeing everything is done in a hurry so that nobody might notice or do so on time but their particular problem has to do with corruptions they intend to create and enjoy with their young decadent idiots at my expense about which my punishment will be about anything I do to be corrupt while they boast about the powers and intrusions of their corruptions of involvement and of course especially boast about how it is about Laws I made up to oppress people and what was done about it, with a big mouth.


I.Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland