The idea that I am running into deeper and deeper trouble is really meant to be the full expression of how stupid the activities they engage in at my expense really are at worst it is a case of a handful of gits that had since decided what their relationships with the Monarchy and perhaps the Royal family as well will be and had since ran into trouble but I fail to see how I am responsible for their predicament anyway mostly however its a case of the Media and Celebrity making that case for being superior to me so often that the Public now wants to see what became of it and it turns out the pressure point for their superiority was the friendship they had established with some very dangerous and dirty characters at Industry, hence the reasons I had a social media and whilst I engaged with people, my finances bottomed out because they spent more time engaging with a larger crowd to suggest I worked for them and needed to put my back into the business of covering their backsides while they got rich, which then adds up to my own superiority pressure points as well. Since last the idiots plugged their insanity into my social life to sell show business products, they had made a certain amount of money which meant that each time I had business with people, they showed up to become new boss, clung to my social life and public image and told me that new boss does not like me, as stupidly as possible, hence I think the same energy deployed to prevent people doing my career at the backyards of industry is about to be deployed on society idiots and celebrities for a similar social achievement. It had since become a question of when it stopped and a matter of whether I will have to decide how it stopped; so far facts are that I wrote a Book in 2009 and by 2012, the need to get me grovelling for money at their feet had developed into property destruction, by 2014 this stupid history of insults they shower me with everyday had begun.

They do claim the problem to be that I am a coward which is utter nonsense as we know the rock and hard case situation is that I will become a criminal if I attack others while they clung to my public image and I would have my career and finances interfered with if I did not - that said, it does not bother me as it was all meant to be a simple case of those who had been punished by the Law tackling me while Celebrities kept their dirty mouthed opinions out of it. The fact I have not been responding to their abuses generally led to claims that I listen to other peoples problems until I resolved their health problems which is the effect that my Books have because I am working the civil system where Government expects people to pay their way in the world and pay taxes over a 50 year period and I am certain they do not address their children that way, the idiots have only gotten accustomed to addressing me instead with a big mouth telling me I would not say what I say in certain areas of the world. There are of course Celebrity and Media people that I get along with and it had always been a story of the way people did not patch some pyramid scheme to their Media careers and set about trashing other peoples finances to make it work - I am now in that precarious position where the red button is a few inches away and the social life comments were moments away and there was not enough incentive to deter them. We can see that talking about peoples secret pyramid schemes generally meant that there was possibility one might not be able to make them suffer for it as much as intended.

They claim that severing myself from them and the world in such ways hurts people which I do understand but I am not the one who ran off gimmicks about criminals that were nice people buying show business products while an Arch Prince spent time trying to rub shoulders with them, so much that everything in an Arch Prince's life stagnated and he is still single at 40. Annoyingly, what they now do to maintain their access to me, is becoming more destructive all together. Everything has simply become what it set out to be i.e. a handful of gits with ideas about how I ought to be a Church character they abused to get paid for being popular and the famous gits have now accomplished it on my 40th.

The talk is of what was the real impediment to me settling down with somebody. I however have never really faced an impediment, what we see mostly is that I had ended up in a scenario where most of the women who met me, did not find me attractive. That said, the consequence of most of the practical jokes that have developed around my career and social life is that most of the women who find me attractive are not caught up in a relationship with somebody else, such that my age group owns me and their need to attack women who took an interest in me based on age, had since paid off. They found their own busy body careers and are happy to sacrifice me some more to make their silly boyfriends happy, but it is developing into an abusive situation that cannot be ignored if it turns out I must now settle down with a younger person who had no respect for me and therefore thought that I had to get into a fight with others to prove myself to her, the stupid people who had since made statements about being out of my league to such an extent that my finances had been affected, about which I am on the path that will lead me to actions that helped me beat them down endlessly as well. The case they have now made is that unless I want to get into a relationship with somebody that cannot have children with me, I am stuck with them and its the old story of the stupidities that lead them men to cry republic on the streets but in my view is an indication they think they can do what they liked with others because their social position was low and I am therefore looking to make it even lower. Where the Monarchy is concerned, its mostly a matter of Family life carrying on which Celebrities may or may not do depending on their choices such that the Celebrities really enjoyed getting somewhere to pillage the way I had organised my personal life but were too much of a handful of cowards that were more interested in what people might think if they got into a relationship with me, that I needed to ensure they understood how important it was that they found somebody that will make them feel as though they were a big deal and stopped handling me. Probability is that it is set to develop into antagonism of their need to rip up my career because of these gimmicks while I had a need to rip up their own because they were cowards. It is another source of tension naturally as what we see even on social media is that they chase a particular band waggon, whereby it turned out that it was more profitable to make a mess of my social life and get to know Celebrities and rich people than it was to get into a legitimate relationship, some having run off such gimmicks to such an extent it is now suggested I thought other peoples money and cars were more important than my social position, having pulled back matters from the mess they have made, we still find them claim they were out of my league which really tests my patience - it does get serious in some cases and the men become obsessed with the business of sending them out of queer errands where they thought women should explain themselves when behaving badly for instance and I criticised them for the so called necessary hatred of the female community, while I am now doing much to rebuild it, which is not in anyway linked up to reality - the reality that they are not in charge.

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