I am told that I am seeking influence with no money of my own and I understand completely as well but the problem is that they are looking for influence in the wrong places, as what happens is that I built a company and laid it out with blue prints and profit projections, to build a trust system where I brokered with Clients that wanted to broker with me; the risk have since come through as one involving idiots who want to handle me and tell me perhaps when I needed something from them as well, for 18 years everything I have done with my career leads to clash with the scumbags and a condition where I am brought back to a position where I can be handled in that way and they had since worked out their own through doing stuff Office space insults their parents taught them was the way to protect their careers. So it is important to ensure they hit obscurity over their need to trash my finances, even when I let them run it to a stage where it can no longer be denied that the assets they handled year on year were real assets and not industrial popularity gimmicks; largely therefore a matter of Celebrities that do it, Industry gits that do it, Politicians that do it and Media that do it, mainly an issue about my workload and the time constraints which can also be measured in terms of how I got round to the issue of their stupidities making sure my career did not mean anything to anybody, if I stopped them taking advantage of it and as ever will not accept the stupid communities by which they illegally handle my concerns to make this happen was the biggest problem I faced, they believed their foolish civil rights looked like that.

They do claim I loved to suggest I am struggling but I am not really I however never suggested that I was on the other hand. The truth of it is that distraction from career, personal life and financial matters over claims they were sharing and sharing to a point where they were better off than I am, such that they sought the help of higher power to oppress me as well, was the aim. I need the comments about my social life and Public image to be ended, as I have to engage with people, not clear out the issues associated with people thinking their stupid insults is who I really am it is a matter of where it stops, especially for the incorrigible Celebrity and Entertainment Industry who complain the most about the fact I am pushing back while black Americans may lead the world to continue getting imagination up my bum as it is not a motivation. They do claim the Celebrities have made money at my expense and it will never stop, just like I did warn them about this part where they got a response for it and the lack of access to me caused them to hit obscurity it is a deal with the Devil apparently and I do not write their Books in this place, complaining about a big problem that was a function of me pushing back.

They do claim its all frivolity of Children running around and making a mess but the real problem is that no matter what I did with the career, I always ended up where their need to be tough when younger and to handle me for a pension abusively when older, gave way to a process whereby I ended up in a condition where it was possible for people to make use of the products and say that they will pay at a later date or pay perhaps. It will begin with a process where I section its stupidities on a business of the fact its Children do not listen at home and it needs the personal life of somebody that was raised from a Christian background to work its stupidities by and will begin restricting how much respect my elders got, leaving me an opportunity to teach lessons its stupidities will never forget. It really has nothing on me, save this business of running me down using my good upbringing for all sorts of money madness rubbish and keeping the money while distracting me from making my own as a means to dig me for regrets and poor feelings, backed up by fame idiots who continue in a sense of entitlement to involve themselves with my Public life and my career, despite spurious warnings about it. They do claim the Prince of Wales gives it the go ahead and yes it does but when it complains it was clearly how he worked and these were the important tools helping him with Government concerns at the Office and I did mention that being a Law unto themselves does not imply they ought to abusively make use of my upbringing, trash my finances, wreck my academic pursuits and entitle their stupid selves to my Public life for money making purposes and we know they cannot keep their hands to themselves and that it really hurts.

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