I am told the main concern people had is that I am not good enough for what I am trying to do which I suppose refers to my academic qualifications but it has been 20 years since my talents were spotted by the Queen and I given this special environment to work it out – first attempt at University, they showed up there to play and made a complete mess of it, have been going from strength to strength in making the mess that was possible when they needed to handle the civil service and parliament if they were going to show I had been cursed by my parents, on the business of making a mess for me, so I will need to try again. In the meantime, I have seen those who claim I am not good enough suggest they were racist for having to contend with less than 5% of what I dealt with everyday, so this must mean that if I am not good enough, they were. The singular problem here is the need to tear up my finances and career over claims I am a coward, giving rise to a business of questioning my manhood endlessly which gives way to a series of very bad abusive activities that add up to the ways we can get the makeup boys on Media and celebrity culture to become brave and powerful enough to bother an Arch Prince every day, suggesting I am a man who justified being a man because I was born into my sex: it has worked me well enough to get me half way out of a Hermitage where I got to do something with my temper that involved building up hoodlum and criminal interests into their public image while they ran my life with social systems criminals built, to shoot off the big mouth endlessly after waiting for me to pick up a bad neighbourhood to write Books by, suggesting they could not have done it in their well off neighbourhoods and they are not saying that they are no longer willing to pay all their attention to public problems and get it done before anything else, which leaves me very unhappy as I have spent so much time building it up for them –it goes around in circles like this endlessly and I have given it an exit when it complains about me, to play with its own career and make comments about it, currently without results. The big one started when after trashing my University studies, their real men built me a reputation for being a character whose career can be stolen, despite the career being advanced to a stage where the Books had been published and the fact I was working an Intellectual Property Administration business, not really surprising as they had an issue with my Book titles and our history went way back – whilst the Celebrities suggested that a bunch of idiots whose idea of a quiet neighbourhood involved showering others with insults that showed they were fans of criminal activity to such an extent that those who wanted to grab the careers of their victims could hit the ground running at any time, spent so much time on the abusive stupidities that will help them extricate market success from other people’s lives, they did not have the energy left to work for the money but had more than they needed for criminal activities and then the infestation begins, the celebrities claiming these were nice people while I spent time trying to rub shoulders, once I paid less attention, trashed my career and built a global stage crowd that will expect and bully the results of me being forced to sort it out, showing up on Media to run me down every day, complaining about enemies of the USA such as Russia not being destroyed by me, as their whores pick up my social life and public image to sell sex to Industry idiots that are no longer doing any work for the Industrial Offices about which they trashed my University studies and now my career as well.

So all these gimmicks are not what I do for a living, especially the part where prostitutes were selling my social life and public image to Industry fools that have not been working on their companies and offices to make profit and now needed my public image and Bookshop market and the alliance between real Men and American secret services who had done enough work on me when I countered the activities of the prostitutes. Neither is the business of Celebrities and television idiots picking up my social life and public image to build publicity until they ended up with something like it whilst their stupid fans picked up my Bookshop service processes to build a version of me, they will be able to tolerate, what I did for a living. I have given them an exit to make comments about and play with their own careers so far and it is an exit that their stupidities have currently not been taking whilst complaining about me and I am becoming rather convinced it will never give me a break by itself. Besides the suggestion I look overwhelmed which brings about the revelation of these facts is the claims made by Americans that I have been waging war on the USA, all lies, gimmicks to say I had acumen and they wanted to steal it but then again, the tourist destinations where American men go to put their feet up and shower me with insults do not belong to them and neither am I am a fan – those who understand high ticked investments, high risk and high reward business have not yet learned to make it at my expense by paying for my Books or going else where if they do not find the solutions in my Books, the abuses threats and stupidities associated with big black boys in their USA neighbourhood shooting off the mouth at me and making me out to be in league with racists will not stop until it really does as a matter of an interest that I took in it as a whole. My finances should look good but are currently victims of celebrities getting the same social and public life as me while idiots who abuse people to be successful at market were according to them nice people who were better than character like me trying to rub shoulders with them, at the same time which their fans pick up my service processes to build a version of me that they claim they would be able to tolerate, ripping up everything in this place including my personal relationships, shooting off the big mouth all over the place over a slightest of responses.

This is not the first instance but one of the most comprehensive description of the stupidities I had to deal with here and it is not the first to get a response where I am told it is how gold diggers worked either, I know it is how gold diggers work, I am working it because the Political and fame industry idiots really love to make a mess of my finances over what they claimed was a need for the issue to be resolved and it will be resolved, all attention will be paid to how important it was I am determined to see to, they will take part in the resolution, tucking finances and careers away somewhere safe, to spend a decade and a half of my time on their insanity. I am no longer interested at this stage on anything they might paint as a schedule to stop making a mess of my finances, just interested in Administration and control if I am unable to pay for my Royal Office, then will I secure revenge. Needs to play with its career, make comments about what gets to its head the most, channel the narcissism somewhere else or I will channel it for them. They do claim if I did anything about Celebrities as their stupidities ran my life with social systems criminals built, in order to ensure they could sell security to Celebrities that stole my career and protect them from it expensively, there would be trouble in store for me but it is not a complicated matter in anyway – needs to make comments about its career and play with it instead of mine or I will ask it to fix a date where it wants to begin an attack on my person without a viable response which I will fix one for them, same goes for the tribalism scum that spend everything I did about it to improve their own lives as a matter of entitlement, getting fingers up my bum all day and stealing my time schedule.

The big mouth living in dream world is not doing anything unusual – National security provides the environment for Governmental work, some operatives in Government are talented enough to prevent their stupidities making a mess of it and if its need to make a mess of my finances does not fool around with something else in good time, it will have to fix a date for personal attacks or I will fix one for it. If we are talking about personal attacks it becomes a matter of elimination all over issues to focus on the main one i.e. the need to steal my career for celebrities and sell security services to the Celebrities to protect the Celebrities from me, leaving a 9 year career mess around here after the University fiasco five year before, its big mouth really is set to get it into a lot of trouble, as I cannot tell whether my bottom hurts because they did not have an anus of their own.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland